Check PLKN National Service 2014 or Kumpulan 2 PLKN Siri 11/2014 for students born in 1996 using Sistem Semakan Online Jabatan latihan Khidmat Negara

aktiviti plkn (2)Students born in 1996 can check their  PLKN Siri 11/2014 status now at

To check if you have been chosen for the Kumpulan 2 PLKN Siri 11/2014 please click

or go to their website

Students who want to DEFER or Postpone their PLKN for university studies can click HERE for more information.

Semakan Melalui SMS

Taip: PLKN KEM <No KP anda> Hantar ke 15888

* Setiap mesej yang dihantar akan dicaj RM0.15. Setiap mesej yang diterima akan dicaj RM0.20

SPM/UEC 2013 students can add me in Facebook so that we can keep in touch. After your National Service finish, we can chat on Facebook about what you want to study or which university. EduSpiral provides free professional counselling on what courses to study and where based on your results, personality and budget.

Students who have been chosen for PLKN can postpone going for PLKN by downloading a form from the Khidmat Negara website and also register at a university and college. After filling up the form and using the Letter of Offer from the university, you can submit that to PLKN to defer.

If you are not sure of what to study or where to study after your SPM, please send me an email or if you have only 1 credit or no credit in SPM, you can also ask me as I have some choices for you.

You can also read about the top or best universities in Malaysia that you can choose to study at this link

So, don’t wait, add me now or email me if you have any questions about your future! Special for students, if you register at my partner university, you will get a RM100 rebate off the registration fee. You have to register through us at our partner university, contact us for more details.

2014 Scholarships from top universities in Malaysia

SPM 2013 students who have done well in the SPM can apply for the 2014 Scholarships. The following universities below have released the scholarships for 2014. For more information, please contact us:

EduSpiral Consultant Services – Your Online Education Advisor

EduSpiral Consultant Services is a university placement centre that guides students 

Taking students on a campus tour of UCSI University and finishing off with counseling and registration

Taking students on a campus tour of UCSI University and finishing off with counseling and registration

from across Malaysia to help them choose the right course and university. Highly experienced professional staff will talk to you and get to know you before giving advise on which course that will best fit you and your budget. 

Established in 2009, EduSpiral is an appointed representative for top reputable private colleges & universities in Malaysia & Ireland. EduSpiral also represents MDIS Singapore and Hong Kong Polytechnic University.

Please contact us for more details on what course or where to study. Please do not call us about PLKN matters, we are not PLKN, please go to their website and check.

Please fill up the form if you need information on how to choose the right course or university. This is not a PLKN or National Service Form. Please check your email (including Junk or Spam folder) within 48 hours for a reply. Incomplete forms will not be answered.

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About Edu Spiral

EduSpiral seeks to offer information and advise on courses & careers and placement services to top private colleges & universities in Malaysia including Hong Kong Polytechnic University and MDIS Singapore. Our experienced consultants will share from years of counselling students to guide students personally on to the best possible career choice. The decision that you make now, can change your life make it wisely.

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  1. Heng Kok Liang

    I am a spm leaver. I was selected for the second batch of PLKN at negeri sembilan. But I haven’t receive the letter yet. So I’m wondering whether how can I defer my PLKN and write my letter of postponement.

  2. i didn’t in to the tahap 1,how can i in to tahap 1 becus i need to study at taiwan

  3. I want to get first batch plkn dowant second batch or third batch plzzzzzzzzz

  4. What if im studying at an international school and my exam is on next year?

  5. I just got my letter today! Is it too late to apply for postponement? It doesn’t make sense if it is too late. I’m doing A levels in college and I have exams in January.

  6. My friend said that we have to recomfirm if we got chosen on August 1st. Do we have to? Or is this official?

  7. how do i check whether i’m in the NS

  8. How to postpone NS? I’m having spm this year.

  9. any link can found the list or detail? this link i cant in

  10. klau dpat ni , xley tolak ke ??.. brapa lama plkn ni brjlan ..??

  11. why i’m choosing? i feel so suffering….oh no!

  12. huhuhu… don’t ‘”seksa” me like this. i don’t want to go.. arghhhh!!!! WWWWWWHHHHHHHYYYYYY????????????????????

  13. harshana thenesshkumar

    wat a faith … malas wana go.. i dun leave my loved one and my mum …

  14. congrats , you are the specials one..

  15. well…… i got it…..

  16. awe namia lurima

    I don’t like !!

  17. i wan enter khidmat negara please give me the chance

  18. how i can go to khidmat negara?

  19. yahooooooo!!!!!!!!!i i’m was the lucky one …….. :)

  20. i cant g0 t0 khidmat negara

  21. huhuhu ;(((((( I Dunt Want Go There ;( But Why ”MEREKA” choose me ?

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