What to bring for your PLKN or National Service?

Things to bring for your PLKN or National Service

As you go for the upcoming National Service camp, I have compiled a list of stuff that you can bring for your PLKN.

Keep yourselves safe and make friends with the right people. Do not simple trust anyone, be wise. Keep your valuables safe and do not bring anything expensive with you.


Bring the biggest luggage you have and with a lock. You can keep your things in there as extra space and you can lock your important items in your luggage like your money and phone.


A backpack.
Bring a school backpack so you can carry your items around easily.

Hair Shampoo, Hair Conditioner & Shower Gel
You will need to keep yourself clean and with all the exercise and hot weather, you will be taking lots of showers! Bring the largest bottle with refills. Girls, you will not have time to treat your hair so bring along a good hair conditioner.

Facial Cleanser.
Bring a few bottles so that you can keep your face pretty or handsome. Remember you will be in the jungle and will be getting quite dirty.

Toothbrush & Toothpaste.

What can I say? Unless you want to have a smelly mouth by not brushing for 3 months. Keep your teeth bright, white and shiny

Hair Combs. 
Girls should bring a few combs just in case you lose them. And you can keep one with you all the time when you are moving around. For guys, I guess you can’t comb much.
Hair Bands. 
Remember bring extra hair bands! They get lost easily and bring those you can put your hair into a bun. You will need to bun your hair when you are wearing full loreng to kawad.
Bath Towels. 
Although a towel is supplied, it is better to bring 2 extra ones so that you don’t have to keep on washing. You can also use the extra one while waiting for the other to dry.
Hankerchieves or Small Towels.
You will sweating a lot or maybe crying? So, you will need them to wipe them off. They can be used to keep the sun out as well.
Nail Clippers without the knife.
You must cut your nails every week so bring at least two just in case you lose one. Don’t bring those with a knife in them as it is not allowed in the camp. The officers will check your luggage and confiscate them.
Black Socks. 
They will supply you 2 pairs of white socks(for PT shoes), 2 pairs of black socks(for Kelas shoes) & 2 pairs of grey socks (for spiked boots). But i suggest u to bring 2 or more extra black socks because you’ll need it well when your socks haven’t dried yet. Socks get smelly really fast and you don’t have time to wash all the time. Black socks can replace white socks when you wear it for PT shoes. They won’t check it if you didn’t wear their socks. But you can’t skip for wearing grey socks for spiked boots.
You are in a jungle and there will be lots and lots of mosquitoes and insects. Bring Mopiko unless you don’t plan on sleeping.
Mosquito Repellent & Insects Repellent. 
You need it well too! To prevent any mosquitoes bite, must bring it! It has been suggested to use this product called “NOBITE lotion”. This repellent that can be last long for 6-8 hours. Make sure that it is not “sticky” and can be applied to your face. Bring at least 2 bottles of mosquito repellant.
You will have to bring sunblock as you will be marching under the hot sun for 3 months. Bring those with UV block.
Buy the LARGE one. 1 bottle is enough.
SPF 130!!!! Apply this on hands & neck.
Buy SPF 50!!!
contains UV moisture milk.
is better to apply this on face!

 Contact lens. *This is only for those who wearing spectacles only!*

Contact Lens case, Lens solution, eye drops, & extra contact lens!
Better buy them because is not that convenient to wear specs for some water activities & kawad. Get the one month or daily disposable ones. Bring extra contact lens should they get lost or spoilt!
Cheap Slippers.
Buy the cheaper version of CROCS from the pasar malam. You can use them for the water activities and prevent your feet from mosquito bites. You can use them when going to the toilet. Don’t buy real crocs as they might get spoilt or stolen.
You will need 2-3 t-shirts for sleeping or wearing in the dorm. When you are outside the dorm you must wear their uniform so you don’t need to bring too many.
Skirts are not allowed in camps so don’t bring them. Bring a pair of long work out pants to keep out the mosquitoes. As the weather is hot, short pants are good. Don’t bring too many as you cannot wear them outside the dorm. Only uniforms allowed outside of dorm.
You must bring just in case you get sick or the night gets cold.
Clothes Hangers.
Bring lots of clothes hangers as they are not supplied. You will need to use them to hang your clothes as well as to dry them after washing.
Clothes Pegs.
Bring one pack so that you can keep your clothes or undergarments from flying off into the jungle. write your name on it so that other people will not take them. You can also identify your own uniform easily when you go collect your clothes as everyone else will have the same uniforms.
Buy those with SHARP COLOURS.
You will need the pail to wash your clothes. Bring it if you do no need to take a flight. Those who have to take a flight, you can just buy it at the canteen.
Bring a Cheap Handphone with a Camera.
You can use it for entertainment. Don’t bring an expensive phone as it is not safe.
Cotton swabs

You need to clean your ears or else you won’t be able to hear after 3 months.

Just bring them!
Acne Pimples Cream.

Useful for those with pimples or you may actually get them during your NS!

Pen & Notebooks.
Bring your pen wherever you go so that you can write notes.

All the marching and exercise may give you muscle aches.

Tissue Paper.
Bring one whole pack that contains 24 small packs inside.
Small Fan.

Useful when you are in a hot stuffy hall.

Alarm Clock.

Bring an alarm clock with batteries to wake you up for the morning exercise!

Sanitary Pads. *Only for GIRLS !!!*
Well, what can I say….
Baju Tradisional.
Bring it or you may have to borrow from your friends. You can use it for the Pertandingan Lagu Patriotik for extra marks.
Small Umbrella.
Useful when you need to move around during rainy days.

Bring some money especially lots of coins to use for the pay phone to call  your darlings….. 🙂

Washing Powder

Buy the powder detergent as it is easier to use and get one with a spoon.

To clean your shoes or wash your clothes.
Oreo/ Tiger biscuit

When you get hungry at night or if you miss a meal.


Bring one that can keep hot water so that you can make your hot drinks or maggie mee. Bring your 3-in-1 coffee or Milo should you not like the taste of their Milo or coffee.



Water Bottle

Bring 1 bottle is enough.

Thread & Needles

Useful if your button falls off. Bring black & white thread.
Rubber bands

Useful to tie up your unfinished biscuits.

Recycle Bag

Useful for taking your stuff back home.

Bring lots of underwear as it may rain for a few days and your clothes won’t dry.
You need it when you are the Pengawal Malam or going into jungle for Wirajaya activities.
Marker Pen
Bring the permanent market so that you can mark your shirts. Put it in your pocket as the jurulatih will confiscate on the first day when they search your luggage.
Kool Fever Patch or Panadol or Paracetamol
Bring them just in case you fall sick. Ofcourse please see the camp medic too. If you feel something really wrong you should call your camp commandant or your parents.
Chrysanthemum Tea
Easy to make by just pouring hot water. Will remind you of home and keep you cool.

When you get sore throat, very useful.


Remember not to bring anything sharp or it will be confiscated.

THINGS that will be provided for you by the camp:
☞ 2 pairs of Baju Celoreng
☞ 2 pairs of Seluar Celoreng
☞ 2 pairs of inner Loreng
☞ 2 pairs of Baju Kelas
☞ 2 pairs of Seluar Kelas
☞ 2 pairs of Baju PT
☞ 2 pairs of Seluar PT
☞ 2 pairs of white socks
☞ 2 pairs of black socks
☞ 2 pairs of grey socks
☞ 1 kelas belt
☞ 1 Loreng belt
☞ 1 baseball cap
☞ 1 beret
☞ 1 pair of spike boot
☞ 1 pair of kelas shoes
☞ 1 pair of PT shoes
☞ 1 towel
☞ 1 brush (for kiwi spike boot)
☞ 1 kiwi
* U can take everything back home! Except for the Baju Loreng & Seluar Loreng
* Dun throw away the SHOE BOXES they give as you can use them to keep stuff.
TIMETABLE when you’re in camp:
5.30 – Bangun
6.00 – Muslim di surau (subuh)
*(non muslim 6.15 padang kawad)
6.30 – Beratur di padang kawad
7.30 – Breakfast
8.15 – Beratur di Dewan makan (class CB)
10.30 – Rehat (minum pagi)
11.00 – Class CB
12.30 – Makan tengahari
2.15 – Beratur di dewan makan (class CB)
4.30 – Minum Petang
5.30 – Riadah
6.30 – Makan Malam
7.15 – Muslim di surau (mahgrib)
*(non muslim 8.45 dewan makan)
9.00 – Beratur di dewan makan (Roll Call)
10.30 – Supper
11.00 – Tidur….
* Sunday: Religious activities like going to church or temple. Your parents may visit as well.
* Wednesday & Saturday: Community Service.
Good luck to all of you!
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