A Comparison of Education Costs by Country

It is important that when you choose to study overseas, to have the necessary finances to support your education and cost of living. You should discuss with your parents how much they have set aside for your education. From there, you can then decide which country would suit your finances. You must take into account the cost of living and your spending habits. Below is a chart of the average tuition fees and cost of living per year by country for comparison.

CountryTuition Fee Per YearRMCost of LivingRM
UK£7,000 to £22,500RM35,000-112,500£6500 – £14,000RM32,500-70,000
AustraliaAU$10,000 – AU$16,500RM31,000-51,510AU$12,000 – $18,000RM37,200-55,800
New ZealandNZ$18,000 – NZ$25,000RM43,200-60,000NZ$14,000RM33,600
CanadaCAN$6,000 – CAN$17,500RM18,600-54,240CAN$4,800 – $9,600RM14,880-29,760
Ireland€9,100 – €20,300RM36,400-81,200€7000 to €12,000RM28,000 – 48,000

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  1. if i successed apply the jpa loan ,but i don’t have enough money for the cost of living in oversea ,can i apply bank loan just for the living fees?
    is that true that nowaday uk and usa don’t allow foreign students stay at their country working then immigrants at their country after graduate?please reply asap ..thanks..

    • JPA only gives scholarships to students who achieve excellent results in their SPM. Banks generally don’t give loans for studies overseas but you may check with the banks yourself. You are allowed to work for a limited time in the USA and UK after you graduate.

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