UCSI Business students tells you what it’s like to be a university student

Lim Khang Lun at UCSI University South Wing Campus, Cheras, Kuala Lumpur

EduSpiral caught up with UCSI student, Lim Khang Lun who graduated from SMJK Yu Hua, Kajang. A resident of Cheras, Khang Lun is studying the degree in Business Admin at UCSI University and will be graduating in 2014. Khang Lun had just finished his final exams for the semester and met up with me at the South Wing Campus of UCSI University, Taman Connaught, Cheras, in Kuala Lumpur for our interview.

EduSpiral: How did you come to know of EduSpiral?

Khang Lun: I found EduSpiral on Facebook when you started chatting with me, haha. It was interesting chating with you and the information you gave was useful. And now here we are.

EduSpiral: That’s true, come to think about it. How come you chose to study Business Administration?

UCSI University is ranked Tier 5 or Excellent in the SETARA 2013 offers state-of-the-art facilities at their strategically located campus in Cheras, KL
UCSI University is ranked Tier 5 or Excellent in the SETARA 2013 offers state-of-the-art facilities at their strategically located campus in Cheras, KL

Khang Lun: I was not sure of what to study after Form 5 and I also did not want to choose a course that is too specific. I knew I liked Business so I chose a general course which is the Business Administration degree.

EduSpiral: So, did you think that you made the right choice?

Khang Lun: Yes and no. After taking the course, I found that I am interested in Finance so taking Business Admin still allowed me to be able to work in Finance after I graduate. Because of this interest in Finance, I started to read a lot of articles online. I read events related to it like world events and economics. General knowledge is important in investment and finance. I want to learn how to make more money!

The subjects that I took at UCSI like Financial Management helped me to understand a bit about Financial Analysis and bonds. This was very useful. It helped me to investigate the background of a company for us to invest.

Lim Khang Lun shares articulately about his experience at UCSI

EduSpiral: Why did you choose UCSI?

Khang Lun: UCSI is close to my home and is convenient for me. I visited UCSI’s campus and saw that their facilities were complete for a good education. I liked what I saw, so I registered immediately. Furthermore, I did not want to deal with transportation or living with roommates. I heard a lot of my friends sharing horror stories about their university roommates.

EduSpiral: You joined their Foundation in Arts and then now you are completing Year 1. So, what do you think of UCSI University so far?

Khang Lun: I think that their facilities are complete but the performance of the computers & wifi line is a bit slow. There are a lot of computers so there is no problem to find one to use. I have used the gym which is pretty good.

EduSpiral: Well, with 10,000 students, I am sure that the line would be a bit slow. I find that their fees are quite inexpensive for the facilities that a student is getting compared to other private universities or even the shoplot colleges.

Khang Lun: I didn’t think of it that way. I also did not survey the other colleges so I am not familiar with the facilities of other colleges. I am satisfied with their facilities. I also enjoy sports and they have a large gym with a basketball and badminton courts. Me and my friends would go play some basketball to release stress after our classes.

EduSpiral: How about the student culture at UCSI University?

Students get value for money at UCSI University with access to excellent sports facilities
Students get value for money at UCSI University with access to excellent sports facilities

Khang Lun: Most of the students at UCSI are Chinese, with some Indians and Malays. There are some international students. I think about 20% of the student population are from different countries. I get to know them in class and it is interesting to learn about their culture and to be able to network with people from different parts of the world.

EduSpiral: A good education is also about meeting people from different cultures and learning from them. It is like this in western universities. When I was in the USA at my university, I also met students from different countries. The interesting part of my university was that our lecturers are not that formal, some of them dress casually and we call them by their name, which took me some time to get used to as you know in our culture, we call our lecturers, Sir or Miss.

Having said that, what are the lecturers like at UCSI?

Khang Lun: Lecturers? They are alright. There are good and not so good lecturers in any university. Majority at UCSI are pretty good. My favorite lecturer was Ms. Jasmine who taught Organisational Behaviour. Her explanation was quite detailed. She is a responsible lecturer and would always ensure that everything in class in runs smoothly. She was very engaging in class and got us to participate in the discussions. This allowed me to learn more and was not boring.

Another lecturer was Mr. Tommi, who is from Indonesia. He gets us to actively participate in class. His tutorial is very interesting

Squash court at UCSI University
Squash court at UCSI University

and always made sure that everyone gave their opinions on the topic. There were activities in class and that made my learning very interesting. In addition, the group work helped me to learn about team work. I learnt how important it is to communicate with people in order to get things done. This will be a very useful skill in my future job. But attendance is very strict in his class.

EduSpiral: So the learning environment at UCSI is participating and active?

Khang Lun: Yes, for example, we had a class project where we had to pick a country and then make a business plan to “sell” their products creatively. Some students chose Switzerland and the product that they chose to sell was cheese, the Korean team sold some kind of drink, etc. The German team wore Germany Football Jerseys which was creative. The lecturer would come around and we had to present to him what our product is about. We all had a great time in this class.

EduSpiral: How is uni life in general?

Khang Lun: Just study, gym, exams, and yumcha only…that’s the life.  Chasing for assignments. I also play basketball at the multi-purpose hall. What else is there?

EduSpiral: Well, how about the student clubs and societies?

Students learn from qualified & experienced lecturers at UCSI University
Students learn from qualified & experienced lecturers at UCSI University

Khang Lun: There are many clubs and societies on campus but I did not join any of them as I prefer to mix around with my class mates and playing basketball, haha. In addition, there are many activities here like Unity Camp, Freshman Camp, AFSA Night, Recitals, Concerts, International Students’ events and other interesting activities so students will not be bored here.

EduSpiral: What is unique about UCSI University?

Khang Lun: I will be going for UCSI University’s internship programme next semester. We have to prepare CV for the internship with the assistance of Student Affairs Dept. We had to send applications to the co-op list online to apply for the internship. There are about 900 companies to choose from.

While other universities have their internship at the end of the degree programme, at UCSI University, the internship in compulsory and is 2 months for each year.

I found out that UCSI is the pioneer in offering this kind of internship since 2004 and that 94% of their Co-Operative Partners would re-hire back the interns. This is good news for me as I would not be worried about getting a job after graduating.

EduSpiral Consultant Services thanks Lim Khang Lun for his time for sharing with us his university experience. EduSpiral hopes his story helps secondary school students get an idea of what it’s like to study at a private university. If you liked the story please click “Like” at the bottom and share with your friends.

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