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8 Tips for a Successful SPM – On the exam day

1.    Pack your stuff the night before.
i. Sharpen your 2B pencils
ii. Put your pens, pencils, ruler and eraser in your bag.
iii. Put your text books or reference books.

2.    Do some light exercise.
i. Gets your adrenaline running.
ii. Makes you alert and energetic.
iii. Taichi would be great to help you focus.
3.    Have a good breakfast.
i. Don’t go to the exam on an empty stomach
because you will not get the energy to be alert
to think properly to answer the questions.
ii. Fresh fruits and vegetables are recommended
as they can reduce stress. Have some banana,
raisins and apple cut up and eat together with
some cereal.
4.    Arrive for the exam early.
Find out where the exam will be held & settle down.

5.    Go to the toilet before the exam.

6.    Be focused.
i. Don’t talk to other students before the exam
as they might be stressed and it can be contagious.
ii. Talk to yourself. Tell yourself that you will do well.

7.    Skim through the notes.
Find a quiet place and skim through the notes.

8.    Be comfortable but alert.
i. When you sit, don’t slouch. Sit straight.
ii. If you find yourself panicking, take a
few deep breaths or clench your fists tightly
and then let go. Do this a few times.

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