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Succeed in your Exams! Trials, UEC or SPM

8 SPM success exam tips – Exam Time

Focus and keep calm during your SPM or UEC Exam

1.    Budget your time and pace yourself.
a.    Take off your watch and put in front of you.
b.    Once you have your exam in front of you, look it
over to see how many questions there are .
This will give you an idea of how much time
you can spend on each problem.
c.    Don’t rush.

2.    Read directions carefully!
a.    Make sure you understand what the questions are asking.

3.    Answer questions in a strategic order:
a.    Easy questions first to build confidence.
b.    Then those with the most point value.
c.    On the objective exams, cross out the wrong
answers then decide on the remaining ones.
d.    If you don’t understand the question, skip it first.
e.    For the essay test, if your mind goes blank,
pick a question and start writing. It may trigger
the answer in your mind as you write.
f.    On essay tests, write the outline of your whole essay in

Prepare well for the SPM Exam by having a study partner. Review the questions with each other. Makes studying less boring.

point form from Introduction, Body and then Conclusion.
4.    Be neat and tidy.
a.    Write out the answers neatly. Don’t cross out here  & there.
If it becomes too untidy, change the answer sheet.
b.    Use your rubber to erase the wrong answers
on your objective questions properly.

5.    Relax
a.    Change your sitting positions to help you relax.
b.    Take deep breaths.

6.    Quickly look through the test for an overview.
a.    Scan for keywords.

7.    Check your work if you have time.

8.    If you complete the exam early, don’t leave.
a.    Check if you have answered all the questions,
not madeany errors or marked any answers wrongly.

Write out your answers neatly and in a clear logical manner.

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