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Study tourism and travel the world!

Studying in the Tourism & Hospitality

Pictures courtesy of Reliance College, one of the pioneers in tourism education in Malaysia.

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Being able to smile and deal with conflicts is an essential part of the tourism industry. Students must learn how to provide good customer service in order to succeed.

Tour Guides need to learn how to plan and organise a tour properly. Being able to coordinate and communicate effectively with different companies to ensure the trip goes smoothly from transportation to the accommodation to food to visas.

Chef teaching students in the prep kitchen

Students will have hands on experience learning about customer service

Housekeeping class. Students must learn all aspects of how a hotel operates so that they will be able to manage one in future.

Mock Front Desk. Students have to learn how to talk clearly and confidently. Deal with customers effectively.

Study Tours provide invaluable experience to students to give them an understanding on how to organise and lead a tour

Working in the tourism industry definitely has benefits! Travel the world!

There are many jobs available in the tourism industry such as working in hotels, casinos, restaurants, cruise ships, retail, shopping malls, tour agencies, airlines, and many more.

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