Samsung Galaxy Note, Samsung S3, HTC, Blacberry, iPhones, smart phones are increasing in popularity. After the craze of the

The launch of the iPhone5 by Apple

Samsung S3, the launch of the iPhone 5 is sure to push the popularity of the usage of phones that are increasingly becoming a combination of computer, camera, video recorder, GPS, PDA, and other functions. These functions run on computer software and hardware. Think about it, the more popular the iPhone 5 gets, the more job opportunities for you!

The software for smart phones are different from that of the PC or MACS, therefore, needs a new generation of IT professionals trained in modern mobile computing systems and technologies. The degree in Mobile Computing will surely see its demand increase as there will be plenty of jobs available.

Mobile computing is the ability to use technology that is not physically connected to static environments. It involves mobile

hardware, mobile software and mobile communication. The hardware includes mobile devices or the devices components while

Apple shares with the world the software and hardware capabilities of the new iPhone5

mobile software deals with the mobile applications. Communication issues include ad-hoc and infrastructure networks including communication properties, protocols, data formats and concrete technologies.

This would mean that other than smart phones, mobile technology will include Global Positioning Systems (GPS), tablet PCs, iPads, iPods, Bluetooth, laptops, wireless LAN or wireless WAN technology, wearable computers, Bluetooth enabled devices, or Infrared Data Association (IrDA) interfaces. All these devices need to connect with the wireless

Students will learn about the project management of computing projects, mobile security, the deployment of mobile computing systems, and mobile computing systems and infrastructure. It is important for students to understand how mobile computer systems are developed and learn how to design and build them to meet the needs of the real business world. Students will need to be trained to understand the modern

Samsung Voice Navigation Device

wired and wireless communication technologies and the software tools and techniques required for the development of modern enterprise computing systems including mobile components.

To meet the demand for this new generation of computing professionals, UCSI University offers the Bachelor of Science (Honours) in Mobile Computing. This programme encompasses the study of computer technology, programming, communication, networking, management and business. It will enable the student to develop a deeper understanding of embedded computing, network security and mobile application development.

Students will be introduced to computing, programming, communication, principles of networking and marketing in the First Year of their studies. They will work with fundamental computer-based systems components, and use these for experiments throughout the course.

Year 1 Mobile Computing Subjects at UCSI University

UCSI University offers the Mobile Computing degree to meet the increasing demand with the evolution of mobile computer devices
  • Discrete Mathematics 1 (Degree)
  • Data Structures & Algorithms
  • Introduction to Internet Technologies (Degree)
  • Java Programming 1(Degree)
  • Java Programming 2 (Degree)
  • Object Oriented Modelling 1(Degree)
  • Research Methods in Computing (Degree)
  • Database Management Systems
  • Database Administration
  • Computer Org & Architecture
  • Cooperative Placement 1

Throughout Year Two, students will develop their networking knowledge and skills which will enable them to implement, exploit and manage complex systems. “They will study the technology of wireless communication which is beginning to appear in all manner of products and be able to design and improve mobile computing products to achieve a specific function.

Upon completing Year Two, mobile computing students will have access to a state-of-the-art laboratory at UCSI University, where they will be able to design and configure systems with a range of network technologies.

Year 2 Mobile Computer Subjects at UCSI University

Computer lab at UCSI University
  • Introduction to Human Computer Interaction
  • Multimedia Programming
  • Software Project Management
  • Visual Basic.Net
  • Operating Systems
  • Networking
  • Wireless Network Infrastructure
  • Mobile Commerce
  • Technopreneuship
  • Cooperative Placement 2

The final year congregates all their knowledge in mobile computing technology and mobile computing applications, to enable them to manage the complete design of mobile computing systems. UCSI mobile computing students will also learn how to manage and optimise networks through the use of advanced design and simulation software, complemented by options in network security or multimedia.

Year 3 Mobile Computing Subjects at UCSI University

There are many computers available for students to use at UCSI University
  • Human Computer Interaction
  • Java Web Programming
  • Network Security Design
  • Mobile Java Programming
  • Wireless Communications
  • Mobile Device Technology & Applications
  • Mobile Computing Project 1
  • Mobile Computing Project 2
  • Networking Programing
  • Network Management
  • Cooperative Placement 3

Another top private university offering this course is the Asia Pacific University of Technology & Innovation, which was recently

The award-winning university, Asia Pacific University of Technology & Innovation (APU) campus in Bukit Jalil

upgraded to university status. It was formerly known as UCTI. APU is an award-winning university and regarded as one of the top IT universities in Malaysia. APU offers the Bachelor of IT (Hons) with specialism in Mobile Technology.

The mobile technology degree programme at APU will equip students with the necessary knowledge and skill sets required in the field of Mobile Technology and its related domains. Students will gain the ability to design, develop and implement Mobile Technology solutions using appropriate platforms, tools and techniques to produce viable solutions today. Highly experienced lecturers at APU will teach students how to specify and manage the implementation of a range of mobile communications systems to support core activities in industries. Finally, graduates will be able to assimilate the usage of mobile technology into mainstream technological solutions in everyday life and its usage in various industries.

YEAR 1 Mobile Technology Subjects at APU

These modules provide an appropriate platform for any IT professional in the areas of Systems, Analysis and Design, Hardware,

APU has an internationalised university environment and students have access to high end computer labs

Software Systems & Networks and programming modules such as Fundamentals of Software Development and Introduction to C Programming. In addition a thorough grounding in principles of interactive computing and multimedia, with emphasis on the Internet is provided. Modules such as Mathematics for Technology provide the basic academic skills required. General understanding of the work environment and aspects of personal and organizational development are provided by relevant modules. Important and relevant skills for independent learning are also introduced.

  • Computing & IT in the Workplace
  • Fundamentals of Software Development
  • Mathematics for Technology
  • Hardware, Software Systems & Networks
  • Introduction to Management
  • Professional & Enterprise Development
  • Introduction to C Programming
  • Interactive Media & Web Design Technology
  • Introduction to Artificial Intelligence
  • Systems Analysis & Design
  • 3 LAN compulsory subjects

YEAR 2 Mobile Technology Subjects at APU

The specialism contains specific modules that develop the necessary underlying knowledge and basic skills in Mobile Computing.

All students have access to state-of-the-art computer facilities that include the latest PCs and workstations with Internet connection, operating systems, software suites and commercial programming software in multiple IT labs built for project work, multimedia production, software and internet programming.

Fundamentals of Mobile Computing introduces special development and deployment techniques required for mobile devices, and understanding of mobile communication infrastructure, operating systems and standards available for mobile devices and such issues such as security and fraud. In Human Computer Interaction, you will be presented with approaches to designing and evaluating systems that emphasise on usability, that are effective and that can be cost-justified. Remote Access Networks introduces you to WAN access technologies where you learn to use modems, ISDN lines, Frame Relay Connections and ADSL technologies.

Independent learning continues in all modules but is a particular focus and requirement in Research Methods.

  • Object-Oriented Development with Java
  • Human Computer Interaction
  • Systems Development Methods
  • Database & Web Database Systems
  • Hardware, Software Systems & Networks II
  • Fundamentals of Mobile Computing
  • Research Methods

    APU recognised for its excellence with the Prime Minister’s award
  • Programming Concepts in C++
  • Creativity & Innovation
  • Systems Programming & Computer Control
  • Remote Access Networks
  • Mathematics for Technology II

YEAR 3 Mobile Technology Subjects at APU

The specialism develops skills and applications required for graduates to function as a professional in the field of Mobile Computing. XML and Web Services offers an understanding of XML to enable the creation of an appropriate graphical representation of data using xml technologies, a web service, and an effective valid XML document and the transformation of the XML document using XLS.

Fundamentals of Wireless LANs introduces and develops you in the areas of intellectual communication, problem-solving and technical and practical knowledge of wireless networking. Software Development for Mobile Devices considers more advanced issues when dealing with applications for deployment on cellular phones and PDAs. You will get an in-depth coverage of the issues involved in the area of Ubiquitous Computing and its implications for organisations and systems designers and developers. The practical work will focus on aspects of creating a prototype ubiquitous application.

UCTI students winning the Imagine Cup

The major project that you are expected to complete at APU, involves a lot of research in domain knowledge and getting the necessary skills in using tools and methods in Mobile Computing. This is where you will demonstrate higher level critical thinking analysis and solutions development skills which will make you more employable in the job market.

  • Investigations in Mobile Computing
  • Project Management
  • Advanced Database Systems
  • Fundamentals of Wireless LANs
  • Ubiquitous Computing
  • Enterprise Programming for Distributed Applications
  • Innovation Management & New Product Development
  • Software Development for Mobile Devices
  • Distributed Computer Systems
  • XML & Web Services
  • Mobile Computing Project

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