Studying the Diploma in Multimedia Design at InHouse Multimedia College

From left, Chairmaine Tan, Kin Lee, Carlson Chong and Victor Gah. Final year Diploma in Multimedia Students at In-House Multimedia College.

Last Monday, I had the opportunity to talk to the Final year and First year students giving their semester project presentations called the Final Campaign. It is like presenting the design that you have created to clients, in this case, the clients are the lecturers.

I talked to a group of final year Multimedia Design students who had finished their presentation and rushing of to sing K. Lee Mei Chyi or Kin as she is known as,  was from SMK BBA shared first.

“I chose Inhouse and did a lot of research. Some colleges did not have Multimedia Design and I found that Inhouse specialised in this course. Furthermore, their fees are very affordable. My favorite subject is sketching and illustration. I feel that this is important because if you do not know how to draw, you are unable to present the Multimedia Design with a soul. Although nowadays, with the software skills, it is only theoretical. You can always go online and learn, buy books. But if you know how to illustrate,

Carlson Chong’s project on his favorite pet, Cats.

then you are able to present the art in its purest form. You can’t lie.”

Carlson Chong Khai Sun, who was from SMK Rantau, Seremban, agrees, “Yes, the design or project will be like without a soul. With more skills in illustration you are able to give the design a life of its own. It would not look commercialised and flat”. He shared that his friend had recommended for him to study at InHouse Multimedia College. Carlson’s passion for cats was the inspiration for this final project. He loves cats and has a few at his home in Seremban. Carlson said that his project is a story about a cat which went missing and returned home. The moral themes of the story is love, courage, friendship, and thanksgiving.

Kin adds, sharing that her project is a picture book about how we hide our real emotions from the world. There is a lot of stress in this world and we try to hide how we feel. Our emotions are all hidden. Her concept was hair in expressing this emotion.

Victor Gah, SMK Cheras, shyly told me that his project is a video game. He had to create a story, landscape, characters but had yet to  create the story board for it. He designed the characters for the story. It is still in the basic stage. The story is about 2 different worlds, planet Zetus and planet Pheutopeus. There are monsters and spiders and aliens. The story is a about how Zetus polluted the world of Pheutopeus. Zetus is always day while Pheutopeus is always night time and the two worlds need to depend on each other to survive. After completing the portfolio, Victor plans to go to game designer companies to pitch to them to buy the idea.

The intricate designs of the characters in the 2 worlds that Victor Gah has created for his project.

I found that his designs were very intricate and cool drawing you into a different world.

Victor advises students is to go beyond what is required by the lecturers when doing the projects and assignments. This helps make you a better designer. He adds, “Do you work with passion and not just treat it as another assignment”.

Charmaine Tan, Kuen Cheng Girls High School, said that she did a lot of research before choosing to study at InHouse. She had visited about 5 colleges and of course searched online before deciding to register at InHouse.  Charmaine says, “I chose to study MMD because I will learn a lot including GD. I chose MMD because it is my interest. I have not interest in Business courses. I like comics, animation, anime, so I chose Multimedia Design”.

Charmaine shared that her project is a video about the birthdays of a family from when they were young to old age. She passionately said, “Going through all the years of birthdays helps us to appreciate our

The video presentation on the “Birthdays through the years” by Charmaine Tan

parents and how they bring us into the world”.

When I asked them how they get their inspirations as designers, I got different answers from each of them. Carlson said that his inspiration comes from movies and music while Victor’s inspiration comes from taking the bus. “When I take the bus, I get to observe what is going on in the city and its surroundings. There is so much happening and different types of people moving around. It gives me a lot of ideas,” said Victor. Kin shared that she talked to people to get her inspiration which Charmaine nodded in agreement. She shared that when talking to people, they give different perspectives, ideas, opinions and helps to refine her ideas.

After completing their interview, they rushed off to sing k, so I moved on to Yee Kok Hooi, SMK Zon R1 Wangsa Maju, who joined InHouse Multimedia College for their July intake.

“I love to draw. I chose Inhouse because the fees are very affordable. I stay in Setapak Jaya so the college is very convenient to go to by bus. I found out about Inhouse through the internet and I visited the college 3-4 times. I had surveyed a lot of colleges and finally chose Inhouse. I wanted to learn a lot of details before making my final decision,” shared Yee when I asked why he chose InHouse.

Yee, showing his project shyly adding that his drawing skills are still at basic level in his first semester at In-House. He is determined to work hard to be the best in his class.

Being a newbie at the college, Yee shared that is drawing skills is still quite basic. In addition, while at school, his art teacher was never in class so that did not help his passion. He adds, “I love design, I see what people are designing and desire to follow what they are doing. I love everything about design”.

As this is only his first semester at InHouse, he is taking Drawing & Sketching, Adobe Premier Pro, and Adobe Indesign. He shared that the classes so far are alright and enjoys the software and drawing skills. Furthermore, the classes are small so there is personal attention given to each student. He shared that they were able to give his detailed instructions on how to improve on his drawings. This is very important because if the classes were big, there would not be enough time for the lecturers to help each and every student.

Being an Education Consultant, I asked him what his hobbies were, to which he replied that he loved drawing, listening to songs, photography, playing computer games. Adding that his favorite subjects in school were Chinese, Science, English and Maths. From looking at his interests, he did make the right decision in choosing Multimedia Design

The final year student group I interviewed at In-House Multimedia College

to study.

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