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RE- Sit BM Paper June 2013 Deadline is March 31

To the SPM 2012 who failed your BM, please take not that the deadline to register is March 31, 2013. You can go to the Majlis Peperiksaan Malaysia website for more details.

Don’t give up and Good luck!

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  1. Hello. My friend is 24 now. He want to study in diploma (at least 3credit). But, he dont score any credits in his SPM. Are there any ways to help him?

  2. One question.
    I registered everything and also the website they gave.
    I believe they will send a letter to my house right ?
    But until now I still not get any inform letter .

  3. Hi, my friend is 25 now. He has working experiences in Electrical field around 6 year plus. He wanted to get a diploma now in this field but i think he only got 1 or no credit in his SPM. Is there any way to help him to achieve his dream? Desperate..

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