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I am in my 3rd year in Utar, graduating next year. I’ll give u an honest opinion. But pls bear in mind that UTAR is divided into 4 campuses- Setapak , PJ , Sg. Long and Kampar (main campus). i am in main campus which is in kampar.

1stly, it is one of the most affordable private uni in malaysia with a decent reputation. most of our graduates are able to secure employment upon graduation.

2ndly. As one of the members mentioned above, about lack of emphasis on social activities… i really beg to differ. What does social activities mean to u?? going clubbing? shopping in megamalls? sure kampar is not a city with all those cool shopping complex, pubs, clubs and so on… but i guarantee u, this is one of the place where u really get to socialise and get really close with ur frens. this is due to the fact that, most students here stay in the same housing area, the houses are 3 storey terraces which is fully furnished (view utar website for pictures) and we really get along well with each other and hang out regularly. activities like bbq, going to waterfalls, walking in gardens, or just going to ur frens house and chat. but if u prefer clubbing, shopping and stuff then u might need to go further up to Ipoh.(45 mins drive)

3rd- our degree is accredited so no worries bout that.

4th- level of english is quite low because majority of students here converse in chinese/cantonese. and the lack of international students does not help as well. so i will say if u cant at least speak chinese, u may have difficulties mixing around.

5th- facilities.. definitely not top notch… no swimming pool.. gym yes but i dont go there due to lack of equipments. library is beautiful but not very resourceful.

6th- price of food is reasonable but u may face lack of variety upon reaching ur final years. Kampar is a small place.

thats all i have to say really.. so its really not a bad option, u don have to make it ur last resort. if u can afford going to Taylors, sunway, LimKokWing, then pls by all means go to those universities but if ur budget is limited. i will really encourage making Utar ur priority instead of MMU. i am from Melaka but opted for Utar instead and never regretted. sorry for the long reply, i feel it is better if u are well informed instead of regretting later.

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