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Top 10 reasons why you failed the school exam

Number 1 – I cannot find the school because I got lost in the hazeSPM Study tips

Number 2 – The Indonesians used my textbooks to burn the forest

Number 3 – My mask was uncomfortable so I cannot concentrate

Number 4 – I thought school was canceled because of the haze so I didn’t go for the          exam

Number 5 – Singapore put up the big big fan to blow the haze away and it blew my notes away also

Number 6 – I thought the world was ending like Krypton so I didn’t go for the exam

Number 7 – The ash and dust particles that fell on my textbooks was so thick that I could not open to study

Number 8 – I went to Indonesia to help put out the fires

Number 9 – The haze was so hot that I could not study

Number 10 – I was in Indonesia last weekend for holiday and I thought I died and went to hell.


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