Joseph Germani & team share about their work as YouTubers & social media marketing

“Hi, I am Joseph Germani. Just a Malaysian Boy trying to make a difference on YouTube. I believe that one day,

Joseph Germani, famous Malaysian YouTuber and Social Media Marketeer
Joseph Germani, famous Malaysian YouTuber and Social Media Marketeer

my videos will bring Malaysians together.”

That’s the humble introduction on Germani Network’s YouTube Channel, Joseph Germani, who has become a YouTube sensation with his offbeat, witty and relatable videos.

I had the privilege of entering into “Casa Germani”, to interview the fantabulous Malaysian YouTube sensation Joseph Germani and his team – Edrei Khoo and Sydney Chan.

EduSpiral – I understand you graduated in Interior Design. How did you come to choose this course?

Germani – After SPM I did not know what to study so I decided to go to the bookstore to find out more information.

The section that I spent the most time would be the course I was going to pursue. I found myself at the Interior Design aisle.

Sydney – Initially my family’s goal for me was to choose a course so I could migrate to Australia and then slowly bring the whole family over.

I had narrowed my choices to Law, Film Studies or Psychology as these were my interests.

Edrei Khoo, Sydney Chan & Joseph Germani at “Casa Germani”

While taking my Pre-U, I found the law subjects did not interest me.

I decided to choose Psychology because of a great interest in human behavior and a need to understand myself.

Being socially awkward, I wanted to be able to adjust to society and the degree in Psychology provided me with a lot of answers. The career prospects for Psychology graduates for HELP University graduates are pretty good as well.

EduSpiral – How did you guys end up becoming a YouTuber?

Germani – It started out from my passion. I had an idea to make a video. It took a while before I got to doing it and I submitted it for a competition organised by Nokia and actually won.

It boosted my confidence about my skills and interest in making videos.

My friends encouraged me to upload my videos on YouTube. The hits were not bad.

Then, a famous Hong Kong YouTuber featured me and the hits increased dramatically overnight to almost 4000, without me even having to start buying Youtube likes.

Later on, I received an invitation from JinnyboyTV to collaborate making “Ah Wing – Malaysia’s No. 1 Salesman” and the momentum just gathered.

Sydney – I did a film project actually to impress a girl. The project was praised by my lecturer and course mates.

“I have always had a passion for film and psychology” Sydney Chan

This motivated me to make more movies as I always had a passion for film.

At HELP University, there were subjects on film studies such as the “Psychology of Film” which contributed greatly to my fan my passion.

I started the PsychTV Club at HELP University. We would interview people and cover events happening at the university. Eventually it became a weekly event.

Edrei – I was already in Year 1 Business degee at Taylors Business School but found myself drawing most of the time in class rather than paying attention to the lecturers. I was quickly losing motivation for business studies.

My friends saw my drawings and told me that they were pretty good. Then it dawned on me to go for design instead. Now I am completing my Animation Design course soon.

EduSpiral – I see that the recurring theme here is choosing passion in what you do and eventually, all of you ended up working on what you love. Only Edrei’s qualification in Animation Design is related to what you are doing now as YouTubers. Was what you study at university useful in what you are doing now?

Germani – Definitely! Although I really wanted to start work but with 3 months to go before graduation, I had to hold on and study.

Some of the subjects in my interior design course like branding and business really helped me to set up my company.

EduSpiral – Yes, I agree and I see that your training in design has helped you in building a consistent branding and style. I liked both your old classy logo and your current new one.

Germani – I originally design the classy logo with a luxurious feel but I decided to switch to the current one because my

“Follow your passion!” Germani

target audience is younger and vibrant.

EduSpiral – It is important to engage with our target audience with the correct messages. What we study in our courses is always useful as long we learn how to apply them in real life. You have done a great job branding your company.

What role do you think Social Media marketing will play to businesses in Malaysia?

Germani – Social Media is overpowering the traditional media and will continue to rise exponentially. It has also given opportunities to businesses that were not there 10 years ago.

EduSpiral – That’s true, EduSpiral also came about through the support of the Internet. Without it, we would not exist to help students.

EduSpiral – There is no course basically for Social Media Marketing. What course do you think students should go for if they want to work in your area?

Germani – I would suggest entertainment related courses.

EduSpiral – I didn’t expect this answer but it does make sense because one is basically a performer in front of the camera. You would also need to know camera work and some film studies.  I guess the Diploma in Entertainment Arts at KDU University College would be ideal for this.

I think Mass Communication would be useful as well to work in Social Media Marketing.

EduSpiral – What skills would a student need to succeed in Social Media Marketing?

Edrei – Common sense. A lot of people just don’t use it when making videos and they don’t turn out well.

EduSpiral – I am surprised you said that as I thought you would say creativity or some technical skill.

Sydney – While at university there was this student who was shooting a video and just switched from horizontal view to

“Making great videos is basically using common sense.” Edrei Khoo

vertical view without a thought of how it would look like.

The answer was as long as he could fit the whole event in the video even if the outcome would look weird.

Using your common sense is important in producing a movie that flows and where your audience can relate to.

EduSpiral – What’s your advise to students on how to choose their course or career?

Germani – Imagine this old man pushing your head underwater and think of the course that you would choose…..

EduSpiral – That’s very deep, but I guess it makes sense. Our career is something that we have to take very seriously in choosing and when we are drowning, we would think of the most important thing of value to us.

Edrei & Sydney – It all boils down to passion

Germani – Just do what you like!

And with these final words, the interview had to come to an end as the team had to go for another appointment. To sum up, I guess the most important thing is to go for your passion when choosing your course or career. When you have the passion for what you do, just like the guys from Germani Network, you will succeed!

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“Just do what you like!”
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