Taylor’s University Produces Top Communication Graduates who are Industry Ready

Real Work at ProPassion Communications at Taylor’s University Provides Invaluable Training & Experience

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IN today’s media-driven world, the field of media and communication is one of the most exciting, rapidly evolving industries. Professionals in the communication industry are in a unique position to shape a company or brand’s image and perception, ultimately influencing its visibility, productivity and performance. Broadly defined, the communication industry is the business of conveying information, setting trends and influencing society.

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Job Ready with Industry Experience through Taylor’s University’s Outstanding Communication Degree Programmes

Communication students at Taylor's University

Communication students at Taylor’s University

In line with the increasing demand for strategic-level thinkers and skillful communicators, Taylor’s School of Communication, under the Faculty of Arts and Social Science aims to revolutionise the communication landscape and develop communication leaders with innovative and strategic-thinking attributes to shape the industry’s future. It creates a conducive and engaging environment for knowledge-exchange between industry and academia.

The School enriches students’ educational experience through various learning opportunities both in and outside the classroom to help students get the most out of their studies, complemented by the School’s strong industry connections, which create opportunities for students to work with real clients and garner real-life working experience during their undergraduate studies.

The Propassion Communications team from Taylor's University Communication Degree programmes at work learning first hand about the industry

The Propassion Communications team from Taylor’s University Communication Degree programmes at work learning first hand about the industry

One example of this endeavour is ProPassion Communications, a student’s public relations consultancy under the School, comprising final year degree students working with real clients. Despite them being full time students, ProPassions functions like a professional Public Relation consultancy and students engage with the media and other suppliers directly to ensure the client’s requirements are successfully met.

“Active learning gives meaningfulness to students.

“We find that it motivates and facilitates their transfer of skills into workplace situations.

“From here, they also get to apply problem-solving skills such as identifying, analysing and solving communication problems,” said Dr Latiffah Pawanteh, Head of Taylor’s School of Communication.

With the Taylor’s Curriculum Framework, Communications students now have the opportunity to learn beyond their initial discipline. This flexibility allows them to go deeper into their field, outside their field, go into many fields, or be good at two fields by taking a second major, ultimately shaping them into excellent communicators in whatever industry they choose.

For example, a Bachelor of Mass Communication student can specialise in Advertising, Broadcasting, Public Relations & Event Management or Public Relations & Marketing, and have a minor in Psychology. If they feel that they want to go even deeper into Advertising, they can opt for Bachelor of Mass Communication, specialising in Advertising, and do an extension in Digital Marketing or Multimedia Studies. Or, if they want to study two fields, they can do a Bachelor of Mass Communication, specialising in Advertising, and do a double major in Business.

As a globally connected university and ranked in the top one percent in the world for Employer Reputation, Taylor’s School of Communication offers an international Dual Award degree with the University of the West of England (UWE), UK. UWE is ranked seventh best employment record in England in the DLHE survey by the Higher Education Statistics Agency, with 95 percent of its students in employment or study within six months after graduating.

Dr Latiffah also shared: “Taylor’s School of Communications offers a teaching and learning experience that employs interactivity, progressive techniques and real world applications, to hone and perfect the skills of our students, shaping them into excellent communicators that create impact and shape the industry.”

Taylor’s School of Communications offers foundation, diploma, degree and masters programmes. Besides UWE, the school has strong partnerships with academic institutions including, Deakin University, University of Queensland Technology and University of Amsterdam. Aside from the strategic partnership with academic institutions, the school has also forged strong linkages with world-class industry players like the BBC, Thompson Reuters Hong Kong, Bloomberg Malaysia, Leo Burnett, Universal McCann, Edelman, Weber Shandwick and PHD Media to provide students and staff with invaluable exposure to the latest developments and cutting edge practices in the field of communication.


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