Increasing Demand for Technology Related Jobs in Malaysia according to Michael Page Salary Report

How to Become a Data Scientist in Malaysia?

How to Become a Data Scientist in Malaysia?

Michael Page Reports that Demand for technological skills in job market in Malaysia to soar over next decade

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The country’s job market demand in the next decade will shift from traditional labour to high-paying jobs that require technological skills.

Michael Page Malaysia director May Wah Chan said jobs related to cyber security, big data, data protection, artificial intelligence and robotics will see a huge surge in demand.

However, she said that there is a massive talent shortage in these areas as the local education system does not cater to the existing demand, hence the need for the jobs to be outsourced.

“The problem that we have right now is the talent mismatch. There is a high level of unemployed graduates, but at the same time we face a talent shortage,” she said to Bernama in an exclusive interview.

May said the main problem faced by local unemployed graduates is the lack of technical knowledge and exposure during their tertiary study.

“Overseas graduates have higher chances of getting employed as they have the knowledge and experience sought by companies, especially multi-national corporations,” she said.

As at February 2019, the unemployment rate in Malaysia stood at 3.3 per cent or 516,400 persons, while employment increased 2.1 per cent to 15.03 million.

She added that with the current pace of digitalisation, talent produced locally are not moving concurrently with the job demand.

“Many traditional jobs will be obsolete in the future due to digitalisation, but the young talents are not trained to adapt to the change.

“Our education system must be upgraded to cater to these future demands to avoid local graduates facing difficulties in obtaining future jobs,” she said.

May said the country has been losing high-skilled talents to countries like Singapore which offers bigger prospects such as career advancement and higher salaries.

“Ironically, the reason why some Malaysian talents decided to return home is mainly because of an elderly family member around,” she said.

She added that young graduates looking for jobs must equip themselves with strong will, proper soft skill sets such as communications and correct attitude.

“Qualifications are just the first step, but without proper quality, it would be difficult (to get jobs),” she said. — Bernama

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Since our start as a two-man operation in London in 1976, Michael Page has grown and expanded globally. Now, after more than 40 years in the recruitment market, we have secured our position as leaders in international recruitment and hiring. We currently have 140 offices that create a network that spans 36 countries around the world, with strong opportunities for more growth within Asia Pacific.

We opened our first office in Asia in 1994, and have developed our presence into many of the main business hubs in the region since then. Our team in Asia has global connections, regional knowledge and local market experience; ideally positioning us to partner with multinational blue-chip companies and local firms alike, and with today’s global professionals.

Over time, our founding mission has remained unchanged: to bring the world’s best companies and brightest professionals together, helping each side reach their maximum potential and capabilities. We offer a unique, consultative approach to recruitment, tailoring every solution to specific requirements and offering long-term support.

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