According to LinkedIn, Demand for Data Scientists in Singapore Increased 17 Times

Job Outlook, Demand and Salary for Data Scientists in Malaysia

Job Outlook, Demand and Salary for Data Scientists in Malaysia

Demand for Data Scientists in Singapore Surged 17 Times as Reported by LinkedIn which is Good for Malaysian Graduates Seeking for Jobs There

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Top Emerging Jobs for Singapore Related to Technology

LinkedIn reported that the top emerging jobs for Singapore are all related to technology, but many of them require management and communication skills making them hybrids of new and traditional role. Why is this important for you to know? Well, if you’re planning to choose a course, you should choose one that has high job demand in the future

And if you plan on working in Singapore, then all the more that you should know what are the jobs that are high in demand in Singapore so that you would have chosen a relevant course that enhanced your chances of a successful career in the future. Click on this link to find out the pathway to become a Data Scientist in Malaysia.

LinkedIn data revealed that the Top 5 emerging jobs in Singapore with the fastest growth rates are:

  1. Data scientist (17.0x)
  2. Cyber security specialist (5.5x)
  3. User experience designer (3.4x)
  4. Head of digital (3.0x)
  5. Content specialist (3.0x)

Data Scientists in Singapore

Data scientists are currently the most in demand in Singapore, and India continues to be a top source of talent for contributing 21.95% to those migrating to the city. According to LinkedIn data, five years ago, data scientists worked as researchers, software engineers, research assistants, or pursued PhD degrees.

“The promise of engaging work, and the scope to drill down into interesting data, can be powerful draw cards for curious and intelligent candidates,” LinkedIn said. The firm observed that most data scientists came from the academia, which could pose challenges for HR teams as they ask if candidates are the right fit for meeting the company’s commercial objectives.

Cyber Security Specialists in Singapore

Cyber security specialists are also largely in demand as more firms and individuals become increasingly aware of the huge threat that cybercrime and cyber espionage potentially poses. Most of overseas talents for these roles came from India (19.35%) and Australia (12.9%).

Five years ago, these specialists took on the following roles:

  • security specialist
  • information specialist
  • information technology security specialist
  • security consultant

User experience designers in Singapore

User experience designers are also are “breaking out of their tech company silos and spreading across the workforce,” LinkedIn said, thanks to the financial sector’s move towards revamping apps and improving their digital offerings. Some 14.29% of talents migrated from the US.

Five years ago, user experience designers took on the following roles:

Head of Digital in Singapore

Meanwhile, people that are currently head of digital were found to be in these jobs five years ago:

Most heads of digital were sourced from Australia (15.69%), Malaysia (13.73%), Hong Kong (13.73%), the UK (11.76%), and South Africa (9.8%).

Content specialists in Singapore

Content specialists were previously digital specialists, marketing specialists, content managers, and editors. LinkedIn has observed that Singapore’s emerging content niche can be leveraged and scaled up across Asia – explaining why the role of content specialist is a top emerging job unique to this particular talent market.

“Global businesses with regional headquarters in Singapore require content which can be readily localised for different markets across Asia,” it said.

Much content work is done in English, so whilst content specialist roles are being filled by locals, they are also being snapped up by professionals or international talent from the UK, Australia, and India.

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