The Highest Paying Human Resource (HR) Job Roles in Malaysia 2020

Human Resource Management (HRM)

Human Resource Management (HRM)

Top Paying Human Resource Jobs in Malaysia According to Robert Walters Salary Report 2020

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The work involved in Human Resource Management is the process of recruiting, selecting, inducting employees, providing orientation, handling training and development, performance appraisal, looking into employees’ compensation and benefits packages, motivating employees, tackling safety issues, and ensuring everything is in compliance with Malaysia’s labour laws.

As the global marketplace continues to expand, experts in human resources management will continue to be in ever-increasing demand. A good university in Malaysia will prepare graduates with the necessary knowledge and skills to succeed in the area of human resource management. Top human resource specialists are paid very high salaries in Malaysia.

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Top Salaries in Human Resource Management Jobs in Malaysia

Human Resource Management at Asia Pacific University (APU)
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Min Yi, Human Resource Management at Asia Pacific University (APU)

As for Malaysia, a significant number of HR roles with between five to 10 years of experience can expect an increase in pay next year.

In particular, HR directors and HR managers in the Northern region; as well as professionals in Kuala Lumpur-based talent management and talent acquisition roles can expect salary increments (per the tables above).

This comes in line with the in-demand HR jobs roles which include HRBPs, talent acquisition & employer branding, and talent management.

On average, HR professionals moving jobs expected between 15% to 20% in salary increases. On the other hand, of those staying in their roles, nearly half (46%) expected a 7% to 15% annual salary increment while 39% expected 0% to 6%.

The remaining 15% looked forward to more than 15% in annual salary increment.

In total, about 26% of HR professionals in the country stayed in a role for less than two years.

What’s driving job satisfaction in Malaysia’s HR roles?

The top driver of job satisfaction identified was a good working culture & environment, followed by good work-life balance and receiving feedback and encouragement from management, the survey found.

In line with that, the top motivators for HR professionals in the country to move jobs were better compensation & benefits, and career progression (both at 29%), followed by improved work-life balance (16%), and better company culture (10%).

Priya-Nov-2019-Robert-Walters-Salary-Survey-Malaysia-1-screengrab Priya-Nov-2019-Robert-Walters-Salary-Survey-Malaysia-2-screengrab

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