China has more industrial robots than next four countries combined

Study Mechatronic Engineering in Malaysia

Study Mechatronic Engineering in Malaysia

The Rise in the Number of Industrial Robots Globally Increases Job Opportunities for Mechatronic Engineering Graduates

The World Robotics 2020 Industrial Robots report found 2.7 million robots already working across the world. Sales of new robots remain high with 373,000 units shipped globally in 2019, a drop of 12% from the previous year – but still the third highest volume ever recorded.

The strategic plan Made in China 2025 comes as a blueprint to upgrade the manufacturing capabilities of Chinese industries. In order to promote the rapid development of intelligent robot technology, the key special projects of “Intelligent Robots” are being deployed in accordance with the requirements of the “Innovation Chain”. The focus is on basic cutting-edge technologies of intelligent robots, new-generation robots, key common technologies, industrial robots, service robots and special robots. The development objectives aim to generate continuous growth of the industrial scale. China wants to cultivate at least three leading enterprises with international competitiveness and create more than five clusters of robot-supporting industries. The statistical yearbook “World Robotics” by IFR shows that China reached a robot density of 187 units per 10,000 workers in the manufacturing industry – the country ranks 15th worldwide.

Most students don’t realise that they should take into account the future job demand for the course that they choose and also how technology has affected the nature of the work. After all, isn’t that the main point when you graduate you want to get a job easily? In addition, many jobs and job functions are being replaced by technology and automation. The face of manufacturing and mechanical engineering has changed tremendously and a new field of engineering has emerged because of this – Mechatronic Engineering. Mechatronic Engineers will work with industrial robots hence this article will be relevant to you.

Many students choose their courses without thinking and when they graduate, they realise that they cannot find a job easily or they have to choose a job from a totally unrelated field out of desperation because they cannot get a job. You should make decisions based on facts and evidence. Not everything your read on the Internet or watch on YouTube or even hear from friends, parents and so called counselors are true.

At EduSpiral Consultant Services, we help advise students on how to choose the right course after SPM or IGCSE O-Levels as well as Pre-University. We are not like other agents who simply ask you to join a university for just any course. We do our research to find out which courses will be in demand in the future and will have a good salary. And that is why we bring you the article below on the number of robots in China and the world. The aim of education is to get a job to better our lives and the lives of our family, therefore this requires planning on your part in choosing the right course that has future high job demand and salary.

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China has more industrial robots than next four countries combined

Article Written by OCTOBER 12, 2020 BY LIV from website.

China has more industrial robots than next four countries put together, according to a new report.

Data presented by Buy Shares indicates that China, Japan, and the United States cumulatively control about 58.71 percent of the global industrial robot installations.

As of September 2020, there were 381,000 units of industrial robots globally.

The coronavirus pandemic has been seen to spur industrial robots market.

Based from the data, China accounts for the largest share at 140,500 units, followed by Japan at 49,900 units.

The number of industrial robots in the world
The number of industrial robots in the world

The US is third with 33,300 installed units. South Korea has the fourth-highest installation at 27,900 units while Germany closes the fifth spot with 20,500 million installations.

The Czech Republic has the least industrial robot installation at 2,600.

Several factors are contributing to the growth if the industrial robot market installation. According to the research report:

“The industrial robot market is also expected to grow following the unprecedented situation as a result of the coronavirus pandemic.

In the course of the crisis, many factories had to protect their employees by shutting down some production plants.

The pandemic creates a potential market for the industry as it is part of preparing for any similar pandemic in the future.”

The research also overviewed the annual installation of industrial robots worldwide between 2009 and 2019. Over the 10 years, the installation grew by 535 percent.

In 2009, the figure stood at 60,000 while last year the number was 381,000. By 2010, the number had doubled to 121,000.

Notably, in 2018, the installation stood at 422,000 before dropping by 9.7 percent to 381,000 in 2019. The drop was the first in seven years.

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