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Computer Science at Nilai University

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Computers are at the heart of everyday life. It pervades most areas of human activity, and the demand for competent professionals is high. The Diploma in Computer Science and the Bachelor of Computer Science (Hons) offered at Nilai University are accredited by MQA . This programme offers you a balance of technical and creative thinking modules to enable you to effectively adapt and excel in the ever-changing computing industry.

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Study Computer Science at Nilai University

With a great focus on the principles of computing, it aims to provide you with a comprehensive foundation, which permits you to adapt to new computing technologies and ideas. Under the guidance of our expert lecturers, you will learn technical skills and graduate with a solid academic background in computing, programming and other key areas of information technology, which will enable you to pursue various IT roles in a wide range of organisations.

Computing degree programmes in Nilai University provide ample opportunities for experiential learning through internships. Internship enables students to gain the necessary know-how of the industry and also gives employers a chance to identify and pick out prospective employees.

Technical skills taught include C, C++, Java,, PHP, ASP, JavaScript, Matlab, Prolog, Object-Oriented, Design Patern (including MVC), Network Construction and Administration, Shell scripting, Open GL Framework, HTML, CSS, XHTML, UML and many more.

Nilai University's 105-acre campus is conducive for tertiary studies.
Nilai University’s 105-acre campus is conducive for tertiary studies.

Pathway for Student interested in Computer Science at Nilai University

Students with 5 credits in SPM including Maths may go for the 1-year Foundation programme before moving on to the 2-year Computer Science degree at Nilai University.

Students with 3 credits in SPM including Maths can go for the Diploma in Computer Science. After completing the Diploma in 2 years, students can enter into Year 2 of the degree in Computer Science at Nilai University and complete it in 2 more years. The PTPN Loan is available for Diploma and Degree.

Career Ready Computer Science Students at Nilai University

Computing Enhanced Certification for Nilai University’s Computer Science Students

Students undergoing the Nilai University computing programmes to gain the Novell Certified Linux Administrator (NCLA) and Novell Certified Linux Professional (NCLP) certifications. Students will sit for online examinations and upon successful completion of the course, will receive a certificate from Novell, US.

  • Oracle certified Associate Java Track
  • Oracle certified Associate Database Track

Students at Nilai University are given the opportunity to take the Dale Carnegie & the Outward Bound courses which will help build up their communication skills and build teamwork.

Computer Science Degree Subjects at Nilai University
Basic Courses
Course Code
Course Title
EC 3100 Understanding Computing
EC 3101 Computer Systems
EC 3102 Programming Fundamentals
EC 3104 Problem Solving Fundamentals
EC 3105 C Programming
EC 3107 Multimedia Technologies
EC 3110 Software Engineering
EC 3113 Discrete Mathematics
Intermediate Courses
Course Code
Course Title
EC 3232 Database Systems
EC 3233 Professional Issues And Skills
EC 3234 Data Structures And Algorithms
EC 3235 Web Design
EC 3236 Systems Programming
EC 3237 Computer Networks
EC 3238 The Human Computer Interaction
EC 3239 Operating Systems Principles
EC 3240 Computer Graphics
EC 3243 Object Oriented Software Development
Elective Courses
Course Code
Course Title
EC 3103 Introduction To Information Systems
EC 3106 Introduction To Computer Game Theory
EC 3111 Introduction To Mobile Computing
EC 3301 Information Systems Design
EC 3309 Internet Commerce Technology
EC 3317 Game Programming
EC 3318 Computer Animation
Advanced Courses
Course Code
Course Title
EC 3302 Theory Of Computation
EC 3303 Knowledge-Based Systems
EC 3306 Software Project Management
EC 3307 Object and Component Technology
EC 3308 Computer Architecture
EC 3311 Computer Vision And Image
EC 3314 Project I
EC 3315 Project II
GP 3301 Internship
GS 3001 Co-Curriculum

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