List of the Best Private Universities in Malaysia to Study a Top Information Technology (IT) Foundation, Diploma or Degree Course

I found EduSpiral online and he met me and my Dad at the university to counsel us & take us around for a tour. As I didn't come from a rich family, EduSpiral helped me to find a university that's affordable and good. Eric Ng, Diploma in Information Technology (IT) at First City University College

Where to Study the Information Technology (IT) Foundation, Diploma or Degree Courses in Malaysia?

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Choosing the right course to study in Malaysia after secondary school is one of the most important decisions you can make in your life. There are many types of information technology (IT) or computing programmes that students can choose from. Find out about the different information technology (IT) or computing courses available at top private universities in Malaysia, how your choice relates to your future career and what the best bets are if you want to keep your career options open. The education pathway for information technology to a degree programme will begin with either a Foundation in Computing & Technology or Diploma in Information Technology (IT).

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Studying the Best Information Technology or Computing Courses at Top Private Universities in Malaysia

EduSpiral picked me up from KL Sentral to tour the campus & provided counseling to help me make the right choice.
EduSpiral picked me up from KL Sentral to tour the campus & provided counseling to help me make the right choice.
Qi Leem, Software Engineering Graduate from Asia Pacific University (APU)

Most top private universities in Malaysia offer a selection of Foundation, Diploma & Degree courses in information technology (IT) or computing.

Graduating with a Information Technology (IT) degree from a top private university in Malaysia allows you to choose from a wide range of careers in software development, business analysis, ITC consulting, data modelling, systems integration and network management.

Students after SPM or O-Levels will have 2 options to choose from which are the Foundation in Computing & Technology and the Diploma in Information Technology. Both pathways to the degree will take a total of 4 years in duration.

The Foundation is a 1-year course and is more academic in nature while the Diploma takes 2 years to complete and is more practical. With the Diploma, you can either continue on to the degree after completion or go to work. On the other hand, upon completing the Foundation, you will need to enter into the degree course for another 3 years. You cannot use the Foundation qualification to find a job.

The subjects offered in both Foundation and Diploma cover topics related to information technology which is an advantage compared to taking an external Pre-University course. However, the subjects in Foundation and Diploma cover a wide range of information technology areas. You will only specialise during your degree studies. You can take the time during your Foundation or Diploma to decide which area to specialise in for your IT degree.

As you may well know, information technology (IT) is used interchangeably and can mean software engineering, computer science or other computing courses. After taking the variety of computing subjects in the Foundation and Diploma, you will get a better idea of which area that you would like to specialise in. A degree in information technology will take you 3 years to complete.

When choosing an IT degree programme to study, it is important to look at the subjects to see if they match your academic and career goals. The university also plays an important part in developing your knowledge and skills so take the time and effort to research for the right one.

The Best Private Universities in Malaysia to Study Computing, Computer Science, Software Engineering, & Information Communications Technology Degree Programmes

Software Engineering Graduate from Asia Pacific University (APU)
I was confused about my further studies. EduSpiral guided me in choosing the right course & getting a scholarship. He even kept in touch through all the years of my studies until now.
Jeremy Lee, Software Engineering Graduate from Asia Pacific University (APU)

With the increased demand for trained professionals in information technology (IT) and the many universities for students to choose from, it is important for the student to be able to choose a university that best fits his or her needs – financially, quality, educationally and career.

Learn how to become a computer science professional in Malaysia by talking to knowledgeable & experienced counselors and then choosing the best private university for your degree studies.

Research the education and career requirements, training and certification information and experience needed to be successful in your future career in computer science in Malaysia.

Pre-University students with the relevant results in STPM, A-Levels, SAM, CPU, AUSMAT, etc. can enter directly into Year 1 of the Information Technology (IT) degree at the best university in Malaysia.

There are many areas in information technology that you can study for the degree. Below is a list of the popular IT degree courses and the best private universities offering them.

Computing and Information Technology courses for students after SPM or O-Levels

Diploma in IT at Multimedia University (MMU)
EduSpiral helped me to find an affordable and yet world top ranked computer science university.
Vickey, Diploma in IT at Multimedia University (MMU)

Students after SPM or O-Levels may go for the Foundation in Computing or Information Technology at top private universities in Malaysia for 1 year before continuing on to the 3-year Information Technology (IT) degree.

With 3 credits in SPM or O-Levels including Maths, students may go for the 2-year Diploma in Information Technology, Diploma in Computer Studies or Diploma in Software Engineering and then enter into Year 2 of the Information Technology (IT) degree.

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