Top Diploma in Fashion Design at Saito University College Malaysia

Fashion Design studio at Saito University College

Course Information for the Diploma in Fashion Design at Saito University College

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If you are a creative person, love fashion and clothes, then pursuing a career in the fast paced fashion design world may be just for you. As a fashion designer in Malaysia, your job is to design and produce your own garments and products. When you start out as a fashion designer, it’s likely you will be working in an assistant capacity. As you develop your skills, you will gain more responsibility, including the opportunity to produce your own ideas and creations. Eventually, you may launch your own fashion label.

In order to succeed in the competitive world of fashion design, students must choose the best college in Malaysia for fashion design to study at so that they can gain the necessary skills and knowledge to succeed. Students after SPM or O-Levels can enter the 2.5-year Diploma in Fashion Design at Saito University College with at least 3 credits.

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Study Diploma in Fashion Design at Saito University College

With more than 20 years of experience, Saito University College is one of the best colleges for multimedia design in Malaysia with many award-winning students, highly experienced & qualified lecturers and having produced thousands of graduates highly in demand by the industry.

Not only Saito is a top university in design in Malaysia, their fees are also affordable therefore making it accessible to students to achieve their dreams.

Saito College has been accredited to 6-Star rating by our Malaysian Quality Evaluation System for Private Colleges (known as MyQUEST)on five main criteria, which is are Students, Resources, Quality Management Systems, Programmes Recognition, and Graduate Recognition

Saito students participate actively in national and international level competitions. Their students have won numerous awards in design throughout the years.

Entry Requirements for Design Diploma Courses at Saito University College

Fashion Design studio at Saito College
Fashion Design studio at Saito College

The minimum entry requirement for the diploma programme is one of the following:

  • SPM Certificate with three credits
  • Senior Middle Three UEC with 3Bs
  • GCE/’O’ Levels certificate or equivalent with three credits

Students who do not fulfill the entry requirements listed above can still enter into our Certificate of Creative Design course before continuing on with their diploma.

Minimum entry requirements for the Certificate in Creative Design will be as follows:

  • SPM Certificate with at least one credit
  • GCE/’O’ Levels certificate or equivalent with at least one credit.

YEAR 1 Subjects for the Diploma in Fashion Design

Famous model, Amber Chia, walked the runway in Saito student's fashion work.
Famous model, Amber Chia, walked the runway in Saito student’s fashion work.
  • Introduction to Fashion Design 1
  • Fashion Drawing 1
  • Women’s Wear Pattern Drafting 1
  • English 1
  • Mata Pelajaran Pengajian Umum 1
  • Introduction To Fashion Design 2
  • Fashion Drawing 2
  • Women’s Wear Pattern Drafting 2
  • Women’s Wear Draping 1
  • Mata Pelajaran Pengajian Umum 2
  • English 2
  • Women’s Wear Draping 2
  • Mata Pelajaran Pengajian Umum 3

YEAR 2 Subjects for the Diploma in Fashion Design

Michelle Soong's collection from Saito college. The whole collection was inspired by Marie Antoinette's life from 18th century.
Michelle Soong’s collection from Saito college.
The whole collection was inspired by Marie Antoinette’s life from 18th century.
  • Fashion Design Project 1
  • Advance Women’s Wear Pattern Drafting
  • Advance Women’s Wear Draping
  • CAD 1
  • Textile Application
  • Fashion Design for Traditional Wear
  • Fashion Costume History
  • CAD 2
  • Mata Pelajaran Pengajian Umum 4
  • Fashion Marketing & Merchandising
  • *Accessories Design / *Styling & Beauty
  • Introduction to Art To Wear

YEAR 3 Subjects for the Diploma in Fashion Design 

  • Fashion Portfolio
  • Business Communication
  • Fashion Design Project 2

Adobe Certification

Fashion Design studio at Saito College
Fashion Design studio at Saito College

You will be trained in design software by Adobe Certified Instructors (ACI). You can choose to take the Adobe Certification Exam during your study in Saito College to become an Adobe Certified Associate. Adobe Certification is recognised worldwide as the de facto Design Certification.


Internship is compulsory within the academic curricular. It is the pre-arranged programme of student attachment with companies within the industry for 3-6 months period. Students will be awarded credits for the internship. Students benefit greatly from these internship attachments as they have the opportunity to apply their theoretical knowledge into real life projects with the help of working professionals.

Excellent Design Facilities at Saito University College

Fashion Design studio at Saito College
Fashion Design studio at Saito College

Saito has prepared comprehensive and advanced facilities for Saito students to not only make sure they enjoy their academic lives at Saito, but also provide the support and tools that will help them succeed in their studies.

The teaching facilities in Saito College consist of up-to-date MacLab and PC Labs, Art & Design studios, Canon EOS Photography Studio, Video Editing Suit and workstations. Besides that the college also provides wireless broadband internet in the library and within the college compound.

Saito has among others facilities such as:

  • Computer labs equipped with advanced desktop computers
  • Mac Labs
  • A library that houses an enormous number of printed and electronic materials that include printed book, electronic books, magazines, publications and periodicals that are carefully selected to be highly relevant to the courses at Saito and will help inspire Saito students in their studies.
  • Comprehensive sports facilities for football, futsal, Sepak Takraw, volleyball, badminton and indoor games at our facilities, (Courts are rented and available at all hostels)
  • Hostels for students
  • Art Gallery
  • Drafting Room
  • Photo Studio
  • Technical Drawing Room equipped with all tools needed for designing work
  • A sick bay

About Saito University College

Saito College is a specialist design college strategically located near the lrt, banks and restaurants.
Saito College is a specialist design college strategically located near the lrt, banks and restaurants.

Established in 1988 by it’s founder, Mr. Tetsuo Saito, Saito College has emerged as one of the most reputable design and professional colleges in Malaysia. It has produced more than 8000 graduates.

Saito is internationally recognised and the diplomas are accredited by MQA and approved by the Ministry of Education.

Their courses have curriculum that combines sound understanding and skills inthe subject area and understanding of industry expectation to enable our students to “hit the ground running” when they embark on their careers. Saito’s graduates have consistently been sought after by industries as they graduate.

Students at Saito also have an added advantage of working with industry experts who act as their mentors or master trainers.

This unique teaching methodology has proven effective in learning the latest trends in the industry thus it is dubbed as “Industry as Classroom and Learning at Saito is Enjoyable” because teaching and learning takes place in and outside the classrooms using diverse teaching methodologies.

All students are given free classes in communication skills and interpersonal skills to prepare them to face challenges in their endeavours upon graduation. In addition students are encouraged to become members of professional bodies and international clubs like Toastmasters International. All these activities give Saito students an advantage over the others when they enter the job market.

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  1. I would like to know if the college accept me if i have no any experience n sewing and knowledge about fashion design ; but im willing to learn.

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