Malaysia’s Best University for Hospital Management Degree at Top MAHSA University

Founded in 2009, MAHSA University is a top Malaysian university famous for health science programmes and is also excellent for business and engineering courses.

Best University in Malaysia to Study Hospital Management Degree at MAHSA University New Campus

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MAHSA University is best known in Malaysia for their specialisation in health science courses and is the best choice to study Hospital Management. Students after SPM or O-Levels interested the Hospital Management degree course may go for the Foundation in Science at MAHSA University before continuing on to the Bachelor in Hospital Management (Hons) degree.

The Bachelor in Hospital Management (Hons) at MAHSA University is approved by the Malaysian Qualifications Agency and Ministry of Higher Education Malaysia. PTPN Loan is available for the Bachelor in Hospital Management (Hons) at MAHSA University. Students have access to some of the best facilities at MAHSA University’s new 48-acre campus at Bandar Saujana Putra, Selangor.

Founded in 2005, MAHSA University offers first rate programmes in various levels, from foundation and diploma to degree and postgraduate programmes in fields such as Business & Accounting, Engineering, as well as Healthcare programmes such as Medicine, Dentistry, Pharmacy, Physiotherapy, Nursing, Biomedical Sciences, Radiography as well as Environmental Health.

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Top Bachelor in Hospital Management (Hons) Programme in Malaysia at MAHSA University

MAHSA University is acknowledged to be one of the best health science universities in Malaysia

MAHSA University’s Bachelor in Hospital Management (Hons) is a 3-year degree programme designed for individuals who want to contribute to the care and health of individuals in particular and society as a whole, but as administrators rather than doctors, nurses or other auxiliary medical designations.

The task of a hospital administrator is not a simple one, but MAHSA’s programme will enable graduates to step up effortlessly and successfully into the role.

At the end of the programme, students will be able to create a hospital environment that functions efficiently through the concerted efforts of its various departments. They will thus ultimately be able to provide the highest quality of health care to individuals and society alike, while keeping costs and problems to their barest minimum.

Entry Requirements for the Bachelor in Hospital Management (Hons) Programme at MAHSA University

  • Foundation: Pass With Minimum CGPA 2.00
  • STPM: Min Grade C In 2 Subjects
  • Diploma In Related Field: Pass With CGPA Of 2.00
  • Other Equivalent Qualifications

Career Opportunities for Bachelor in Hospital Management (Hons) Graduates from MAHSA University in Malaysia

MAHSA University
  • Lecturer in a higher education institution
  • Health care service manager
  • Hospital administrator
  • Manager in private/ public medical institution for health care facilities
  • Higher education lecturer

Advantages of Studying the Bachelor in Hospital Management (Hons) Programme at MAHSA University in Malaysia

MAHSA University students are taught by qualified and highly experienced lecturers and professors
  • The Bachelor in Hospital Management (Hons) is designed in consultation with a panel of local and international experts, resulting in a highly sought after curriculum that combines theoretical learning and practical sessions in hospitals.
  • Tuition fees for the Bachelor in Hospital Management (Hons) at MAHSA University are kept at an affordable level, to ensure there are little barriers to a good quality education.
  • The Bachelor in Hospital Management (Hons) at MAHSA University is approved by the Malaysian Qualifications Agency and Ministry of Higher Education Malaysia.
  • The Bachelor in Hospital Management (Hons) is awarded by MAHSA University, a leader in Medical and Health Science Education in Malaysia

Subjects for the Bachelor in Hospital Management (Hons) Programme at MAHSA University

1 Bahasa Melayu Kommunikasi 2 Malaysian Studies (International) MPW 3413
Hubungan Etnik & Tamadun Islam And Tamadun Asia MPW 3113 & 3123
Introduction To Health Care System Management BHM 1143
Business Math QTY 1153
Professional Development I UCC 1163
Principles Of Economic ECO 1173
2 Patient Safety BHM 1213
Professional Development 2 UCC 1223
Medical Terminology For Health Profession 1 BHM 1234
Hospital Operational Management 1 BHM 1244
Standards For Hospital Services BHM 1253
3 Med. Terminology For Health Profession II BHM 1314
Hospital Operation Management 2 BHM 1324
4 Medical Ethics BHM 2423
Medical Record Science 1 BHM 2433
Human Resources Management MGT 2443
Quality Management System BHM 2414
Information System In Health Science BHM 2463
5 Measuring Outcomes Of In Patient Care BHM 2513
Medical Record Science 2 BHM 2523
Support & Utility Services 1 BHM 2533
Marketing Management MKT 2543
Organization Behaviour BHM 2553
Inventory Contorl & Purchase Management BHM 2563
6 Health Care Quality Management BHM 2613
Waste Disposal Management BHM 2623
7 Epidemiology & Analysis Of Health Information Data BHM 3714
Support & Utility Services 2 BHM 3723
Legal Aspects In Health Science BHM 3733
Environmental Ecology BHM 3743
Health Economic BHM 3754
8 Issues In Public Health BHM 3818
Hospital Organization BHM 3823
Public Relation In Hospital BHM 3833
Pengajian Malaysia MPW 3843
9 Practical Training BHM 3918

MAHSA University’s Top Rate Faculty of Nursing

MAHSA University graduates are highly sought after in the industry

MAHSA University was the first private university in Malaysia to offer all levels of academic studies in Nursing and Midwifery. The faculty consists of highly qualified professionals who are committed to help students become the best that they can be and strike a balance between theory and practice. Nursing skills are taught in our well-equipped skills laboratories and simulation wards as well as government hospitals and community health facilities in Malaysia.

All crucial clinical skills are taught under the careful guidance of lecturers. MAHSA University also provides excellent

student support services such as an extensive library, mentor-mentee programme and English classes to assist students in developing their language skills. These support system are vital to enhance the learning experience of our students.

Since the year 2005, the Faculty of Nursing and Midwifery has produced over 10,000 graduates. These successful individuals have gone on to embark on promising careers in Saudi Arabia, Dubai, United Kingdom, Australia, Singapore and Malaysia.


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