Top Universities for Islamic Banking & Finance Degree Course in Malaysia

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Best Private Universities in Malaysia for Islamic Banking & Finance Degree

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Islamic finance has become a global industry worth more than US$1tril with a Shariah-compliant alternative for every conventional banking product available. Moody’s Investor Service forecasts the industry to have a market potential of US$5tril. In Malaysia, the sector is expected to contribute RM1.2bil to gross national income and to create 4,300 related jobs by 2020.

The country is backed by 30 years of strong government policies in developing Islamic banking, including friendly regulations, incentives and tax systems. However, there is emerging competition from its neighbours in Asia, such as Singapore and Thailand, who are eager to tap into this fast growing and lucrative market.

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Study Islamic Banking & Finance at the Best Universities in Malaysia

Outstanding Degree in Islamic Banking & Finance at Asia Pacific University (APU)

Asia Pacific University (APU) is a top ranked university in Malaysia with its new campus at Technology Park Malaysia. An impressive 95% of APU's graduates obtain jobs before graduation
Asia Pacific University (APU) is a top ranked university in Malaysia with its new campus at Technology Park Malaysia. An impressive 95% of APU’s graduates obtain jobs before graduation

The Islamic Banking & Finance Degree Course at Asia Pacific University program is specifically designed to provide:

  • Both theories and practical applications with concentration on Islamic fundamental and Shari’ah principles in order to assist expansion in the banking & finance industry.
  • Skills in analysing the processes leading to the design, use and management of Islamic financial management information systems; to serve as professional specialists, in a range of managerial and managerial support functions.
  • Ability to identify with and operate within the assumptions, standards and social values of the Islamic financial services industry.

The first year Islamic Banking & Finance course at Asia Pacific University provides the basis and a foundation in banking management and finance related disciplines necessary for the understanding of the more focused business modules studied in the second and final year of the programme. Students from a wide variety of educational backgrounds are all brought up to a common set of learning outcomes during the first year.

This enables us to accept students without specific pre–requisites. The students will study two semesters of modules encompassing a range of subjects fundamental to the understanding of business management and finance. However, students will also be introduced to the basic banking and finance subject to allow early exposure in Banking and Finance area of study before specialising in Islamic Banking.

The second year will focus on major Islamic banking modules. It will cover the basics of Shariah and Islamic Jurisprudence which consists more of the rules and regulations of Al–Quran and Al–Sunnah.

Besides that, students will be exposed to the Islamic view on banking products and services. The details on Islamic Entrepreneurship and Transaction will be taught as well as the history of Islamic Banking in the global context.

Exposure to other areas of knowledge of financial system, and Capital Markets is also provided via supplementary modules to produce wholesome graduates equipped with both Conventional and Islamic banking knowledge.

After the completion of Year 2, APU students will undertake a short Internship. This will enable them to experience the culture and ethos of a working environment and formal employment. Students will benefit from seeing how the skills and knowledge acquired are applied in a practical setting and enhance their employment prospects upon graduation.

In the final year, Asia Pacific University students will learn more about Islamic legal maxims which will be a continuation of Islamic jurisprudence. An exposure to the practical aspects of Islamic banking practices and theory will also be given.

The Project in Islamic Banking and Finance further develops the academic and practical aspects of students’ chosen area of study and reinforces your independent learning skills. The managerial perspective dominates curriculum design for the final year. Courses such as Islamic Ethics & Corporate Governance and Islamic Accounting provide the necessary closure to the programme.

Bachelor of Business Administration (Hons) Islamic Banking & Finance Degree Course at UCSI University

The Faculty of Business & Information Science (FoBIS) is one of the largest faculties in UCSI University  UCSI

UCSI University students learn in a stimulating international environment taught by qualified & experienced lecturers
UCSI University students learn in a stimulating international environment taught by qualified & experienced lecturers

University recognises the rising importance of Islamic Banking and Finance, which is projected to grow tremendously and become a major force in global economics.

This Islamic Banking & Finance degree program, aims at enabling the candidate to deeply understand the Islamic Banking operating system and the concepts of Islamic Finance through participation in class discussions and activities. Market participant candidates are to be well-equipped with an excellent background about Islamic Finance and its innovative products.

An introductory background on the related Islamic concepts is offered linking them to the emerging banking and financial issues.

The programme sets very important objectives in relation to students’ abilities in making decisions (critically and creatively) and also nurturing each student’s abilities in applying theoretical knowledge and putting it to practice, threaded through all courses.

These outcomes are clearly linked to two of the University’s missions, “Value Innovation” as well as “Research and Discovery”.

The Programme Learning Outcomes concentrates on the ability of the graduates to apply the skills and knowledge learnt in both the general business environment and the Islamic financial industry, by imparting core values with practical creativity in developing and evolving financial and business practices that are reflected in a well designed discipline of business administration specialising in Islamic Banking and Finance.

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