Best Business Psychology Degree in Malaysia at HELP University

HELP University Subang 2 Campus

Top Bachelor of Business Psychology (Hons) Programme in Malaysia at HELP University Subang 2 Campus

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Business Psychology is an interesting degree course where a solid understanding of human behaviour is applied with business principles to obtain maximum productivity in the workplace. This course will prepare graduates for a successful career in Human Resource Management and management positions in Malaysia.

Students after SPM, UEC, O-Levels, STPM or A-Levels with a strong interest in psychology and yet want to pursue a career in business can go for the Bachelor of Business Psychology (Hons) at the best university in Malaysia for psychology programmes.

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The Best University in Malaysia to Study the Degree in Business Psychology

Business psychology is the study of how an understanding of the psychology of human behaviour can be

HELP University’s (HU) new campus at Subang 2
HELP University’s (HU) new campus at Subang 2

applied within business organisations to achieve more effective management practice. The Business Psychology degree programme at HELP University’s new campus at Subang 2 equips students a solid foundation in business, combined with training in psychology that can be leveraged in business settings in Malaysia to help maximize human performance in the workplace.

The programme aims to provide students with knowledge, skills and understanding of business and management, in parallel with an insight into the psychology of individual and group behaviour at work. It will equip future leaders and managers with the theoretical basis and practical skills to manage people effectively and to understand the dynamics of human interaction in the workplace. Students will develop the ability to find practical solutions to people-related problems within organisations.

Students study the functions of business related to management and economics, as well as aspects of human behavior that affect business decision-making and outcomes.  In the Business Psychology programme at HELP University, students gain skills that can be used in motivating employees, managing change & human resources, developing teamwork, or resolving conflict.

Graduates of the programme are equipped to succeed in positions where a synthesis of strong business skills and a sound knowledge of human behaviour can be used to make a meaningful impact on an organization’s employees, and increase its productivity and profitability.

HELP University is Ranked as Very Good or Tier 4 in the SETARA 2013 & SETARA 2011 by MQA. The top university rank achieved by HELP University affirms their commitment and position as one of the best universities in Malaysia.

HELP University is the pioneer of psychology programmes in Malaysia and is acknowledged to be the best university for psychology in Malaysia. Students will get to study the Foundation in Arts, Business and Psychology degree programmes at the new Subang 2 Campus.

Scholarships are available for deserving students. Students may register online at HELP University by clicking here.

Best Business Courses in Malaysia at HELP University Subang 2 Campus

I scored 10As in my SPM and needed scholarships to help me continue my studies. EduSpiral gave me the information online and took me around to the campuses to help me make the best choice. Lay Hoe, A-Levels at HELP University
I scored 10As in my SPM and needed scholarships to help me continue my studies. EduSpiral gave me the information online and took me around to the campuses to help me make the best choice.
Lay Hoe, A-Levels at HELP University

The Faculty of Business, Economics and Accounting at HELP University offers students an exciting and diverse learning experience and it also nurtures critical skills to ensure their success in the career world.

Among the valuable skills that they learn are: managing uncertainty, working in teams, resolving conflicts, effective presentation and negotiation and entrepreneurship.

The Faculty of Business, Economics and Accounting is a comprehensive business and hospitality and tourism management school distinguished for the quality of its academic staff, the depth of its programs, the recognition accorded by world class universities, accreditation from professional bodies and its close links with industry.

It was formed in 1986 at the inception of HELP in the same year. At present, we are the largest academic faculty at HELP University with an enrolment of about 2,500 undergraduate students.

HELP University offers the Bachelor of Business (Hons) program which allows students to specialise in one of these seven


  1. Accounting
  2. Entrepreneurship
  3. Finance
  4. Human Resource Management
  5. International Business
  6. Hospitality Management
  7. Marketing

The University also offers the Bachelor of Economics (Hons), Bachelor of Management (Hons), Bachelor

A great place to study at HELP University Subang 2
A great place to study at HELP University Subang 2

of Tourism Management and Bachelor of Business Psychology and Diploma in Business program.

HELP University’s business curriculum is broad based in nature. It emphasises active learning through problem-solving and uses real-life case studies. HELP University’s accounting program is the first from a university in Malaysia to be accredited by CPA, Australia.

Furthermore, the accounting program is granted maximum exemptions by professional bodies such as ACCA, ICAEW and MAICSA. HELP University’s business students can transfer credits to many top universities in Australia, UK and New Zealand, including the University of Queensland, University of Melbourne, Australian National University, University of New South Wales, Leeds University and many others.

An excellent study environment at HELP University Subang 2
An excellent study environment at HELP University Subang 2

In addition, HELP University’s business program is one of the very few business programs in the world where students are able to transfer their credits into the final year of the University of Queensland Business/Commerce program.

HELP University has various internship and graduate training programs with many leading multinational companies including General Electric, KPMG, PWC, Ernst & Young, Deloitte and BDO Binder. Hence HELP University’s graduates are preferred employees for top companies in Malaysia.

HELP is a popular choice for students wishing to pursue business, tourism and hospitality studies not only because of its academic excellence and teaching quality. They also provide students a wide range of services and extracurricular activities aimed at building character, infusing leadership qualities and positive values, and taking care of their physical, mental and emotional health.

Program Details for the Bachelor of Business Psychology (Hons) at HELP University Subang 2

  • 3-year honours program
  • 31 subjects including a graduation project
  • 14 weeks for full semester; 7 weeks for half semester

Assessment Most subjects follow the assessment pattern below:

  • Continuous assessment – 50%
  • Final examination – 50%
  • Total – 100%

Year 1 Subjects for the Bachelor of Business Psychology (Hons) at HELP University Subang 2 (11 compulsory subjects)

Lecture Hall at HELP University Subang 2
Lecture Hall at HELP University Subang 2
  • ACC 101 Financial Accounting 1
  • ECO 101 Principles of Microeconomics
  • LAW101 Business Law
  • MGT101 Principles of Management
  • MKT101 Principles of Marketing
  • QBM 101 Business Statistics
  • BPSY105 Introduction to Quantitative Methods
  • BPSY106 Introduction to Qualitative Methods
  • BPSY111 Introduction to Psychology 1
  • BPSY112 Introduction to Psychology 2
  • BPSY113 Psychology of Personal and Academic Development

Year 2 Subjects for the Bachelor of Business Psychology (Hons) at HELP University Subang 2 (6 compulsory subjects)

  • HRM 201 Managing Human Resources
  • MKT201 Consumer Behavior
  • MGT203 Business Research
  • BPSY205 Social Psychology
  • BPSY207 Human Psychology
  • BPSY210 Conflict Theory & Resolution

Year 3 Subjects for the Bachelor of Business Psychology (Hons) at HELP University Subang 2  (6 compulsory subjects)

  • MGT302 Change Management
  • BPSY302 Introduction to Industrial/ Organizational Psychology
  • BPSY310 Cross Cultural Psychology
  • BPSY314 Introduction to Economic Psychology
  • LAW309 Psychology & Law
  • MGT400 Graduation Project
  • Elective Subjects Students are required to do 3 elective subjects from Year 2 and 3 (at least one subject from Year 3)

5 Compulsory MPU Subjects

Lecture Hall at HELP University Subang 2
Lecture Hall at HELP University Subang 2

MPU1 (to do 2 subjects)

  • MPU3123 Tamadun Islam dan Tamadun Asia (Malaysian students)
  • MPU3173 Pengajian Malaysia 3 (International students)
  • MPU3113 Hubungan Etnik (Malaysian students)
  • MPU3143 Bahasa Melayu Komunikasi 2 (International students)

MPU2 (choose 1)

  • MPU3233 Leadership in Business
  • MPU3213 B ahasa Kebangsaan A* *for Malaysian students without a credit in SPM Bahasa Melayu

MPU3 (choose 1)

  • MPU3313 C omparative Ethics for Malaysia
  • MPU3323 M alaysian Constitution
  • MPU3333 M alaysian Digital Transformation
  • MPU3343 C areer Pathways in the field of Behavioral Sciences in Malaysia
  • MPU3353 Personal Financial Planning in Malaysia

MPU4 (choose 1) MPU3412 C o-curriculum – Sports 2

  • MPU3422 C o-curriculum – Community Service 2
  • MPU3432 C o-curriculum – Event Management 2

Seminars (Career Skills)

Seminars covering the following areas will be conducted and all students are required to attend. Although these seminars do not count as credits towards graduation, all HELP graduates must be trained in the following essential skills:

  • Resolving Conflicts
  • Negotiation
  • Interpersonal Dynamics
  • Team Building Assessment

Entry Requirements into the International Business Degree Programme at HELP University Subang 2

  • HELP Foundation in Arts/Foundation in Science
  • HELP Diploma in Business/Diploma in Information Technology
  • 2 Cs in STPM
  • 2 A-Level passes
  • 5 Bs in Senior Middle 3 (UEC )
  • 5 CPU passes with a minimum average of 50%
  • University Aggregate of 50% or ATAR score of at least 50 for various Australian Matriculation Programs
  • Equivalent qualification

and 3 O-level/SPM credits (plus a pass in SPM Bahasa Melayu and Sejarah)

The Best Reasons to Study Psychology at HELP University

A conducive study environment for top students at HELP University Subang 2
A conducive study environment for top students at HELP University Subang 2

HELP University is the pioneer of psychology programmes in Malaysia. HELP University is also acknowledged as the best university for psychology in Malaysia.

  • One of the largest undergraduate psychology programs in Asia with over 1,100 full time students majoring in psychology
  • A strong faculty consisting of over 41 staff members, with a team of 35 psychology academic staff who specialize in different areas of psychology and counselling
  • A pioneer in psychology among private institutions in Malaysia
  • 4 Masters programs in psychology for full time students and working adults
  • A facilitative and interactive program that attracts top student achievers from all over Malaysia and around the world
  • The first non-Australian University to attain the Australian Psychology Accreditation Council (APAC) accreditation for an undergraduate psychology program
  • An all round educational experience that strikes a balance between theory and practice
  • Guaranteed transfer arrangements with over 50 top universities in the US, Australia, UK and New Zealand
  • Complete academic support services including online access to over 500,000 full text articles from over 370 psychology journals from around the world, including all major journals from the influential American Psychological Association (APA)
  • Opportunities for practical training through internships with over 200 organizations

96 thoughts on “Best Business Psychology Degree in Malaysia at HELP University

      1. Well I did sat for STPM last year. Are they any place left for HELP Business Psychology degree in October intake and could you tell me how to apply the STPM bursary?

  1. I’m form 5 this year.Is possessing a SPM not enough to apply for the psychology course?Do i need to have a STPM? I don plan on taking it,but i want to study psychology!

  2. Hi, im 3rd year electrical engineering student but im change and pursue in psychology (degree). But i do not know how to start applying or asking. Could you help?

  3. Hi , may I ask all psychology programme is under arts or science ?
    If is yes , which courses of psychology is under arts and which is under science ?
    I’m just graduated from my secondary school . I will take Foundation in Arts first further up to degree in Psychology . But i’m wondering am I choosing the right path or not .
    thx 🙂

  4. hello there. I’m planning to take a degree in psychology and my main concern is regarding the job application here in malaysia. i would like to know whether this degree is high in demand as i would like to get a job in malaysia after finishing my degree/masters.

  5. hello ! I am from Bangladesh, I am doing my hnrs in English, I am in second year, I want to do masters in counselling psychology from HELP University. Can I apply after completing my hnrs ? what is the procedure and the phone number which is given here( 0163318431) is not valid. How can I contact EDUSPIRAL ? plz help

  6. Hi. I am a student of foundation in science at one of the ipta. Im quite interested on psychology course. Im in my 2nd semester now. For my 1st semester, ive managed to get 3.67. So, if in case i want to further my study in this field, what minimum grade point that i should get in order to apply for any scholarship? And what scholarships offered for this course?

  7. Hey! How does the tuition fees vary if choose to transfer to other partnership university and to study in Help university completely? (ps: I am also interested in the ADP, but how it work?)

  8. Hello.
    My spm result goes like this .
    BM A-
    BI B
    MT A-
    MORAL A+
    ADD MT G
    BIO C

    I”m quite confused what are the courses should I choose with my results. Pls suggest what are the courses are suitable for me. 🙂
    Thanks in advance .

  9. Hello~ If i’m not a science stream kids, what psychology course can i take?? And what is the qualification needed to get in there??

    1. Science students can always study Psychology with no problems. You will need at least 5 credits in SPM to join the Foundation or 2 Principals in STPM/A-Levels to join the degree. For the degree, you should do a general psychology degree and then only specialise in your Masters. For more information, please email me at with your full name and mobile number.

      1. But the problem is, i’m not a science stream kids. I’m very interested study in child psychology course. But i’m not sure that i can take that course or not. And what other psychology course can i take beside child psychology??

  10. hi, i’m form 5 this year. can i know the different between forensic psychology and criminalogy. and i would like to know about the subjects qualifications,fees , the duration of the course. thank you.

  11. Hi I have BA degree in Business, experienced 16years in multinational company as a Sourcing manager. I am interested in enroll psychology degree programme. can I enroll and how long will that be take to get degree?

  12. Hi I am a working adult would like to enroll to the psychology course. How am I go about it and what type of qualification needed for this enrollment. I only be able to study part time.

  13. If I choose a psychology program under science, can I continue my studies in child psychology or do I have to take a psychology program under arts since I heard child psychology is in under arts. Thank you

  14. Hello,

    What is the difference between Bachelor of Social Science (Psychology) and Bachelor of Science (Psychology) and if I take the first option, can I still pursue my postgraduate studies in clinical psychology?

    Thank you

  15. hi, ive just finished my foundation in law. social psychology was one of my subject. and now i would like to further my degree in psychology as im aiming to become clinical psychologists

  16. Hi..I heard many good comment abt HELP in psychology program. What other Uni wld u recommend? And how abt Nothingham, Sunway, TARC or Inti? TARC seems to offer lowest fees since they r subsidized but quality? Pls advise. Thanks

  17. hey im lina here. i got 1a for my english b+ for sejarah b for bm and moral c+ for mathematics d for physics e for chem and bio and i failed my add maths. should i do foundation in arts or science. which one give more job oppotunity ? so im gonna study psychology in help. but i was wondering if i can actually get job once i finish my studies because i dont want my parents to be wasted.

  18. hi!! Im kumu here..i have completed my STPM in Arts. So,what i need to do nw to enter in Psychology field?? diploma first or straight away i can continue my degree in Psychology?? And i passed my 2 semesters recently and im waiting for my third semester’s results. What am i suppose to do nw?? tq.

      1. tq for yr kind reply mam/,after my third sem results with CGPA 2.00,at which university i can do my degree?? and how much is the payment??

  19. hello there. i got diploma in nursing has been working 2-3 years. now i quite interested in furthur my study in degree in psychology. i dont have any english test before (MUET). could you help me?

  20. Hi, I have a degree in medicine (MBBCh). I learned psychology as a subject during my 2nd year of study. The problem is, I intend to further my study in Psychology (probably being children psychologist) without undergoing housemanship programme. I think I’m not interested in being psychiatrist. Is it possible for me to step into postgraduate Psychology programme without having a degree in Psychology?

  21. Hi there, I have completed my LLB and CLP, i am now 37 years of age. I have always had the interest to do psychology course. Will I be eligible to apply for this course, perhaps on part-time basis, and where will be the best place for me to do this course pls? Appreciate ur feedback, thank you.

  22. Hi EduSpiral! I’m taking SPM this year and I’m planning to study psychology but I don’t really understand diploma, foundation, pre-u, degree, A-levels, etc etc.. And what’s the difference between diploma in psychology and foundation in psychology? And does ‘credit’ in SPM mean an A?

      1. so i can go for degree after finishing foundation,but i have to archive the requirement ya?but i have a question that all student can entry foundation or they choose student with specific requirement?

      2. Yes, after one year Foundation, you will go for the degree. In your Foundation, you must make sure you pass all your subjects with at least a grade C and then you can move on to the degree. SPM 5 credits with pass in BM and Sejarah and then you can enter into Foundation. Please email me at with your full name and handphone number and I will send you the details. Cheers.

  23. hello…
    I am ain.. i need to ask.. I had finish my SPM.. and i am waiting 4 my result..i am a science stream student..what should i do 2 become a forensic psychologist? where should i go from spm?

  24. Hi EduSpiral,
    I would like to know what university that offers Diploma in Psychology? I’ve looked through few universities, seems that all universities only offers Degree in Psychology. I’m from an art stream student, is it possible for me to applied for Psychology? From my Mock SPM Examination, I got 1A, 3B and 5C. What courses you can suggest me to take?

    1. You are correct that very few universities offer the Diploma in Psychology. In fact, I know only one. With your results you can join the Diploma in Psychology as long as you pass your BM. Please email me at with your full name and mobile number and I will send you more details.

  25. Hello!i am thinking of being a speech therapist in the it a branch of psychology?which programme should I take?ausmat?

    1. Hmm…for that, you will need to go overseas to study. It is more towards health care mixed with linguistics. You can take the AUSMAT in the Science subjects and the apply to go to a university in Australia or other western countries. If you are interested in AUSMAT, please email me with your full name and mobile number and I will send you more details. Cheers!

  26. Hi im renu frm johore .i finished my spm on” 07″…and my result was low profile .i had 3 credits in eng,scien,tamil i. Just pass in math,economic .i would like to continue my studies…but im confuse with choosing the course…and im scarry abt my career.pls suggest fr me a course…

    1. Dear Renu, Hi, I see that your results are alright. With 3 credits in SPM, you can join a diploma course. From looking at your results, I can suggest to you Mass Communication. Do you like design? In order to better help you, please email me at with the information below:

      1. Full name
      2. Mobile number
      3. Interests & hobbies
      4. What type of personality are you? Outgoing, shy, friendly, quiet, etc.
      5. What are your favorite subjects?

  27. hai i am yuva fresh graduate n just finish my study diploma in physiotherapy . i would like continue my degree in psychology.. is it possible. please explain me each and everything about your college via email. then how much normally they will charge for degree programmes .

    1. Dear Yuvanrani, EduSpiral is not a college. We help place students in the right university that fits them. If you want to transfer from the diploma in physiotherapy into the degree in psychology, you will need to submit the syllabus and transcripts for all the subjects you have taken for exemptions. The college will then evaluate for exemptions and then tell you how many more subjects you need to take for the degree. In your case, you will not get a lot of exemptions as your diploma is not related to the degree.

  28. if i wanna take psychology but does not have five credits to take pre-u or a-level and foundation?then what do you suggest me to do?

    1. You will need to take a Certificate course first. You can take the Certificate in Business course first and then go into the Diploma in Psychology.

  29. if I want to study in A-level, what combination should i choose for the Psychology course in university?

    1. There is no particular requirement of subjects for Psychology so you can choose any 3 subjects. Suggest to take Maths but is not required. Which college you want to go to for A-Levels? Would you want me to recommend to you? You can email me at 🙂

  30. hye ! i need 2 ask,,i hv 2 crdt in spm which in science n wat can i stdy 4 ??? can u gv me sm idea…

    1. With 2 credits you can join a certificate in business or mass communications. After completing that, you can go on to diploma for 2 years. The intake is on April 9. Email me if you want more information. good luck.

    1. You will need 3 credits to study the Diploma in Psychology. After you complete the Diploma, you can go on to the degree into Year 2. Or you can join the Foundation course with 5 credits and then enter the degree programme for 3 years. In order to become a psychologist, you will need at least a Masters degree. Let me know if you are interested to join a college or university as I represent the colleges that offer the Psychology course. Please email me at


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