List of 2017 Scholarships in Malaysia for Students after SPM, O-Levels, UEC, STPM, A-Levels, etc

List of Top Scholarships Offered by Government Agencies, Companies, Institutions and Private Universities in Malaysia

SPM 2016 and O-Levels, STPM, UEC, A-Levels, etc students may apply for the 2017 Scholarship Awards at top private universities in Malaysia or scholarships offered by companies or government institutions . Top achieving students in Malaysia should take note of the deadlines when applying for scholarships and should fill out the forms and provide all the necessary documents, certificates and references.

In recognising academic achievements and individual talents, a wide range of scholarships are offered to commencing and continuing students across all fields of study from companies, institutions, government agencies, premier private universities and colleges in Malaysia. The eligibility criteria varies from university to university, as do the closing dates.

Students should also take note that more than 10,000 students obtain straight As in SPM each year and most of them would be applying for the same scholarships. These companies and institutions may offer only 1 or 2 scholarships with thousands of applicants. You would have to take time to compile your documents, fill up the forms and attend the interviews as well. So you have to consider if it would be wiser to take the scholarship offered by the private university in Malaysia or expend all your time and effort for these scholarships where chances may not be high for you to obtain the scholarship. And by the time you have gone through all the interviews and be rejected, some private universities would have closed their scholarship, therefore leaving you with no scholarship at all.

Top SPM, O-Levels, STPM, UEC, A-Levels, etc scorers for 2016 may apply for scholarship for Pre-UniversityDiploma courses and degree courses offered at top universities in Malaysia depending on the criteria set. Pre-University course include A-Levels, Foundation programmes, Canadian Pre-University (CPU), South Australian Matriculation (SAM)AUSMAT, and others.

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