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It is important to plan for your future studies in terms of how much you will need. You do not want to study half way and then have your parents call you and say that there is not enough money to continue on.

First, you should ask your parents what is the total budget that they have set aside for your studies. It is like buying a car, if you have a lot of money, then you can buy a BMW, not so much, then a Toyota Altis. If really can’t afford, then maybe a Kancil. The cars vary in terms of power and luxury but they all still run and get you to your destination.

Therefore, depending on your budget, visit the colleges and universities to find out their tuition fees and other fees. Then you have to add in hostel if you are outstation, food, entertainment, transportation, etc.

Normally in Kuala Lumpur or Petaling Jaya, you can budget about RM1000 a month for food, accommodation and other necessities. You can budget about RM10-15 a day for food, RM300-400 for

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accommodation and the rest for entertainment, travel and other needs.

If your results are good then you should apply for the scholarships. In addition, if you have 3 credits you can apply for the PTPTN loan up to RM8,000 a year for a diploma course or up to RM16,000 a year for degree. You cannot apply for the PTPTN loan for a Foundation or Pre-University Course. You can contact the banks or KOJADI to find out about loans but their interest rates are quite high.

The better path should you not have enough finances is to go for the diploma course for 2.5 years first and then if you have enough money to continue on, you can go into a degree programme beginning at Year 2 depending on the exemptions. If not, you can come out to work with your diploma.

If you take the Foundation or Pre-University course, you cannot come out to work after you complete it.

When I was studying in the university, I worked at McDonald’s during the summer and at my university cafetaria while studying. This helped a little bit for food and other items but we should not count on part time work to pay through for our university studies.

Depending on the course you choose, you may or may not be able to handle part time work. For engineering, pharmacy, medical, or design students, you may not be able to work as your course is quite demanding with lots

A sample of a twin-sharing room at the accommodation run by APIIT-APU. Normally rooms in KL will vary from RM200-RM600 a month.

of homework, assignments, projects, etc. Other courses like business, IT, mass communication, etc. you may have some time to work part time but not during your final year. You will have to be the judge to decide what’s best.

Finally, calculate the tuition fees and monthly expenses for the total duration of your course and then discuss with your parents to see if the particular course and university is affordable for your family. If you can’t buy a BMW, do not despair, the Kancil can still get you to your destination. You just have to work harder. 🙂

Cost of living in KL(per month)

Accommodation           RM300 (Single incl. electricity & water)

Food                            RM500

Transportation             RM150  (LRT card)

Handphone                  RM150

Laundry                       RM50

Entertainment              RM150  (3 movies, 1 karaoke and 1 clubbing?)

Others                          RM100

Cost of living in Selangor (per month)

Food                          RM600

Accommodation          RM800   (Single incl. electricity & water)

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Taking students on a campus tour of UCSI University and finishing off with counseling and registration
Taking students on a campus tour of UCSI University and finishing off with counseling and registration

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