APU student shares his experience

EduSpiral Consultant Services met Lee Haw Jeh at one of the education fairs where he was working as a student ambassador for Asia Pacific University of Technology & Innovation (APU). A former student of  SMJK Yu Hua Kajang, Haw Jeh is currently pursuing the Bachelor of Science in Information Technology, Asia Pacific University of Technology & Innovation. A friendly guy and passionate about APU, Haw Jeh shares with me his student experience.

EduSpiral: Share a little bit about yourself. Like what, hobbies, activities you like, sports, etc.

Haw Jeh: I am Haw Jeh, 19 this year. My hobby is to play badminton, and sometimes basketball.
2. What are your top subjects in SPM? What were your favorite subjects and why?

Add-Maths is my favorite subject because I feel that it is very challenging. And I like challenges.

EduSpiral: What course did you choose to study?

Haw Jeh: I like programming. Therefore, I have chosen IT for my degree studies because I think programming language is fun and challenging.
EduSpiral: What influenced you to choose Information Technology?

Haw Jeh: It has good job opportunities.

EduSpiral: Did you visit any education fairs, colleges, universities, etc?

Haw Jeh: Yes, I visited a lot before I made my decision. I went to APU and talked to their counselors and toured

their campus as well. I decided to choose APU because it is one of the top IT universities in Malaysia and they have excellent facilities. I was impressed when I found out that their students had won the Microsoft Imagine Cup for 3 years in a row.
EduSpiral: What are the career prospects for your course?

Haw Jeh: Every company needs IT support and backup so I believe that the demand will be there for well trained and competent IT graduates.
Eduspiral: What are some subjects you are taking now at university? Are they difficult? What are your favorite subjects and why?

Haw Jeh: There are a lot: IT subjects, programming subjects as well as some business subject. They are not difficult if you pay attention in class and study smart. My favorite subject is programming skills, because it requires good logic and you need to practice a lot and play around with it.

EduSpiral: How are the lecturers at your university? Who is your favorite lecturer?

Haw Jeh: The lecturers in my university are good. They are qualified with Masters and PhDs. I have no any favorite lecturers, but I do respect all of them as they are experienced in their own fields.

EduSpiral: Did you participate in the extra curricular activities? Name them and share what you have learnt.

Haw Jeh: I joined the math and science club, Chinese society and artificial intelligence & robotic special interest group. I feel that it is good experience for me to learn about teamwork and gain skills in organizing and communication. This is especially important for us for our future work.
EduSpiral: What are the best facilities at your university and why?

Haw Jeh: The study environment is good and the computer labs here are great. Come and visit then you will know =)

EduSpiral: How are the students at your university? What is your best memory at your university?

Haw Jeh: The students in my university are friendly, happy and love to give a helping hand. There is not one best memory for me because every moment here is a good memory for me.
EduSpiral: Would you recommend students to take your current course?

Haw Jeh: Yes. It has a good future. There are many jobs out there for graduates who are good in programming. 
EduSpiral: What would you advise post SPM students on choosing the right course and university?

Haw Jeh: Students should look at the subjects offered in IT as it is important. Look out for subjects like C++, Java programming and Object Oriented Programming. There are some courses in IT offered by colleges or universities that do not have these subjects. If you graduate, you would not be able to do programming well. Students should also visit the campus to look at the facilities and not just simply believe the counselors. Come and join the FUN at APU!

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