Taylor’s University Racing Team from the School of Engineering Taking On International Competitions

Taylor’s University Racing Team aka Taylor’s Racing Team (TRT)

Taylor’s Racing Team (TRT) from the Top School of Engineering take Part in International Competitions

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The Taylor’s University Racing Team aka Taylor’s Racing Team (TRT) is going places. Not only will it be racing in the Educational Innovation of Motorsport and Automotive (EIMA) Race in Kuantan later this month (23 – 25 September), it will also be at the Formula Society of Automotive Engineers ASEAN (Formula SAE-ASEAN) on 5 – 9 October and then at the Formula SAE Australasia in Melbourne on 8 – 13 December.

Students after SPM interested to join the Engineering degree programme at Taylor’s University may go for the Foundation in Engineering. Mechanical Engineering and Electrical & Electronic Engineering students at Taylor’s University have the opportunity to build the racing car as well as participate in the racing competitions. Scholarships are available.

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Taylor’s University Racing Team aka Taylor’s Racing Team (TRT) from the School of Engineering

The Taylor’s Racing Team was the first from Malaysia to qualify and race in the Formula SAE-A in

Taylor’s University Racing Team aka Taylor’s Racing Team (TRT)
Taylor’s University Racing Team aka Taylor’s Racing Team (TRT)

Melbourne last December 2015 where the team finished 3rd in the business presentation category and 25th in the race (out of 35 teams).

This put TRT at a ranking of 322 out of 528 teams worldwide in the Formula Student World Ranking for Combustion Car (a higher rank than many well-known universities including Cambridge), a remarkable achievement. This year’s race also makes TRT the first private university team from Malaysia to qualify for the Formula SAE-A for a second consecutive year.

And it isn’t just a simple case of slapping on an engine to a chassis to race in Formula SAE. This racing formula is managed by the Society of Automotive Engineers for its student members and is industry-recognized. To race, university teams are required to design and build their own high-performance single-seater car. This competition sees about 400 teams competing each year.

Dr Satesh Narayana Taylor's University School of Engineering
Associate Professor Dr. Ir. Satesh Narayana Namasivayam, Taylor’s University’s School of Engineering Acting Dean

“At Taylor’s School of Engineering, we have a deep-seated belief that every student should embrace their passion. Through the Taylor’s Racing Team project, we hope to inspire our students to explore new ideas using the project-based learning approach, which puts their knowledge into practice,” said Associate Professor Dr. Ir. Satesh Narayana Namasivayam, Taylor’s University’s School of Engineering Acting Dean.

“The Taylor’s Racing Team has grown from strength to strength since they started out in 2010 with only 8 team members. The team has gained the mechanical skills, which are essential to fine-tune the race car. The experiences they went through in both local races also enhanced their innovative skills, communication capabilities and teamwork,” he added.

Taylor’s School of Engineering is the first private university in Malaysia to adopt the Conceive-Design-Implement-Operate (CDIO) framework that gives engineering students practical real-world exposure and experience in developing industry-ready solutions.

Farah Danial, Taylor's Racing Team Chief Engineer 2016
Farah Danial, Taylor’s University team’s chief engineer and Formula SAE lead driver

According to Farah Danial, the team’s chief engineer and Formula SAE lead driver, “2016 is an exciting year for the Taylor’s Racing Team. For the first time, we have increased our team to 29 members. The team consists not only of engineering students but also involves students from Taylor’s Business School, School of Computing & IT as well as the School of Communication. We also manage everything from car design, equipment sourcing, materials and components, scheduling, budgeting, sponsorship to manufacturing and car testing.” Farah was the only female driver in the 2015 Formula SAE-A team.

The inclusion of the other fields of expertise is reflective of real world team management as a race team isn’t just drivers and engineers but also marketers, communicators, accountants and systems specialists, among others.

This year’s car, dubbed the TR16, is an improvement over last year’s car with a lightened chassis, improved suspension, aerodynamics kit and a redesigned air intake. The steering wheel was customized to comfortably fit the 5 drivers and 3D printed in-house. The car is powered by a 600cc Yamaha R6 engine and the air intake was designed by the students and 3D printed at Pebblereka 3D Printing Hub, one of the team’s sponsors. The carbon fiber aerodynamics kit was also made by the students at another sponsor’s facilities. Likewise, the team worked with Hankook, another sponsor, to obtain tire data to optimize performance.

Other sponsors include Motul International, Yuasa Battery Malaysia, STT Precision Sdn Bhd, PracWorks, United Everco Industries Bhd, Claws Advanced Suspension System, GT Auto, Sley Enterprise, KS Brakes Performance & Engineering, High Advantage Sdn Bhd, Meng Kah Auto Parts Trading Sdn Bhd, Motorsport Playground, Wheelspin Motorsport, Superkart Indoor Karting and TR Motor.

“We believe this new challenger is capable of a higher level of performance than the previous car and is able to carry Malaysia’s name into the global arena at world-renowned races like the Formula SAE Germany and Silverstone in the near future,” added Farah.

The TRT will race its Honda CBR-powered twin-seater, called Epifany, in the EIMA Race.


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