The Best Paid Jobs in Malaysia

The Highest Paid Jobs in Malaysia

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According to a report by AllyHunt in 2011, the top paying jobs in Malaysia can be found in the 5 categories below. For the highest paid jobs 2014/2015 according to Kelly Services, please go to this link.

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Top Paying Jobs in Malaysia

1. Medical

I received a lot of in-depth information about the course & university from EduSpiral. He took us around for a campus tour as well as the hostel in Cyberjaya. Wen Hang, Actuarial Science at Heriot-Watt University Malaysia
I received a lot of in-depth information about the course & university from EduSpiral. He took us around for a campus tour as well as the hostel in Cyberjaya.
Wen Hang, Actuarial Science at Heriot-Watt University Malaysia

Anything related to healthcare such as Anaesthesiologists, Dentists, Pharmacists and

Surgeons. Surgeons and Specialists come in at the top of the list of top paying medical jobs.

The salary levels and career advancement depends on the years of practice, skills and reputation.

It can easily shoot up to 6 digit income on monthly basis. On the other hand, a medical graduate that started out as a houseman in the government hospital would not be paid as much but as they moved to private later, a hike in their pay is imminent.

2. Financial/Investment-banking

The best paying finance job is managerial-related, but if you’re at entry-level, the best-

paying work is in the field of financial analysis or sales. CFOs or Financial managers provide advice, financial and strategic support such as budgetary controls or financial implications and usually ranked second next to CEO in terms of power and importance in any organization.

In an investment banking environment, a manager would easily be getting RM180k to RM250k per annum. But the true money churners are the stock market traders or brokers that receive attractive commission.

A career in the Finance and Banking industry will give high returns if you are good and also possess good communication skills especially in the English language.

3. ICT

Not all ICT jobs are highly paid. Those paid well are limited to skills that are scarce, high in demand but short in supply. For example, a Network Engineer with CCNA, CCNP or CCIE has a greater chance of getting a job that pays well simply because the demand is more than supply now.

A good certified Network Engineer can easily expect more than RM10k income per month. The other skills that are highly in demand would be SAP, Security, Data Warehousing and those that possess excellent analytical and development skills such as Development Manager, Solutions Architect and IT Consultants.

A good SAP Consultant can expect remuneration in the range of RM120k to RM140k per annum.

4. Engineering

The lucrative industries are the oil and gas, telecommunication, aviation and marine.

The engineering jobs in the oil and gas industry that pay well are offshore or upstream related. The other booming industry is telecommunications with new technologies such as 4G and Wimax emerging. It’s another case of demand more than supply, thus pushing up the salary scale.

As for aviation, Aircraft Engineers are paid rather well but the openings are only a handful. Since we are on aviation subject, the

other career worth mentioning is Pilot. A captain can earn up to RM40k per month inclusive of allowances.

5. Sales & Marketing

The Marketing and Sales profession is highly paid for the simple reason it’s commission-based and the earnings are unlimited. Thus, a good sales person can have income tripled and quadrupled compared to their peers of other professions.

Unlike careers that require professional qualification to start out such as doctors, lawyers and accountants, it’s a profession that many without the relevant qualification can venture into.

Probably one of the success factors is the connections and network one build over the years.

But those that made big bucks are in high-margin products/services sold to businesses, rather than consumers.

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