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13 Top Technology Courses Malaysians Must Study to Land Jobs of the Future

Top 20 Information Technology (IT) & Computing Jobs in Demand in Malaysia

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Understanding The Robotics Industry Outlook

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High Job Demand & Salary in Malaysia for Computer Science

Studying Computer Science in Malaysia can Make you Rich!

Software Engineering & Information Technology (IT) Job Demand & Salary in Malaysia

What is the Average Salary for Software Engineers & Programmers in Malaysia?

Shortage of Software Engineers & Software Developers in Malaysia for 2019 according to Hays Recruitment Malaysia

Top Ten Information Technology (IT), Software Engineering, Computer Science Jobs in Demand in Malaysia

High Job Demand & Salary in Malaysia for Computer Science

Study Internet of Things (IoT) at a Top University in Malaysia because of High Job Demand

What is the Average Salary for Network Computing Specialists in Malaysia?

Job Demand for Cloud Computing Specialists Increases in Malaysia

What is the Salary for Cloud Computing Specialists in Malaysia?

What is the Salary for Malaysia’s Mobile Computing Specialists?

Job Outlook, Demand and Salary for Data Scientists and Data Analysts in Malaysia

Job Demand & Salary for Data Scientists in Malaysia According to MDEC

High Job Demand & Salary for Data Science or Big Data Analytics in Malaysia

Are Data Scientists or Data Analysts in Demand in Malaysia?

Data Engineer/Data Scientist is Projected Malaysia’s Fastest-Growing Emerging Job

According to LinkedIn, Demand for Data Scientists in Singapore Increased 17 Times

What’s the Job Demand for Artificial Intelligence (Ai) Professionals in Malaysia?

Rise of Artificial Intelligence (Ai) Job Demand in Malaysia Makes it a Top Course to Study

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The Most In-demand Jobs for Cybersecurity in Malaysia

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What is the Salary for Cybersecurity Professionals in Malaysia?

Cybersecurity ICT Professionals Salary in Malaysia

Job Demand & Salary for Cyber Security Specialists in Malaysia

More Cybersecurity Specialists Needed to Fulfil Job Demand in Malaysia

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Fintech Job Talent are High in Demand in Malaysia & South East Asia

Financial Technology (Fintech) & Banktech Job Demand & Salary in Malaysia – Randstad

Financial Technology (Fintech) is an Emerging Hot Job in Demand with High Salary in Malaysia and Globally

Growth in Job Demand for Information Technology (IT) & Fintech in Malaysia

Hays 2018 Salary Report on Fintech (Financial Technology) Jobs in Malaysia

Graduates Needed for Digital Technology Jobs in Malaysia

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Malaysia Serious on Technology Job Talent Development


Top Skills Needed for Emerging Digital Talent Jobs in Malaysia

The Average Salary of an IT or Computing Professional in Malaysia

Pikom’s Malaysian Economic and Digital Job Market Outlook Shows Meagre Growth in 2021, better outlook in 2022

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Average ICT Salary in Malaysia to Increase Above RM9,000 – Pikom’s ICT Job Market Outlook In Malaysia 2017

Higher Salary for Information Technology (IT) Professionals in Malaysia for 2018 – Pikom’s ICT Job Market Outlook In Malaysia 2017


Computer Science, Software Engineering, Information Technology (IT) Job Description in Malaysia

Graduates Needed for Digital Technology Jobs in Malaysia

Top 10 ICT or Computing Jobs in Malaysia

Increased jobs for ICT professionals from top computing universities in Malaysia

Where Malaysia’s Information Technology (IT) Graduates Can Find Work At

Technology jobs in high demand in Malaysia

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