Improved standards of fresh graduates among Malaysian employers in 2018 according to survey

Standard of Malaysian Fresh Graduates Improves According to Survey

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When choosing the right course to study in Malaysia, one of the criteria that students should look at is the job demand. If you don’t plan carefully, you may end up studying a course that has no job demand after you graduate in Malaysia. This would be an incredible waste of your time and money.

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Standard of Malaysian Fresh Graduates Improves According to Survey’s latest survey revealed an overall improvement in employers’ perception towards the standards of fresh graduates in 2018 as compared to 2017.

When asked about the standards of fresh graduates in the job marketplace:

  • 8% of employers perceived fresh graduates as good (an increase of 4% from 2017)
  • 79% of employers perceived fresh graduates as average (an increase of 4% from 2017)
  • 13% of employers perceived fresh graduates as bad (a decrease of 8% from 2017)

The survey also revealed a long-standing gap between fresh graduates’ asking salaries and salaries that employers were willing to offer. Based on the survey, 32% of fresh graduates had asked for a starting salary of RM3,000 and above, but only 9% of employers were willing to make offers to meet those demands. This was reflected in the top 5 reasons for unemployment as employers cited fresh graduates were asking for unrealistic salary/benefits, being choosy about the job or company, poor character, attitude or personality, poor command of the English language, and poor communication skills.

These findings were shared by Chook Yuh Yng, Country Manager of Malaysia, in conjunction the launch of the Graduate Employability Program between Malaysia and Universiti Sains Malaysia.

Chook Yuh Yng, Country Manager of Malaysia, congratulated Universiti Sains Malaysia (USM) at the event for its efforts in empowering students to build bridges for their future careers as well as preparing them to enter the workforce. “ is proud to have USM as its Graduate Employability Program partner, helping to prepare graduates for their first job in the marketplace,” she added.

Commenting on the standards of fresh graduates, Professor Datuk Dr. Asma Ismail, Vice-Chancellor of Universiti Sains Malaysia (USM) said, “According to the Ministry of Higher Education’s (MOHE) Graduate Employability Tracer Study, Universiti Sains Malaysia showed an increasing trend in terms of graduate employability (GE). MOHE’s Graduate Employability Tracer Study in 2017 revealed that Universiti Sains Malaysia had a GE rate of nearly 80% at the time of convocation. Leveraging on the H.E.B.A.T (Holistic, Entrepreneurial, Balanced, Articulate and Thinking) graduate agenda and O.B.E. (Outcome Based Education), graduates are given unique in-house training aimed towards life-long learning, providing the graduates with current and relevant skills that makes them well sought after by future employers.”

In conjunction with the release of the survey findings and launch of the Graduate Employability Program with Universiti Sains Malaysia, a total of six career counsellors and nine students were certified as ambassadors. The joint program is aimed at providing a one-stop centre for students, with ambassadors trained to provide the necessary support and guidance to university students in preparation for their first job upon graduation.

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