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So what’s a realistic number? Based on JobStreet Malaysia’s 2017 Salary Report, salaries for entry level positions can start as low as RM800 to as high as RM5,533. On average, however, fresh graduates can expect a starting salary between RM1,800 to RM2,600.

But not all jobs are created equal. JobStreet’s Salary Report indicates that certain job functions demand higher basic salaries than others.

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In its Fresh Graduate Report 2018,’s latest survey revealed an overall improvement in employers’ perception towards the standards of fresh graduates in 2018 an increase of 4% from 2017.

Employers’ opinion of fresh graduates has improved since last year, with an increase in bosses rating fresh graduates as good and a drop in negative perception, according to online employment company JobStreet Malaysia. The survey also showed that 79% of employers perceived fresh graduates as average – a 4% increase from 75% in 2017 – and 13% of employers perceived fresh graduates as bad – a decrease of 8% from 21% last year.

When asked about the standards of fresh graduates in the job marketplace:

  • 8% of employers perceived fresh graduates as good (an increase of 4% from 2017)
  • 79% of employers perceived fresh graduates as average (an increase of 4% from 2017)
  • 13% of employers perceived fresh graduates as bad (a decrease of 8% from 2017)

The survey also revealed a long-standing gap between fresh graduates’ asking salaries and salaries that employers were willing to offer. According to the Fresh Graduate Salary Survey 2018, 32% of fresh graduates had asked for a starting salary of RM3,000 and above, but only 9% of employers were willing to make offers to meet those demands. However, this is an improvement from a survey conducted by JobStreet last August, which showed that only 2% of employers are willing to pay fresh graduates a starting salary of RM3,000.

The employers surveyed by JobStreet in its 2018 report said their top five reasons for not employing fresh graduates were graduates’ unrealistic expectations for salary/benefits; graduates being choosy about the job or company; poor character, attitude or personality; poor command of English; and poor communication skills.

These findings were shared by Chook Yuh Yng, Country Manager of Malaysia, in conjunction the launch of the Graduate Employability Program between Malaysia and Universiti Sains Malaysia.

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