Top Animation Design & Visual Effects UK 3+0 Degree Courses in Malaysia at APIIT

The Best Animation & Visual Effects courses in Malaysia at APIIT

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The UK’s animation and visual effect industry is one of the highest barometers in the world. Big number of blockbuster movies,

TV commercial and TV series have been created in the UK based post-production companies, such as Aardman Studio, Double Negative, The Mill, Moving Picture (MPC), and many more, ranging from animations like Shaun the Sheep, Lego the Movie, to real life action movies like Man of Steel, Ironman, to Maleficent, Godzilla and many more.

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Best 3+0 UK Animation and Visual Effects Programmes at Top Rank APIIT, Malaysia

Asia Pacific Institute of Information Technology (APIIT)

APIIT has won hundreds of Awards. Asia Pacific Institute of Information Technology (APIIT) is ranked 6-STARs in the overall COLLEGE-BASED RATING and INTERNATIONAL STUDENT SERVICES under the Malaysia Quality Evaluation System for Private Colleges (MyQUEST) 2014/2015. It’s campus is in Technology Park Malaysia, Bukit Jalil

This particular industry offers a huge range of exciting career opportunities for multi-skilled individuals with the motivation to succeed. Staffordshire University and APIIT offer the right programmes for you who want to be involved in the industry of animation & visual effect.

Whether you’d like to develop your knowledge, sense and skill in character animation or being a director of your future movie, you will experience the whole learning process from industry-experienced lecturers. You will also gain technical, creative, presentation and problem solving skill that are highly valued across a wide range of professions.

Through APIIT’s programme, you will also learn how to create a mind blowing show reel of animation and VFX. Showing some “before and after” footage of visual effect is commonly used for CGI artist, while some short animation or real life action are also popular to be your show case.

The 3-years APIIT UK Degree Programmes are awarded by Staffordshire University, United Kingdom.

WHICH animation and visual effects programme at APIIT is for you?

Students at APIIT benefit from the 3+0 partnership with Staffordshire University, UK from their expertise & experience

Students at APIIT benefit from the 3+0 partnership with Staffordshire University, UK from their expertise & experience

BA (Hons) Animation degree at APIIT

If you really love animated movies from Pixar, Dreamworks or Disney, it means this programme is the one for you. You will learn the process of creating series of character design, vehicles and props, background lay-out, traditional animation to the computer animation. Imagination and drawing skill is essential for this particular study.

BA (Hons) VFX: Visual Effects and Concept Design degree at APIIT

If you think as an ‘imaginative’ artist, who feels at home in the virtual world, you should consider this course. You’ll learn how to create and adapt your ideas to meet specific needs in film or games, or in modelling virtual environments; visuals which might include characters, vehicles, objects, sets or backgrounds.

About Asia Pacific Institute of Information Technology (APIIT)

The Asia Pacific Institute of Information Technology offers a range of programmes which are designed to produce highly

Asia Pacific University (APU) achieves excellence in the SETARA 2011 & 2013 Ratings with a Tier 5 ranking

Asia Pacific University (APU) achieves excellence in the SETARA 2011 & 2013 Ratings with a Tier 5 ranking

employable graduates, by providing our students with an internationally benchmarked academic experience closely aligned to industry requirements.

As an integral member of the APIIT Education Group – comprising the Asia Pacific University of Technology & Innovation (APU), the Asia Pacific Smart School and the Asia Pacific International School – APIIT has achieved an enviable record of having produced more than 20,000 highly employable graduates through a sound approach of transforming and nurturing school leavers into qualified and highly competitive professionals.

APIIT’s programmes are offered together with our long-standing international partner, Staffordshire University, United Kingdom. Under this approved collaborative arrangement, APIIT delivers Staffordshire University degrees using the same curriculum and conforming to the same teaching, learning and assessment quality enhancement processes as in the UK, with the aim of ensuring comparability of student experience and academic standards.

Creative Industries in Malaysia and the Region is leading the way with forward-looking Staffordshire University Courses @ APIIT in the area of Design Innovation & Product Design, Brand Management, Animation & Visual Effects – VFX, Creative Media & Film, International Relations, Computing & Business Computing, Journalism and Technology.

The design and media programmes are designed for creative students, to be at the cutting edge of design innovation & creative industries; to thrive you in your chosen career. Staffordshire Degrees in Design, Creative Media, Animation and Film prepares students for the 21st century in Digital Filmmaking, Animation & Visual Effects.

Indeed, APIIT’s system of education produces graduates who embody Staffordshire’s commitment of producing The Staffordshire Graduate – graduates who possess the key skills of employability, enterprise and entrepreneurship – and the ability to stand out in the job market.

As APIIT students studying on Staffordshire University degrees, our students get a whole lot more than just an understanding of their subjects, but will leave with a set of attributes that prospective employers not only look for but will value and respect.

At the same time, APIIT’s own Foundation and Diploma programmes are also externally quality assured by Staffordshire University, which ensures that students obtain an internationally benchmarked qualification while also ensuring successful progression into the degree of their choice.

This approach in providing internationally benchmarked education also extends beyond the borders of Malaysia, and is closely replicated within our family of APIIT branch campuses operating in Sri Lanka and in India.

Among Malaysia’s first MSC-Status Institutions, APIIT has also achieved a strong track record in research, development and commercialisation, winning more than 50 Malaysian and international awards to-date for its innovations, products and student projects.

In recognition of its focus on quality in education, the APIIT Education Group received the Prime Minister’s Award of Excellence in 2011, as well as the Export Quality Award from the Ministry of International Trade and Industry, Malaysia.

APIIT’s academic programmes are approved by the Ministry of Education of Malaysia and the qualifications are fully or provisionally accredited by the Malaysian Qualifications Agency (MQA).

Why Staffordshire University

APIIT’s Programmes are subjected to extensively External Quality Assurance processes by Staffordshire University

Staffordshire University is truly committed to building a worldwide dynamic learning community. The University’s learning community is global and students represent over 75 nations worldwide.

Since 1914, Staffordshire University has offered vocationally inspired education relevant for the age. Back then their focus was on mining and ceramics. Now the university is delivering everything from Computer Games Design to Forensic Science.

As well as being involved in many international collaborative research projects, Staffordshire University is committed to delivering high quality education through its many international partnerships.

Staffordshire University has over 17,000 students that make up a dynamic and vibrant community at their campuses in the United Kingdom.

Staffordshire University has a long and proud history of providing high quality, progressive and inclusive higher education for people from across Staffordshire, the region, the UK and the rest of the world.

Staffordshire University has a reputation for producing graduates with the knowledge, skills and ability to make their mark in the world.

Some facts about Staffordshire University are:

Graduates from APIIT will be awarded the degree from Staffordshire University, UK

Staffordshire University’s strong focus on employability was underlined in the UK Sunday Times newspaper’s 2010 University League Tables, in which it was recognized as a leading UK university for achieving graduate employment.

One of the first universities in the world to offer computing degrees back in the 1960s, Staffordshire maintains a strong reputation for excellence and innovation in teaching technology based subjects.

The University’s Computing, Computer Games Design, Network Security, Mechanical, Electrical, Electronic and Automotive Engineering awards are all highly respected by employers globally.

Staffordshire’s Accounting and Finance, Business Studies, Economics, Management and Marketing degrees have all been designed to provide a truly international perspective. This is a real benefit for students wishing to pursue a career in Business or Commerce.

The University’s learning community is truly global. At any one time, in excess of 17,000 students from over 75 countries are studying in Great Britain, by distance learning, or on Staffordshire University quality-accredited courses internationally.

APU Programmes are subjected to extensively External Quality Assurance processes by Staffordshire University, who also award the Undergraduate Degrees. This ensures that our programmes are benchmarked against international standards.

In addition, APU’s solid relationship with Staffordshire University is among the strongest and most successful foreign collaborations in Malaysia, and is particularly notable in their strong shared mission of producing highly employable graduates.

Why study the 3+0 animation and visual effects degree programmes at APIIT

Here are just a few reasons why we believe you should study at APIIT.

TOP animation and visual effects University in UK

Staffordshire University was one of five Universities who were the first to offer degrees in computing. That was back in 1965! Since then Staffordshire University has stayed ahead of the game – constantly innovating and developing courses that are designed to create the computing professionals of the future.


APIIT’s reputation for excellence means that we attract students from around the world. With partner universities overseas, we could even arrange for you to study part of your course overseas.


Our centre of computing is a purpose-built facility to rival the best. With hundreds of individual workstations, specialist equipment and facilities, it provides a first-class working environment and is also home to our research.


Study at APIIT and they will equip you to become ‘The Staffordshire Graduate’ – a world-ready professional, with the knowledge, attributes, skills and expertise that employers look for.


Regardless of the computing programme you choose, you will be supported by highly qualified and enthusiastic professionals. Many enjoy an international reputation for their research and actively engage with leading names in IT.

Asia Pacific Institute of Information Technology (APIIT) provides access to world-class resources across a wide range of disciplines. This translates into industry-ready skills and a competitive edge for graduates.

APIIT’s courses are approved by the Ministry of Education, Malaysia and accredited by the Malaysian Qualifications Agency (MQA). All of the programmes are quality assured by an International Advisory Panel (IAP) whose members include representatives from our international partner universities and industry and technology leaders in the private sector.

Learning for Employability at APIIT

Employers look for qualified people who have the technical know-how and the ability to communicate, work in teams and other personal skills.

At APIIT, our programmes are developed to provide you not only with interesting and stimulating modules to develop your mind, but also to enhance your knowledge and skills and increase your ability to compete for that dream job.

You also need to possess the ability to learn, develop and adapt. Much of what is current knowledge will soon be out-of-date and the reality is that to succeed you need to be adaptable and innovative. We achieve this through the:

Five “I”s Model™

  1. Innovation through the design of curriculum, the module content and the learning approaches.
  2. Integration through developing your capabilities to interrelate knowledge and to work in multidisciplinary teams.
  3. Information through developing your knowledge and also your abilities to communicate effectively and persuasively.
  4. Interactivity through the use of group work to develop your teamwork skills and through the use of technology to achieve interactivity of devices and people.
  5. Imagination in relation to new products, ideas, applications and solutions.


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