Best Universities & Colleges in Malaysia to Study Patisserie or Baking

Premier Patisserie & Baking Courses at Top Universities & Colleges in Malaysia

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Students after SPM or O-Levels wanting to pursue a top patisserie programme at a university in Malaysia can go for the Foundation programme or Diploma in Patisserie, Diploma in Baking or Diploma in Culinary Arts. Students after SPM or O-Levels can go for the 1-year Foundation course with 5 relevant credits and then enter into the Degree programme for 3 years.

Students with a minimum of 3 credits can go for the Diploma in Patisserie, Diploma in Baking or Diploma in Culinary Arts for 2.5 years before entering into Year 2 of the Degree programme for another 2 years. A culinary arts diploma is more general and teaches you all about cooking including baking & patisserie. After the diploma in culinary arts, you can then specialise in patisserie or baking for your degree. However, if you know that you just want to specialise in patisserie or baking, you can go for the diploma.

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Top Universities & Colleges in Malaysia for Patisserie and Baking

  1. KDU University College Utropolis Glenmarie
  2. Taylor’s University
  3. Berjaya University College of Hospitality
  4. YTL International College of Hotel Management
  5. UCSI University
  6. KDU Penang University College
  7. HELP College of Arts & Technology
  8. Nilai University
  9. Disted College Penang

Studying at the Best Private Universities and Colleges in Malaysia for Patisserie

Award-winning patisserie students at Berjaya University College of Hospitality

Award-winning patisserie students at Berjaya University College of Hospitality

Most culinary art schools in Malaysia teach a variety of cuisines and preparation techniques. You will take subjects ranging from specialised ateliers, basic through advanced levels of pastry and confectionery craft making, plated and boutique style desserts, world delicacies and precise decorating techniques.

At the best universities and colleges for patisserie in Malaysia you’ll be taught how to make tasty baked goods, and how to combine this with the business side of managing a bakery.

At any good culinary school in Malaysia, students will acquire important skills in culinary, organising and management.  Students will begin with basic culinary skills such as knife skills, cooking methods,

Boulangerie - Bakery Kitchen at KDU University College Utropolis Glenmarie

Boulangerie – Bakery Kitchen at KDU University College Utropolis Glenmarie

timing, mise en place (Preparation prior to service), creative plates & presentations, flavor & seasoning, cooking on the line and others.

Being well organized is key to running a successful kitchen. Ordering, scheduling, food costing, and

dealing with suppliers are just some of the work involved. Chefs need to work in a team and as an Executive Chef, he or she will need to manage the kitchen staff well. The intricacies of motivating staff and getting the best out of them are important. Ultimately, the Chef will become a mentor to other chefs and having people skills is important to impart his or her skills to the next generation.

Culinary arts is perfect for people who desire to be a part of a dynamic and rewarding career. People who love people, work well with stress, creative solution providers and always on the move.

Who should study Patisserie in Malaysia

Excellent Culinary Facilities at YTL International College of Hotel Management

Excellent Culinary Facilities at YTL International College of Hotel Management

The culinary, patisserie, hospitality, tourism and services management industries are ideal for people who enjoy experiential learning and being able to apply their knowledge gained immediately to practice. They are people who:

  • Love to cook or bake
  • Enjoy meeting new and exciting people
  • Enjoy traveling and entertainment
  • Are creative thinkers
  • Are hands-on workers
  • Are critical thinkers
  • Are service oriented
  • Provide quick and creative solutions to different kinds of challenges
  • Enjoy being a part of a exciting environment
  • Work in flexible hours
  • Love to explore new and different cultures

Plus points for qualified chefs in Malaysia

  • Able to travel round the world
  • Able to obtain jobs worldwide easily
  • Able to get extra points in the application for Permanent Residency (PR) status in certain countries like Australia, UK, USA or Europe
  • Able to network with people from all levels

Nature of the work for patisserie chefs in Malaysia

Excellent kitchen facilities at KDU College Penang

Excellent kitchen facilities at KDU College Penang

  • Long hours
  • Weekend work may be required
  • High pressure at peak periods
  • Service oriented – provide a high level of services
  • Customer emphasis – able to cater and adapt customer’s needs and requests
  • Dynamic – on-the-go
  • Able to adapt to changes and stress

It is important to choose a culinary arts college in Malaysia that has years of experience or that can provide you with excellent exposure to the industry. The best colleges in Malaysia in culinary arts can help prepare you with the necessary knowledge and skills for a successful career.

The Work of a Pastry Chef or Patisserie Chef in Malaysia

BERJAYA University College of Hospitality patisserie kitchen

BERJAYA University College of Hospitality patisserie kitchen

  • Pastry chefs have the enviable job of creating  a multitude of baked good and confections from cookies and cakes to chocolates, petitfours, beignets… any dessert you can think of! The Pastry Chef has to be In creative and well-versed in dessert tastes and flavors.
  • Create a multitude of baked goods and confections — everything from cookies and cakes to chocolates Work involves the preparation of pastries, such as cakes, candies, chocolates, and other specialty dessert items in retail and commercial settings.
  • Pastry chefs with sound business skills can move on to opening their own pastry shop or bakery.

The Culinary Industry in Malaysia is growing therefore there is an increased demand for professional chefs specialising in Patisserie

BERJAYA University College of Hospitality Patisserie Kitchen

BERJAYA University College of Hospitality Patisserie Kitchen

The world’s love affair with food is unending. Malaysia is an ideal gastronomic paradise, with her multi-cultural traditions mixed in with western industrialisation. This makes Malaysia an ideal location to learn a wide variety of cuisine. As our society increasingly become adept to an enriched lifestyle the taste buds become more sophisticated and a desire to consume more exotic dishes.

The culinary industry is ideal for students who possess a flair for creativity, desire to please peoples’ palates, entrepreneurial and of course, a love of food.

There are four basic skills that every chef uses throughout their career:

1. Technical
These skills are the foundation of a chef’s talent and success – knife skills, cooking methods, timing, mise en place, and being able to cook on the line gracefully even during the peak hour.

2. Culinary

Most chefs have a good palate to begin, but training for the nuances of flavor and seasoning, new flavor combinations, creative plates and presentations, delving deep in to a cuisine culture all take training and practice.

3. Organisational

Prior planning is important in a busy kitchen. Organising the menu, ingredients, staffing and kitchen will ensure a smooth running with less stress. Organising also helps in conducting business effectively (ordering, scheduling, food costing etc.).

4. Managerial

Having a keen understanding of human behavior and how to motivate them is important as one gains more responsibility. A good chef understands how to work with people and get them to work for him/her.

These skills are the highest level because they involve sharing knowledge and skills with those working for you.

The most often-seen method is training, but ultimately being a mentor to a cook and to develop their career is the highest skill a chef can attain.

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