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A degree in Information Technology or related field is increasingly in demand. As

Asia Pacific University (APU) achieves excellence in the SETARA 2011 Ratings with a Tier 5 ranking

Asia Pacific University (APU) achieves excellence in the SETARA 2011 Ratings with a Tier 5 ranking and is acknowledged as the Best University for IT

Malaysia edges on the verge of becoming a developed country, and the government is investing in infrastructure pertaining to IT, and as a result the birth of the Multimedia Super Corridor. With the increased emphasis in IT and incredible opportunities, trained professionals in this field will be in demand.

Demand for IT Professionals

Computer applications are expanding, thus occupations in the IT field have become the fastest growing around. According to the MDC there will be a high demand for IT professionals trained as Programmers and Software Engineers.

Dynamic world of IT

The world as we know it ten years ago is vastly different and still changing. The rapid growth of IT has Imagetouched every facet of our lives, from cooking to communications, from entertainment to transportation. For example, advances in Information Technology has allowed us to contact friends from another part of the world in seconds using e-mail or Facebook, whereas conventional ‘snail mail’ may take weeks. Those with a little more money can use the video cam. Basically, Information Technology refers to the science and skill involving all aspects of computing, storage, processing and communication of information. There are two

UCSI University at Taman Connaught, Cheras, Kuala Lumpur

UCSI University at Taman Connaught, Cheras, Kuala Lumpur offers high quality IT courses

aspects of IT, hardware and software. Hardware is about designing and building computers while software involves the development of the language and processes which make computers work.

As traditional boundaries disappear, and companies, capital, consumers, communication and cultures become global, new approaches and attitudes to business are required. Therefore students need to not only accumulate IT knowledge, they need to understand the ways in which to communicate effectively using non-face-to-face communication methods such as artwork, type of font, and copy writing. The IT professional who deals with clients may need to learn effective verbal skills to communicate to those who are non-IT trained.

New ways of doing business have emerged such as teleconferencing, video-conferencing, e-mail, e-commerce, PDA’s, smart phones, telecommunications, and much more. The idea is to make life more efficient. IT helps to process raw data into useful information; recycle processed information and use it as data in another processing step.

Dramatic changes have taken in a short span of time in the IT field. The computer, from its humble beginnings large enough to fit warehouse has evolved to fitting in the palm of one’s hand. Furthermore, processing speeds and storage capacities of the computer system is continuously increasing, emergence of e-commerce, competitiveness in research and development of new technologies, and more have increased the need for skilled, knowledgeable and creative manpower to sustain the demand. Skilled professionals are needed to plan, install and maintain a network of information servers and computers as well as to design and develop new interactive software systems for business and industrial applications.

Need for qualified IT Professionals

Many complex systems can only be constructed by professionals who have obtained tertiary education training in the computing field. Despite the numerous courses one can enroll for, they share the basic set of objectives for the students. The main aim of the IT course is to equip students with appropriate theoretical and practical skills to enable them to become effective providers of IT solutions.

The prospective IT professional should possess the desire and practical capability to analyse, design, implement and test IT solutions in different environments. The IT professional can work in many different environments such as advertising, business, programming, systems analyst, telecommunications, music, and others.

“Today, it is estimated that the percentage of 18-24 age cohort pursuing tertiary level education in IT and Engineering courses

Computer Lab at HELP College of Arts & Technology

have risen to 47 per cent, signifying among others that Malaysian students have recognised the importance of careers in Science and Technology, especially in information communication technology (ICT) and multimedia in supporting our national development goals,” he added. A career in ICT does not mean that a student has to come from the Science stream. An Arts stream student with an aptitude in Mathematics and a strong interest in ICT will suffice.

Choosing a College or University

With the increased demand for trained professionals in IT and the many colleges for

Founded in 1983, KDU University College is an excellent choice for the Accounting programme

Founded in 1983, KDU University College is an excellent choice for the IT programme

students to choose from, it is important for the student to be able to choose a college that best fits his or her needs – financially, quality, educationally and career.

The college is expected to equip the student with the necessary knowledge and skills. When choosing a college, the student needs to look at various aspects of the college such as recognition from the Ministry of Education, well-equipped computer labs, qualified lecturers, wide range of computer systems, variety of courses in old and new technology, Java programming, C-language, and more. The discerning student should visit different colleges to meet with their counsellors as well as tour the facilities, in addition to enquiring their fees, quality, lecturers and course.

KBU International College offers affordable tuition fees for its tourism and hospitality courses with excellent facilities on a beautiful 13 acre campus.

KBU International College offers affordable tuition fees for its IT courses with excellent facilities on a beautiful 13 acre campus.

Choosing a college also involves how good a fit the college is to the student’s  needs. As

there are many aspects of studying IT such as , it will be important to talk to the counselors and IT professionals to find one that fits what you want.

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Northumbria University is a top ranked UK university that's affordable

Northumbria University is a top ranked UK university that’s affordable

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