Teaching is Cool

I contacted the Head of Department at a design college because I wanted to explore becoming a lecturer for Mass Communication, Marketing or Internet Marketing subjects. She told me that with my 14 years working in Mass Comm & Marketing areas and my degree, my salary range could be from RM4,000 to RM4,800.

I, then called up an old friend who is the Head of the American Degree Program of  a renown college. He told me that with a degree, I would be looking at RM3,000-RM4,000. If I had a Masters, I can be looking at RM5,000. A fresh Masters degree holder will be looking at about RM3,000.

Those who are interested in teaching can look into obtaining a degree in any subject and then go on to the Masters degree to teach in a private university or college. If you plan to teach as a career, then you should be looking at obtaining a PhD.

Teaching had always been my passion when I was young but it does not bring the financial rewards. However, the rewards as a lecturer is in molding minds and investing in the lives of young people. Being able to see your students grow as well as obtain knowledge gives great satisfaction. The other good point is that it is not as stressful compared to working in the corporate world. This is an honourable profession.

Not everyone can teach. Not all smart people can teach. Teaching takes a special skill in sharing the knowledge in a way that the students can understand and enjoy. I remember that some of my teachers in secondary school were hopeless and wondered why they became teachers. Some just read exactly from the textbook and even got it wrong!

EduSpiral Consultant Services – Your Personal Online Education Advisor

EduSpiral Consultant Services is a full-service educational counseling & planning

"My friend introduced me to EduSpiral because I was confused about my next step due to my unexpected results in STPM. EduSpiral provided me with great solutions to fit my career goals." Kuo Qiat, Marketing degree at UCSI University

“My friend introduced me to EduSpiral because I was confused about my next step due to my unexpected results in STPM. EduSpiral provided me with great solutions to fit my career goals.”
Kuo Qiat, taking a degree course at UCSI University

firm that guides students from across Malaysia and around the world to find the right course & university that suits them.

Established in 2009, to provide higher education options for school leavers to various reputable private colleges & universities in Malaysia & Ireland. EduSpiral also represents the top ranked Northumbria University, UK, MDIS SIngapore and Hong Kong Polytechnic University.

Apart from buying a house, a university education is the next biggest investment that most families will ever make. Most will not buy a house without the advise of a professional real estate agent and yet, some choose a college by just following their friends! Even when purchasing a car, you would visit many car dealerships, ask your friends and survey first before making that purchase.

When you consider that the cost of a private 4-year college/university education including Foundation & Degree (tuition, room, and board) ranges from RM100,000 to RM200,000, Don’t you think that obtaining a FREE consultation from a professional educationist is a financially sound idea in making one of the biggest decisions in your life?

Students may apply using their SPM Trial Exam results.  Students interested to find out more please contact us.

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