Higher Salary for Information Technology (IT) Professionals in Malaysia for 2018 – Pikom’s ICT Job Market Outlook In Malaysia 2017

Pikom expects 5.4% Rise in Average Information Communication Technology (ICT) Monthly Salary for 2018

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EduSpiral Consultant Services is a professional university placement centre in Malaysia advising students on how to choose the right course and private university to study. We do our research from reports by job recruitment companies in Malaysia and try our best to help students to choose the best course to study in Malaysia that fits them and that has a good job demand in Malaysia with a high salary.

We have found the report by PIKOM to be useful for students to read through to give them an insight into the job market and salary for Information Communication Technology (ICT) in Malaysia. The Pikom Job Market Outlook & Salary Report in Malaysia 2017 Report by Pikom found that professionals in the industries mentioned had an overall average monthly salary of ICT Professionals grew to RM8,908 in 2017, a 5% growth from RM8,484 in 2016. .The report will help you to decide on the jobs in information technology in Malaysia. For more advise on choosing the right course or university in Malaysia, please contact EduSpiral Consultant Services.

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Salary for Information Communication Technology (ICT) Jobs in Malaysia According to PIKOM

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The National Information and Communications Technology (ICT) Association of Malaysia (Pikom) expects the overall average monthly salary of ICT professionals this year to rise 5.4% to RM9,389 from RM8,908 in 2017.

Research Committee chair Woon Tai Hai (picture) said among the five main categories of positions — namely fresh graduates, junior executives, senior executives, managers and senior managers — the expected rise in senior managers’ salary this year is 5.9% followed by managers at 5.7%.
“However, the projected overall average monthly salary for all categories this year will still be lower than the average annual growth rate of 7% recorded between 2009 and 2017,” he said at the launch of the 11th edition of the ICT Job Market Outlook in Malaysia.

Woon said the Malaysian ICT industry’s salary scale must be competitive in the region to mitigate the risk of a brain drain of talent, particularly in the cyber security sector.

“Our entry level salary must be attractive enough to ensure a continuous build-up of ICT professionals in the long run,” he stressed.

He noted that data from Jobstreet.com showed there were 4,248 jobs advertised for ICT professionals in the first quarter (1Q) of this year.

“We hope that by year-end the number of job openings for 2018 will be higher than the 15,197 recorded in 2017.”

For 2017, Pikom projects the ICT industry to contribute RM177.7 billion to the country’s gross domestic product, from RM164.9 billion in 2016, supported by the ICT services and manufacturing segments.
The commerce industry is expected to grow by 12.1% to RM83.6 billion in 2017 from RM74.6 billion previously.

The full-year report for 2017 for the ICT job market will be out in the 3Q.

Pikom is the national representative of the ICT industry, with about 900 members as at end-June 2017, with its members contributing about 80% of the total ICT revenue in the country. — Bernama

Increased Job Demand in Malaysia for Information Technology (IT), Computer Science, Software Engineering or Computing Professionals

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The Information Technology (IT) in Malaysia sector is exceptionally diverse and continues to grow. IT professionals often move between professional specialisations as their interests and expertise grow and change. Graduating with a Information Technology (IT) degree from a top private university in Malaysia allows you to choose from a wide range of careers in software development, business analysis, ITC consulting, data modelling, systems integration and network management.

According to a report, the job prospects for information technology (IT) professionals  in Malaysia is very good and well trained ICT professionals can earn a high salary. It is important to choose the best university in Malaysia to study the Information Technology (IT) diploma or degree course so that you can gain vital knowledge and skills to succeed in your career.

A university degree in Information Technology (IT) is no longer enough to secure a job in Malaysia. Employers in Malaysia are looking for individuals with multiple skill sets. Employers today expect their employees to be able to multitask and communicate well in the English language.

The gap between the demand for information and computer technology (ICT) talent and the supply of that talent is large. Study indicates that the existing situation cannot even supply half of the demand by 2020, about 500,000 human capital educated in science and technology will be needed in Malaysia. From this number, at least 30,000 graduates are required in the ICT job market.

According to PIKOM, there are many jobs out there for IT graduates and there are also many jobless IT graduates. The reason for this is that there is a mismatch of the courses with the skill needed. In addition, the training that the students received was not up to the standard needed in the industry.

With the increased demand for trained professionals in information technology (IT) and the many universities for students to choose from, it is important for the student to be able to choose a university that best fits his or her needs – financially, quality, educationally and career. Learn how to become a computer science professional in Malaysia by talking to knowledgeable & experienced counselors and then choosing the best private university for your degree studies. Research the education and career requirements, training and certification information and experience needed to be successful in your future career in computer science in Malaysia.

Education Pathway to a Top Computing Course in Malaysia

Choosing the right course to study in Malaysia after secondary school is one of the most important decisions you can make in your life. There are many types of information technology (IT) or computing programmes that students can choose from. Find out about the different information technology (IT) or computing courses available at top private universities in Malaysia, how your choice relates to your future career and what the best bets are if you want to keep your career options open.

Most top private universities in Malaysia offer a selection of Foundation, Diploma & Degree courses in information technology (IT) or computingStudents after SPM or O-Levels may go for the Foundation in Computing or Information Technology at top private universities in Malaysia for 1 year before continuing on to the 3-year Software Engineering or Information Technology (IT) degree.

With 3 credits in SPM or O-Levels including Maths, students may go for the 2-year Diploma in Information Technology, Diploma in Computer Studies or Diploma in Software Engineering and then enter into Year 2 of the Information Technology (IT) degree. Pre-University students with the relevant results in STPM, A-Levels, SAM, CPU, AUSMAT, etc. can enter directly into Year 1 of the Information Technology (IT) degree at the best university in Malaysia.

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So, Which is the Best College or University in Malaysia to studyComputer Studies, Computer Science, Computing, Software Engineering or Information Technology (IT) Diploma Course?

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Choosing a university is important as it will help to shape your mind, character and help you to develop the necessary skills for a successful career. Therefore, not all private universities are the same. You should not choose a university because it is the cheapest, easiest and nearest. It should be based on which university that best fits your needs.

Many students in Malaysia also make the common mistake in choosing a university because their friends are going there. I even had one student tell me that his choice of university depends on where his girlfriend is going! This is one of the most important decisions that may change your life forever hence it should not be taken lightly.

EduSpiral Consultant Services has worked in the education industry for more than 15 years counseling thousands of students. We represent many reputable and top universities in Malaysia. Every student is different, therefore, we have to talk to each person and treat them like an individual to find out which university is the best that would suit their personality, financial and career goals.

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