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Please find below the contact details & Enquiry Form for EduSpiral Consultant Services. EduSpiral Consultant Services is a top education agent guiding students from across Malaysia to help them choose the right course and university. Highly knowledgeable and experienced professional staff will talk to you and get to know you before giving advise on which course that will best fit you.

Established in 2009, EduSpiral is an appointed representative for top reputable private colleges & universities in Malaysia. EduSpiral Consultant Services represents the best colleges and universities in Malaysia offering a wide range of choices for students to choose from. EduSpiral provides in-depth information and counselling on their courses so that students are able to make the right choice.

If you are still not sure what to study, please fill up the Form below and I will WhatsApp you and provide you with sound advise on how to choose the best private university or college in Malaysia to study at. If you do not give your mobile number or full name as in IC, your query will not be answered. Our knowledgeable & experienced counsellor will send you a message on WhatsApp & provide assistance from there.


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  1. Hey
    I am looking for a university that will accept me with the certificates that I have
    I have A* in French igcse
    B in English as a second language
    D in English as a first language
    Delf B2
    And pass in all my other igsces (physics, business studies, ICT, biology, Geography, Maths
    I would not mind any courses in any university
    Here is my WhatsApp number +2482514435

  2. Hi sir my name is Shamalan I have one question on my choose I ng collage from me .i am interest in it and automobij but my spm worest

    • No private university that I know of, offer this course. They offer either E&E or Mechanical.

  3. Hi,
    I want to study BBA In Malaysia in a reputed college for business. The third year should be at a UK college. Pls. suggest a good college for business studies.

    • You can consider Heriot Watt University Malaysia, University of Nottingham Malaysia, Taylor’s University or UCSI University

    • To enter a degree, one needs to have a Pre-University qualification such as STPM, A-Levels, Foundation, SAM, etc

  4. hi , i am a spm leaver. want to pursue mechanical engineering in KDU, Is it a BEM accredited course? What are the pros and cons on this matter?

    • You can check BEM website as it will list out the universities that are accredited

    • We help advise students on Diploma, Pre-University and Degree courses, not on language courses. If you meant by a degree in Linguistics, no private university in Malaysia offers this course nor a Degree in any specific language other than TESL.

  5. I got BBC for a-levels . B is for physics and chemistry while c is for maths . should I persue mechanical engineering or robotics engineering ?

    • Where do you plan to study the course? You can actually take either one as the first semester or two, the subjects would be the same so you can still switch course. Mechanical Engineering is still traditionally higher in terms of job prospects.

  6. May I know if I can still be accepted to any college with only using my SPM certificate from 2013 if I want to further my study now?

  7. May I know if I can still be accepted to any college using only my 2013 spm certificate if I want to futher my study now?

  8. Hello. I decided what to do now since i am planning to take computing as my course. But i am confused of what is the difference between ‘computer science’ and ‘computer programming’. Thank you. 🙂
    (I got 3As, 1B and 4Cs btw.)

  9. can i know what is the minimum requirements to get scholarships for diploma holder to study degree………

  10. Hi, I’ve finish my a levels. I was wondering if I can pursue a engineering degree after getting a business degree? If yes, what are the requirements?

  11. Hi! I just want to find out does econometric requires a strong basics of maths?
    I am a STPM leaver and going to continue my degree studies. I am interested in economic courses but struggling whether I should choose it due to I not good in maths. I saw econometric appear in the course structure and got panicked. I get an A in my SPM maths, a D in add maths but did not take any maths subjects during STPM.

  12. Hello, I’m actually very interested in studying the natural disasters or the environmental hazards but I knew well we do not have this field in Malaysia and less career opportunity (almost no). So far I’ve been searching for courses that are related to this field which are Geology and Geophysics but they are certainly not the right field for me. I’ve been through hard times in choosing a proper course because I don’t want to regret later on. Geology is still in my consideration. There is one course Environmental Hazards and Disaster Management in Kingston Uni, UK which means I need to do A-Level but I’m deeply worried about my financial and career opportunity after complete my degree. What can I do to secure a job in the field that is right for me?

  13. Is it okay to switch institution after finishing my foundation? Like I study Foundation in Science at HELP CAT then I pursue my Degree at Sunway University for ADTP in Geology. Is it possible since there are not much institutions that offer Geology course?

  14. Hi, i’ve graduate from SAM and i would like to pursue in engineering course for degree.
    Can i know which college or universities will accept my SAM certificate for enrollment ?

  15. Hi.
    I have interest for taking foundation in science but my science subjects are kinda weak. So, i thought about business since i am good with mathematics. But again, business is not my thing. Right now i dont know what to do. I cant find somebody nearby to consult. Is there anything you can help? I really need it. Thank you.


  17. Hi there. May I know which university is well known for Bachelor in Education/ Bachelor of TESL? (Except for those public universities,because I took foundation in UTAR) thank you.

  18. Which is the best university for chemical engineering in Malaysia?
    I am confused between UCSI, Monash and Curtin.
    I have done IGCSE O-level with B in maths and credits in all three science subjects including english also.
    Kindly please assist me regarding this issue as i want to enroll for January 2015 intake.

  19. Hi,I intend to cotinue my study in account or chemical engineering.
    1)Which course that you suggest me to take?
    2)How about the opportunity of jobs and salary of the two course?Which is better?
    3)Is that chemical engineering dificcult to study?
    I appreciate you help.

    • I don’t have any information about you in order to advise you which course would suit you best. Both courses can earn a good income. If you don’t like chemistry and have no talent for it, then I guess it would be difficult. It depends on hard work, talent and interest.

    • If you really like accounting then do ACCA but accounting is a very dry subject means sitting at a desk all day and doing calculations and on the other side engineering is the very interesting field. Both are hard but if you study well then no problem for you. I started ACCA only because of it,s scope and high salary but left it as i couldn,t able to build interest in it. I am looking forward to do chemical engineering and searching for the good university in Malaysia online nowadays. Both will give you high salary but work environment would be very different. You will enjoy more in engineering.

  20. Hi,i’m a science student but i have no ideal about what course to continue study…… i’m ok with science,math,art…can you give me some suggestions about careers which will provide a wide opportunity for work and high salary?

  21. I’m interested in studying engineering in Monash clayton campus and university of southampton in johor, but I can’t make up my mind on which pre-u to choose A-level, MUFY, AUMAT, STPM……considering the intake for both pre-u and university. For now I’m waiting for my result.

  22. Hi, I was wondering if I can pursue a psychology degree after getting a business degree? If yes, what are the requirements or how would I be evaluated to be accepted)

  23. Hi there,can you tell me when is your next education fair? It is because I want to have a visit with you guys. If there is no education fair this few months, can we meet at somewhere? I will be going to KL at February. Can we have a meet? I need some counselling because I’m still confused about what to study and my pathway.

  24. When is your next education fair? Can you tell me the date and the venue for the next education fair? I need to know more as I’m still don’t have any idea for what to study. Thanks 🙂

  25. hey , here is my following results

    Should i still go for science courses or is that i change to art stream will be better ?
    i would like to have a advice abt it

    • You can go for the Certificate in Business and then go into the Diploma in Business, Mass Comm, Interior Design, Multimedia Design or Hotel & Tourism but there will be no PTPN Loan for Certificate or Diploma. So you need to pay on your own.

  26. hi i got 2 credit in tamil and drawing and i pass in every subject.,I wanted to ask about what course i can do with his marks in SPM?

  27. Hi,I wanted to ask about what course my brother can do with his marks in SPM?? He got credit in sejarah,moral,maths,bm and english and he got D in physics,bio and chemistry but he got E in his addmaths..

  28. HEY. I would just like to ask a few questions
    1. is doing A-level in UTAR worthwhile or should i choose another college to do my A-levels? 2. after doing my a-level in UTAR can i apply to any overseas university or is it not recognised ?
    3. lastly, what is the difference between foundation, a-level, australian matriculation and matrix ??

    thank u soo much for getting back to me. i really appreciate it.

  29. hi,i got credit in sains and english.and pass in bm,moral,maths,sejah,geografi and fail my ekonomi asas and add math.what course is suitable for me.

  30. hi,my name is kenny.i got credit in sains,english and pass in maths,sejarah,moral and geografi.what course is suitable for me.

  31. Hi, my son got credit In sains, moral, membuat perabut vokasional. And pass in bm, bi, maths & sejarah. What course is suitable for him

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