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Free Career Assessment by EduSpiral Consultant Services

Free Career Test in Malaysia for Secondary School and Pre-University Students to Find out Which Course that Suits You

The EduSpiral Career Assessment Test is used to help students after SPM, IGCSE/O-Levels, UEC, STPM, A-Levels and other Pre-University programmes to figure out which course would best suit them for their university studies in Malaysia. This assessment is a self-assessed personality questionnaire designed to help students better understand themselves .

The EduSpiral Career Assessment Test provides robust insights into a student’s career interests, helping them to discover potential career paths they may not have considered, and helping you to choose the course that will lead you to that fulfilling career.

During our counseling we will be giving you a wealth of information about the job demand and salary and which course that would best fit you.

Free Career Assessment by EduSpiral Consultant Services

Please fill up the EduSpiral Career Assessment form as accurately as possible in order for us to assess you. Please note that this is not a professional psychological test or assessment.

The intention of the Free EduSpiral Career Assessment form is for us to provide advise on choosing a course or university in Malaysia, and not a personality test for psychological purposes.

Please read the disclaimer at the bottom before continuing. By filling up the form, you agree to the terms as set forth in the disclaimer.

EduSpiral Career Assessment Test for Malaysian Students

EduSpiral Career Test
Please fill up the Form below as accurately as possible. The information will help me to understand you better in order to advise you. I will WhatsApp you to discuss about the test results. Choosing a course is a process and takes time to gather information, evaluate and discuss.
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EduSpiral Consultant Services- Your Personal Online Education Advisor

Lonnie Sik, Founder & Managing Director of EduSpiral Consultant Services has more than 20 years experience in the private education industry and counseling students on choosing the right course

EduSpiral Consultant Services was established in 2009 with the aim of providing free professional advise to help students choose the right course and university. After having worked for more than 20 years in the education industry in Malaysia as well as counseling youths, the founder has seen many students who are confused about what they want to study and where they should study.

The Founder, Lonnie Sik, has vast experience guiding thousands of students to courses that suit their needs. And from there, he developed a system supported by a Career Test to help assess which type of courses that would best fit the student. First, we will assess your secondary school results and compare it with your personality & interests. We will then analyse the information provided in the Career Test and match it with the course and college that will best suit you.

This proven method is designed to meet the student’s individual needs, help them establish specific matches to provide solutions for a stress free educational journey. We must remember, however, that choosing the right course or career is a process and not a science. It takes time to discover yourself.

Through analyzing your interests, personality, experiences and exam results, we are able to provide solutions for students to choose from. It is my desire, that through my experience, you will become successful in your own right. Choosing the right course and university would mean saving time and graduating with the best sets of skills to ensure a successful future. EduSpiral Consultant Services also provides advise on the application process, accommodation, and transition to university life, therefore being able to adjust to university life smoothly.

EduSpiral Consultant Services represents the best colleges and universities in Malaysia offering a wide range of choices for students to choose from. These colleges and universities offer value for money in the quality of education and excellent facilities that you get.

These universities and colleges are chosen by EduSpiral because they represent the best in their fields in Malaysia and affordable. EduSpiral provides in-depth information and counseling on their courses so that students are able to make the right choice.

If you are still not sure what to study, please contact us and we will send you a free EduSpiral Career Assessment Form.

Career Assessment Disclaimer

The advice given through the use of this web site is given based solely on information provided by the user. Due to omitted information on the part of the individual presenting the information, both verbal and non-verbal, it may not be fully possible to assess the individual’s specific problem through this format.

The user agrees that the use of all, or part, of the service is entirely at the user’s own risk. Any actions, or lack of actions, taken by the recipient of such advice is done so solely by choice and responsibility of the recipient and is not the responsibility nor liability of EduSpiral Consultant Services.

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This service and the information contained in is not intended as a substitute for seeking professional medical or psychological assistance and is not meant to be a substitute for in-person counseling by professional psychologists.

No assumption of responsibility is made, or given, and the party requesting such advice agrees not to hold EduSpiral Consultant Services responsible or liable in any form or fashion, for such actions taken of their own accord.

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178 thoughts on “EduSpiral Career Assessment Test Malaysia

  1. I want to study Medicine but I’m not sure if its the right choice. I want to talk to people who have graduated on the specific field to give me their insights on it. May I know who shall I reach out to?

  2. May I know what should I do with a Foundation In Science? I prefer Biology related careers. I was thinking of pursuing Medicine.

    1. Foundation in Science may enter Applied Science and Health Science courses

  3. Hi, just got the o level result and think to take foundation in engineering. Is it the Bachelor in Petroleum Engineering not easy to study? and any demand in market?

    1. All Engineering courses are challenging. It depends on how you manage your time in studying

  4. Hi my son had completed his O levels with 5 credits and looking for a Pre university Foundation program. May I know what is the best Foundation to study and at which college if he wants to eventually progress into a Degree in Finance or Finance and Accounting. Thanks

    1. A Foundation in Business will lead to both accounting and finance degree programmes

  5. Hi I’m now studying diploma in Information Technology but I felt tht I’m not interested with this course because lots of logic concept and maths. I’m science stream in high school so my maths and am in spm is A and D. My bio chemi got B which not fairly well ba. To continue this computer journey still ok for me? I’m not sure also but my programming get B which is c++ language. At first I choose to study this course is because I heard that this course has high jobs demand but now I felt tht I’m not interested la. So I’m still deciding, should I drop the course or continue. I don’t have a direction if I dropped out the course for what to study I’m lost and nervous because most of the intakes are closing soon can u please give me advice or suggestions and can I know what’s the high job demand in future as well. Thank you

    1. Since you are already taking the course and is struggling, best is to talk to your lecturers to see if you should continue or not. It is good to choose a course that has high job demand and salary but if you have no passion or interest in it, it’s no use. Whether to continue is up to you and depends on whether you want to put in the extra effort to do well in the course.

  6. I’m interested in actuarial science and pharmacist,I can understand maths and add maths very well,but chemistry fairly well,which is around B+ only,I’m also interested in field of finance,can you tell me which should I study as my career?Thank you.I would also like to know the demand for the career I mentioned above,thank you:)

    1. It is not that easy just to recommend a course without an in-depth discussion with the student to assess their strengths and weaknesses.

  7. Hi, I am a form 5 student. I interested in psychology field but i was wondering if i can continue my study in this field if my addmath or biology result in spm not so good ? In the same time, I also interested in business. Can you give me some advice or suggestion in what course i should take to further my study

    1. Add Maths and Biology are not pre-requisites to enter Psychology. You only need Maths. If you are also interested in Business, you can take a Foundation in Arts course first and then have 1 year to decide between Psychology or Business

  8. Hello, I’m 19 already this year and I still do not know what to study for my degree. But my choice for now is advertising and brand management and also International Business. Unfortunately, I do not know what to choose and whether it suit my interests.

  9. Hye! I decide to study further but i turns 19 years on this year . I know its late a year but i still finding any courses that really suit for me ! I get credit in bm,sc,sejarah,perniagaan,and pass in bi,economy expect math i failed it !! I got interest in course related law or media. I need your help to choose any other course and college that suit for me .

    1. You will need 5 credits in order to study foundation to enter Law, so that’s not possible. You may go for a diploma in mass communication

  10. hi. do you also do counseling for Malaysian students planning to go abroad?

  11. If i like trading and like creating and investment or digital marketing which one is better and which uni is suitable?

    1. You can consider Asia Pacific University, Taylor’s University or Heriot-Watt University Malaysia

  12. I am interested in Photoshop or do any editing but I lazy to learn. I also interested in coding such make an apps or hacking. I have done engineering matriculation programme. I choose AI as my first choice in UPU and chemical engineering as second choice. I enjoy myself with a small group of friends and don’t like to be alone. I am a shy person. Is it suitable for me? Also, IT like AI, Data Science and any related, is it will be the high demand opportunities job even after I graduated, I mean in 2024? Actually, I don’t know my interest😥

    1. There are a lot of courses that you can take. I don’t do random predictions and recommend courses without first counseling a student

  13. I have taken my stpm results recently and am interested in math related courses. Can I know what are the courses that are in demand which requires math? Is software engineering still in demand?

    1. Data Science, Actuarial Science, Computer Science, Finance, Accounting, etc. Yes, Software Engineering is still in demand. You may contact me at 01111408838 for more info

  14. Can i know the demand of food science&technology and medical lab technology and medical imaging&radiotherapy in malaysia?

    1. Food Science work in food industry and more to research and development while MLT and Medical Imaging work in hospitals. There are many hospitals all over Malaysia, therefore jobs are pretty good. Food Science would be working in food-related companies and job demand is good.

  15. Hi, My name is Ruth, i’m completing my STPM studies in another 2 months time but I’m having trouble figuring out which course to take in health care. I cant seem to find my own passion in what I want to do study. Thanks for your time in advance

  16. I’m taking a diploma in software engineering for 1 semester already. Later, I realised that I have more interest in mechatronics engineering and but I saw a lot of comments that the graduates are hard to find job in Malaysia. Is it really a low demand in mechatronics in Malaysia? Or any advise on other engineering courses?

    1. Mechatronics Engineering is a combination of Mechanical Engineering, Electrical & Electronic Engineering and Computer Science. As a software engineer, it is possible to work together with the mechatronics engineer to develop a robot as they all work in a team of specialists. You can consider Mechanical Engineering or Electrical & Electronic Engineering for a more secure job future.

  17. hi im studying in diploma chemical engineering and currently on my last semester. im confused on what course should i take for my further study on degree. i would like to take a course that has high job demand in malaysia.

  18. Hi sir,i am thinking on pursuing my degree in physics since its truly my passion.Can you give me an insight on my future job demand in Malaysia?And how is the job demand for Renewable Energy Engineering in Malaysia?Thanks for your time.

  19. Hi i did my diploma in management. But now im planning to continue my degree but im still confused to decide which course that should i take. Can you help me out. Tq.

  20. Hi, which university is best for VFX and animation degree? Are these course in demand for future employment?

  21. How can I know if I am suitable to take accounting&finance? And I have no basics and confidence at all btw I am a science student.

    1. You should have an interest in money, calculations, business and of course accounting. Thousands of science students have changed from science to business courses without any problems. You should be good in maths.

  22. Hi.I just finished my SPM examination.I was thinking of taking up dentistry course after my foundation.Can i know whether the job demand for a dentist is good in the future in Malaysia? Thank you in advance for the help.

  23. I recently got my spm result and its not really good but all credit except Biology.My mother already apply diploma science at Uitm but i never really interested with it except Chemistry.And i afraid that i cant get a job if i pursue this course.What should I do?

  24. Hello , I planned to further up in Biotechnology degree , but everyone said that there will be no job demanding in Malaysia in the future. It’s better to choose Accounting Finance. Is it true ?

  25. what is the reality for the fresh graduated teachers in malaysia? do they still have high demand or outnumbered? because i am afraid that when i choose to be a teachers i dont get any job or honestly said as to be unemployed.

    *pardon my grammar errors

  26. Does degree in hospitality and tourism management has high demand in malaysia and what is thr job option in this course.
    And also degree in mass comm advertising

    1. Yes, there is a high demand for hospitality and tourism. There are many jobs within the industry. You may contact me to find out more. Mass Comm and Advertising jobs are plenty but one will need a good command of the English language to be successful.

  27. Hi does degree in hospitality and tourism management has high demand in job?
    And what sort of career i can choose for the course

  28. I completed diploma in medical laboratory technology.What other course I can study for degree other than biomedical science?

  29. Hi eduspiral.I just completed diploma in medical laboratory technology.I would like to continue bachelor degree in biomedical science.Is that has high demand?if not can u suggest me what other courses i can continue for degree?

  30. I sat for AL in Srilanka but I planned to do my higher studies in Malaysia . I choose Accounting and Finance , please help me to choose the best university in malaysia fo accounting and finance.

  31. I have the dream of working in Australia as a sales and marketing in pharmacy. Which University would you suggest me to pursue Pharmacy?

  32. I have finish my dip in Geomatics Sc (GIS). But I really love and want to take degree in Medical or Nursing. Is it possible? To apply in this course in degree via my diploma?

  33. Does ICSA have a good future, will they be in demand as well? Can I know the payscale of fresh graduates with degree in B.A Corporate Administration (Hons) or who graduated with ICSA.

  34. Hi Eduspiral, I have just completed my diploma in ship construction and maintenance and now I’m planning to further my studies for degree but I have no idea on what to pursue. I was planning on pursuing into mechanical engineering or actuarial science. I know it is kinda off the track from my diploma but are there any chances for me to join any of those two course?

  35. I was wondering I am too late to know this eduspiral but luckily to know before I choose university. Ive fill up the test and hope to get reply soon because I am quite short of time to rush for march intake..thank you. T^T

  36. I get A in Bahasa Melayu, Biology, History and Maths; A- in English and Add Math, B+ in Chemistry and Physic but i love Chemistry and Biology very much. I currently interested in nursing, dietitian and pharmacy. what course can i offer based on this information.

  37. Hello there~ May I know how do I know the result of the career assessment test that I’ve just taken? Thank you~

      1. Thank you but my phone doesn’t have whatsapp. Can you email me instead?

      2. Thank you~ But my phone doesn’t have whatsapp.I just seen this reply today so can you email me instead? Sorry for the inconvenience.

  38. BIO – B
    MATHS – B

    could u tell me what course i can get that so i can pursue my interest in biology

  39. tomorrow my stpm result will come out ! if my pointer will be below 2, can i continue fr degree??? i dont hve accout basic but can i proceed my degree in banking and finance?

  40. Hi
    May i know which is the Best Universities & Colleges in Malaysia to study BACHELOR OF PHYSIOTHERAPY (HONS) ??

  41. i’m not good at math but i have interest in taking accounting and finance course. can i still take that course even if im not good at math?

  42. Hi, I am currently doing cambridge a levels. I recently dropped biology. So I am only taking 3 subjects now which is Chemistry, Physics and Mathematics. Can I know what degree courses that I am eligible to take with this 3 subjects?


  44. i am interested to be either a consultant or manager in HR but i do not know much about this job and the pathway i should take after spm.

    1. Choosing a course also includes your interests, strengths, character type and budget. Generally, for those who are good in Physics & Chemistry, they can consider Chemical Engineering or Petroleum Engineering. Food Science can be considered also. With Maths & Physics, you can consider all the engineering fields. If you like Maths a lot, you can consider Actuarial Science, Software Engineering or IT.

  45. Can I know the demand of architecture ,interior design, civil engineering and quantity surveyor in malaysia?

  46. Which course i should take if i am weak in math .. Bachelor in Business & Human Resource Management / Business & Marketing or Business & Finance? Is it finace got a lot of calculation?

  47. I am interest in physics ,I got an A- in my physics ,A+ in my math and B+ in my addmath.So,please tell me that what course is much more suitable for me ?Thank you

    1. That’s too little information given to make a proper assessment. Generally, if one is good in Maths and Physics, you can consider mechanical engineering, civil engineering, e&e engineering or mechatronic engineering. It also depends on your personality and interests. Please email me at stating the course of interest, your full name as per IC and mobile number. I will send you all the details.

  48. Should i or should i not take engineering ?I’m weak in addmath but i am really interested in engineering.

  49. i love mathematics…i done with my diploma in risk management..Can u tell me which course is suit for my interest in mathematics

  50. which course should i take if i’m weak in addmaths but pretty good in science subjects except chemistry? Should i pursue an engineering course or a science course would be better for me ? But i’m sure both of them have calculus that is similar to addmath. your advise would be much appreciated. 🙂

  51. I am just clueless ! Ive got A’s for both english and maths ! I know my interest but wat course do you think is the most suitable with this grade ?

  52. Hello. Is it normal for a diploma to have their assessment 60% are based on coursework and the other 40% are examination? Do you think this diploma can be used to continue my degree at another university?

    Oh, and i have another question. is it true that students that took diploma in pharmacy can only become pharmacist assistants?

    Hope you can answer them for me. Thank you,

  53. Hi, how long will it takes for the career assessment to be done, I may seem a little impatient that is because my family are pressuring to start study in March since I had my SPM result. And if I take Accounting, which path is the most safest to take? A-levels or Foundation?

  54. i’m waiting for me spm result now . But to be honestly i don’t like to study but i always tried to study hard to get a good result as i know that it is important for my future life . yea so i don’t know what i like . i’m a pure science student . i’m week in physics and addmaths .

    my spm trial result :

    bahasa cina – A
    bahasa inggeris – A-
    biologi – A
    bahasa melayu – B+
    physics – C+
    maths – A-
    addmaths – C
    moral – A
    Sejarah – A+
    chemistry – A-

    can you give me some suggestion on what course should i take ?
    any career is with high salary and high job opportunity ?
    can you you give me more information about accountant , pharmacist , dentistry , law and also chemical engineering ?
    i’m week in physics, is it possible for me to study chemical engineering ?

    please guide me . THANKS !!

    1. Chemical Engineering requires physics. You can read all about the courses in my blog. My blog also contains the salary reports. It is not possible to tell which course suits you by just looking at your results, we have to take into consideration your interests, personality, hobbies, strengths and weaknesses. You can fill up the Career Assessment Form found on our blog as well.

  55. I am interested in Maths and Chemistry. But I hate physics and biology. I got A+ in maths and add maths, A- in chemistry but c+ in physics and biology. So what course is more suitable for me?

      1. I change my idea from study Cambridge A-level…seem it is quite risky…..can give me more info about accountancy

        Sent from Samsung Mobile

  56. what is the differences between SAM and Australian Matriculation although I read through the details about these courses via this website?what is International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme?

  57. I am interest in chemistry but not to biology and physics although I can score an A for each subject. I scared that the course I choose do not have any jobs available in Malaysia.

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