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Choosing what you want to study and where you want to go to university in Malaysia is an extremely personal — and frequently stressful — decision that teens and their families have to make. Our professional services at EduSpiral Consultant Services are designed to eliminate your pains and make your university applications simpler! With more than 20 years of experience, I provide counseling on courses that have future high job demand & salary. I do a thorough research on the job demand & salary for the right course to recommend to you so that you don't end up jobless after you graduate. In addition, I select top universities that can equip you with the necessary knowledge & skills to succeed in your future career. EduSpiral Consultant Services is an officially appointed agent by top private universities and colleges in Malaysia as their representative to provide course counselling & information and to assist in their applications. This service is FREE of charge.

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EduSpiral Consultant Services is a top education agent guiding students from across Malaysia to help them choose the right course and university. Highly knowledgeable and experienced professional staff will talk to you and get to know you before giving advise on which course that will best fit you.

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Choosing a university is an important decision that you should not take lightly. Students should visit the university to look at the facilities, accommodation and surrounding areas. I provide personalised counselling to help students choose the right university by taking them on a campus tour.

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EduSpiral Consultant Services will assist the student to fill up the application form to be submitted to the top university or college of interest in Malaysia and help you to register. The service is free and does not affect the student in any way.

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 Choosing the right course will determine your future career and success. It is important to talk to the knowledgeable and experienced professionals to find out what is the best course that fits you with the results that you have obtained.

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Choosing where you want to go to college in Malaysia is an extremely personal — and frequently stressful — decision that teens and their families have to make. Our professional services at EduSpiral Consultant Services are designed to eliminate your pains and make your university applications simpler!

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Since Our Founding in 2009, we have helped thousands of students in guiding them to choose the right course and the best private university in Malaysia that suits them. Here are some student testimonials & reviews of EduSpiral Consultant Services.

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The EduSpiral Career Assessment test is used to help students after High School and Pre-University to figure out which course would best suit them for their university studies in Malaysia.

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Choosing the Right Course can be Confusing. You don’t want to have chosen a Course and then graduate to find yourself Jobless, with Low Salary or Not Interested in the Career.

Choosing the Best University is also important as it will Help develop your Potential to Succeed in Your Future Career.

With More than 30 years of Experience & Knowledge come Chat with me to Choose the Right Course & the Best Private University 

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