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I met EduSpiral a few years back & although I wanted to pursue his advise, my parents asked me to take STPM. I wasn't satistied with my STPM results and finally, EduSpiral helped me to understand clearly that SACEi was the best Pre-U that suit me. Khalil, South Australian Matriculation (SAM) at Taylors College

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Students after SPM or O-Levels planning to study in Australia for their degree programme can consider taking the popular Australian Matriculation programme in Malaysia. There are basically two types of Australian Matriculation in Malaysia. They are the South Australian Matriculation (SAM or SACE International) and the Western Australian Matriculation (AUSMAT). These two programmes are recognised worldwide for entry into top universities.

Best Australian Matriculation (AUSMAT) Course in Malaysia

Best Australian Matriculation in Malaysia at Taylor’s College


Best Pre-University or Foundation Course to Enter into Monash University Malaysia


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