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EduSpiral Consultant Services is a Top Education Advisor in Malaysia Helping Students to Choose the Right Course & University. Established in 2009, EduSpiral provides free professional counselling & information to students after high school or diploma to find the right course at the right college or university. EduSpiral is an officially appointed representative of Malaysia's top private universities. We carefully choose and only represent reputable & accredited private universities & colleges in Malaysia so we are able to match you with the best university. Many students are confused about what to study or where to study after high school so, EduSpiral is here to help you find the right course & college that fits you and the campus that fits your budget.

Why Choose EduSpiral Consultant Services?

Here are the Top Reasons to Choose EduSpiral for your University Application & Course Advise. EduSpiral Provides the following Services for FREE!

Free Professional Advise

I will advise you on what's best for your future based on facts & evidence and tell you truthfully if what you have chosen may not be the best pathway. This is because what you decide now, will change your life forever.

Knowledgeable Counsellor

With more than 25 years working at top private universities garnering vast knowledge of the thousands of courses, I am able to guide you though your confusion to choose the right course & university.

Advise on Courses with High Job Demand

You don't want to graduate and become jobless because you chose the wrong course. I have read & researched extensively on which courses will lead to jobs with high demand so that you will have a worry free future.

Advise on Jobs with High Salary

The aim of education is getting a career with high salary so that you can sustain your future lifestyle and family during high inflation or uncertain economic environments

Free Campus Tour

With my vast experience and knowledge of our partner universities, I will guide you to see the facilities vital to your course of choice and how they will prepare you for your future career

Free Application Service to Private Universities

Painless & seamless online application to our partner universities. We guide you step-by-step so that you are well prepared to enter your university studies worry free

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EduSpiral Consultant Services  has more than 20 years experience in the private education industry and is an officially appointed representative for over 20 private colleges & universities in Malaysia.