Choosing the Right Course & Top Private University in Malaysia

Choose to Study at a Top University for a Better Future

Studying at a Top Private University will equip you with a wealth of knowledge, skills and invaluable experiences to hone you to face the challenges of your future career and overcome them successfully!

Top Engineering Courses

Engineering has excellent job prospects in Malaysia and Globally. Salaries for engineers can be very high if you receive the right university education. Choose Engineering for an Exciting Career!

Top 10 Information Technology (IT) or Computer Science Degree Courses to Study in Malaysia

The world has become digital, hence, demand for qualified & knowledgeable IT specialists are high. Jobs abound with high salaries as long as you have the necessary knowledge and skills. Choose the right IT university to study!

Best Architecture Degree Courses Accredited by Lembaga Arkitek Malaysia (LAM)

Studying architecture, as well as the pathway to become a professional architect in Malaysia can be very challenging. Determined students would need to check if the degree courses are accredited by Lembaga Arkitek Malaysia (LAM).

Malaysia’s 30 Top Jobs in Demand in Future with High Salaries

Part of finding the right career in Malaysia for you will be looking at the future job demand in Malaysia and globally. You don’t want to have completed a degree course and then not be able to find a job or realise that the job pays very low salary. Therefore, it is important for students after high school or Pre-University to choose the right course to study – you don’t want to waste your time and money on a course you don’t want to do (or end up dropping out of).

Top 20 Courses to Study in Malaysia that has High Job Demand & Stable Salary

When choosing the right course to study in Malaysia, one important criteria that students should look at is the job demandChoosing to study a course that has future potential high job demand and salary would ensure that you have a higher chance of a successful career that would support your lifestyle goals.

Study Courses that has High Job Demand in Malaysia

At EduSpiral Consultant Services, we do our research on the job demand for the careers in Malaysia and Salary Reports in order to best advise our students on what to study based on facts and evidence. Students need to talk to the right education counsellors so that you get the right information to help you in making this life-changing decision.

Top 10 Degree Courses in Malaysia with Highest Starting Salaries

Education is one of the pathways to a better life through getting a stable job with a good salary. Students should choose the right course with high job demand in Malaysia so that they have a secure future. The starting salary of a fresh degree graduate in Malaysia is about the same for everyone.

Top Pre-U Programmes

After completing your SPM or O-Levels can be confusing for some students in choosing the right Pre-University Course to study. With so many colleges and Pre-U Programmes out there, it is important to choose the right one that fits your learning style.

Best Business Programmes at Top Private Universities

There are many Business Schools in Malaysia and many more business courses to choose from. The best Business School will set you apart from the thousands of graduates to secure your dream job.

Top 10 Private Colleges & Universities for Hotel Management

People are travelling around the world more and more. This means that there will be more jobs for top hospitality graduates. Graduates have the opportunity to work around the world in this exciting field!

Best Design Courses at Top Colleges & Universities

Choose the right design course & university to study so that you gain the necessary skills for your career.

Top Colleges & University for Diploma in Culinary Arts

Guide in helping students to choose the right college to study culinary arts. Choose from top universities or affordable colleges.

Best Foundation Courses to Study

There are many Foundation courses leading to various pathways. Learn to Choose the right Foundation course that will allow you to enter your degree of choice.

Top 10 of the Best Universities in Malaysia 2019

There are so many private universities & colleges in Malaysia, students will need to be strategic to narrow down this confusing array into a shortlist and ultimately decide which is the best university for you.

Which are the Top Computer Science Private Universities & Courses in Malaysia

Studying the degree in Computer Science at a top university in Malaysia, one will focus on subjects such as software, databases, and networking. In general computer science degrees tend to focus on the mathematical and theoretical foundations of computing rather than emphasizing specific technologies.

Top 10 Private Universities Offering the Best Electrical & Electronic Engineering Degree Courses Accredited by the Board of Engineers Malaysia (BEM)

In order to have a successful career as an electrical & electronics engineerstudents should choose to study at the best private universities in Malaysia that’s accredited by MQA and the Board of Engineers Malaysia (BEM). Choosing to study at a top private universities in Malaysia for your electrical & electronic engineering education will help you to acquire the best knowledge and skills for a successful career.

Top 10 Foundation in Science Programmes in Malaysia at the Best Private Universities

The Foundation in Science is a Pre-University programme in Malaysiaoffered at top private universities for students after SPM or O-Levels. Students who are interested in pursuing a science-related degree may go for the 1-year affordable Foundation in Science programme that is recognised by the Malaysian Ministry of Education for entry into degree programmes at private universities.

Top 10 Universities & Colleges in Malaysia for Mass Communication, Public Relations, Media & Advertising

Those serious about getting started in the field of communications should consider one of the top private universities and colleges in Malaysia offering programs in communications, advertising, broadcasting, journalism, mass communication, and related areas of study.

Top 5 Private Universities in Malaysia to Study Biotechnology Degree

Biotechnology is the fastest growing science-based industry in the world, is widely regarded as the new engine of growth for the global economy. Covering the medical and health care industries, the agricultural and industrial sectors, the environment, and forensics, it encompasses also the applications of technologies like biochemistry, molecular biology, genetic engineering, bioinformatics, and others for the development of new products and processes.

Best Food Science with Nutrition Degree Course at Top Universities in Malaysia

Studying Food Science and Nutrition involves various science disciplines such as chemistry, biochemistry, nutrition and engineering to teach students how diet and nutrition affects the health of individuals, and also the technologies for creating new food products, and designing new processes to improve the safety and quality of foods

Top 10 Private Universities in Malaysia for Banking, Finance & Investment Courses

Banking and Finance degree is for students who desire a career in the financial sector in roles such as securities analyst, financial or investment manager, or as a private, commercial or investment banker. In a Banking & Finance course students will typically learn about how the economy works, how decisions are made in banking and finance and how financial systems and capital markets operate in an international context.

All You Need to Know About Actuarial Science

Actuarial Science is a difficult course but the rewards are there if you complete it! Actuaries are one of the highest paid professionals in the world!

Top 20 Courses to Study in Malaysia that has High Job Demand & Stable Salary

When choosing the right course to study in Malaysia, one important criteria that students should look at is the job demandChoosing to study a course that has future potential high job demand and salary would ensure that you have a higher chance of a successful career that would support your lifestyle goals.

Top Universities in Malaysia Best for Computer Cyber Security Degree Course

As technology advances, the number of computer systems in Malaysia and globally has increased dramatically, and the dependence upon them by individuals, businesses, industries and governments have grown. This means that there are an increasing number of systems at risk. Serious financial damage can result from cyber attacks and sometimes even physically.

Diploma in Business Administration Course at the Best Private Colleges & Universities in Malaysia

Students will experience different dynamic learning processes are employed in the delivery of a diploma in business administration, such as lectures, tutorials, computer lab work, team-based project, real life system development, presentations, independent projects supervised by supervisors from university lecturers or industry experts. The learning is very much practical oriented.

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Open Day Information for Top Private Universities & Colleges in Malaysia

Find out about Open Days at Malaysia's Top Private Universities & Colleges. Choosing a university is an important decision that you should not take lightly. Going to the Universities or Colleges' Open Days is an excellent opportunity for students to get information to help them decide on which is the best one to study at.

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