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It is vital for students to consider carefully in the early stages which courses that would lead to jobs that will be high in demand in future. The Fourth Industrial Revolution (INR 4.0) is transforming the job landscape in Southeast Asia, with an estimated 6.6 million jobs becoming redundant by 2028. The IR4.0 has a big impact on the local economy and community. This means the IR4.0 industries would require human capital with relevant and adequate digital and data literacy. Furthermore, According to the World Economic Forum’s Future of Jobs Report 2020, the workforce is automating faster than expected, displacing 85 million jobs in the next five years. Automation, in tandem with the COVID-19 recession, is creating a “double-disruption” scenario for workers. Companies’ adoption of technology will transform tasks, jobs, and skills by 2025. With the emergence of new possibilities and opportunities through the power of emerging technologies, students must take advantage and choose courses that will be relevant in their future jobs. Between 3.3 million and 6 million jobs are expected to be created in Malaysia by 2030, but with the new age of automation Industrial 4.0, preparation and training are fast becoming the critical factor as the new workforce would need new skills. Choosing the best course to study for the future means responding to this remarkable rapid transformation. Successful students are those who are quick to identify courses that have future job demand.

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