Financial Technology (Fintech)

Best Financial Technology Courses at Top Private Universities and the Job Demand, Career Prospects & Salaries in Malaysia

There is a demand for top graduates in Financial Technology (Fintech) in Malaysia. Salaries for Fintech graduates in Malaysia can be very high. In order to succeed in the competitive banking & finance industry, students must choose the best universities in Malaysia to study. Students should choose the right university that fits them which has a good reputation for banking & finance programmes, excellent facilities, top lecturers, student support services and an English-speaking student environment. Fintech is a emerging as a top job in demand in Malaysia and Globally therefore it is a great opportunity for students to choose this course to study

Best Financial Technology (Fintech) Degree Courses in Malaysia – What are the Subjects, Course Details & Entry Requirements

The Financial Technology (Fintech) degree course will give students a mix of theory and practical skills and experience in order to support the growth of this vital sector in our economy. Now more than ever businesses need employees with the knowledge and skills to advise on how they can grow within the financial services sector.

Financial Technology (Fintech) is a Top Emerging Job in Malaysia with High Job Demand & Salary

Fintech investment ballooned from $1.89 billion in 2010, to $27 billion in 2017. The increase in fintech spending is expected to continue, with the Asia/Pacific and African markets driving a significant share of market growth.

A Fantastic Career Opportunity with Financial Technology (Fintech) as it has High Job Demand & Salary in Malaysia

In Malaysia, some of the biggest names in the financial industry are taking steps to facilitate FinTech providers, leading to a future of rapid expansion. With the interest in the FinTech industry in Malaysia growing at such a pace, there is a strong requirement for Fintech graduates & professionals to take up roles.

Best Financial Technology (Fintech) Degree Specialisation in Malaysia at Asia Pacific University (APU)

SuperCharger, Asia Pacific University (APU) and the Centre for Finance Technology and Entrepreneurship (CFTE) collaborated to create multiple Fintech modules as part of the Bachelor’s Degree in Banking and FinanceAPU will launch Malaysia’s first academic qualification to include Fintech modules.

Hays 2018 Salary Report on Fintech (Financial Technology) Jobs in Malaysia

The Malaysian finance technology (Fintech) market grew steadily over 2017 and we expect this growth to continue throughout 2018, driven by new technology innovations and regulatory change. The central bank, Bank Negara Malaysia, is working to raise the profile of FinTech amongst financial firms and insurers to improve the quality and efficiency of the country’s financial services sector. This push has created more job opportunities for candidates in the emerging technologies space including mobile and the web.

Best University to Study Finance, Investment & Banking in Malaysia

Banking & Finance is a traditional career area for graduates in Malaysia, as is the wider financial services sector. Although many graduate entrants have a financial background there are also openings for those with degrees in other subjects: you can expect good training on a graduate programme and there may be a chance to extend your knowledge through professional exams.

How a Finance Course in Malaysia Can Make You Unbelievably Rich!

According to Kelly Services 2018 Salary & Hiring Outlook, a Senior Vice President in Corporate Banking / Global Wholesale Banking/Investment Banking with more than 15 years of experience can earn between RM28,000 to RM48,000 a month.  Now that’s an incredible salary to have as a Finance professional in Malaysia.

Entry Requirements for Accounting, Banking & Finance Degree Courses at Top Private Universities in Malaysia

In oder to succeed in the competitive world of banking & finance, students must choose the best universities in Malaysia .  Find out the Entry Requirements for the accounting, banking & finance courses.

Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) Certification in Malaysia

A CFA Charter is widely recognized by investors, investment practitioners, employers, regulators and the media in Malaysia and globally as the highest ethical, education and professional standard in an investment community. Therefore, CFA charter-holders are highly sought after in the job market in Malaysia.

How to Get Rich with a Finance Degree from a Top Private University in Malaysia

You will not just get rich by getting a degree in Finance. It is a combination of your attitude, planning, networking as well as your knowledge and skills. To get out of the income trap you must plan your future carefully and that starts first with the course and university that you choose. Choosing to study the degree in finance is a great choice as the career is one of the highest paid in Malaysia.

Best Banking & Finance Courses at Top Universities in Malaysia

Banking and finance is a unique business niche. It combines rigorous research with a practical mathematical foundation. In your banking and finance studies, you will develop a thorough knowledge of commercial and investment banking as well as the changing structure of the international financial industry.

Banking & Finance Job Salaries in Malaysia According to Robert Walters Salary Survey 2015

Banking & Finance Professionals’ Salaries in Malaysia According to Robert Walters Salary Survey 2015

Top Banking, Finance & Investment Jobs in Demand in Malaysia according to Kelly Services Salary Survey 2015

The role of the financial sector is envisioned to continue growing to be a key driver and catalyst of Malaysia’s economic progression. This sector is projected to be more competitive, dynamic, inclusive, diversified, and integrated, with the ability to offer world class financial services, in terms of breadth, depth and quality to serve the needs of Malaysia.

Finance, Banking & Investment are Top Most In Demand Jobs with High Salaries in Malaysia

Skilled finance, banking & investment professionals are projected to remain in high demand in Malaysia’s accountancy & finance job market as employers grow their businesses and add more value for clients. Strong demand exists for qualified graduates in finance, banking & investment possessing critical thinking skills, innovative, interpersonal communication skills and a strong command of the English language.

Best Accounting Diploma & Degree Courses in Malaysia

In order to succeed in the competitive field of accounting, students must choose the best universities in Malaysia to study.

Best Diploma in Accounting Course at Top Universities & Colleges in Malaysia

Students after SPM or O-Levels who are sure that they want to study accounting can choose to study the Diploma in Accounting instead of going for a Pre-University Programme. Students should choose the best university or college in Malaysia to study the Diploma in Accounting so that they gain the necessary knowledge and skills to succeed in the competitive workforce.

How to Choose the Best Foundation in Business Administration Course in Malaysia

Choosing the right Foundation course after SPM or O-Levels can be challenging Many students after SPM or O-Levels are left with the difficult task of making that choice without being sufficiently equipped with the necessary details to make an informed choice.

Best Foundation in Business or Commerce in Malaysia at Top Private Universities

Foundation in Business Administration is a structured and straightforward path to a degree in Business at private universities in Malaysia. A Foundation in Commerce Course at a top private university in Malaysia will take 1 year to complete before you continue on to a business degree programme.

Top Business Schools at Private Universities in Malaysia

Top Business Schools from the best private universities in Malaysia will offer world class business programmes that are accredited by the Malaysian Qualifications Agency (MQA).

Top 10 Business Courses to Study in Malaysia

Students who are interested in business courses have a wide variety of choices. You can choose from the general Business Administration or Management course to more specific ones like Accounting, Accounting & Finance, Finance, Human Resource Management, Marketing, and many more.

Campus Tour & Visit to Top Private Universities & Colleges in Malaysia

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