Blockchain Technology

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You may have heard about Bitcoin or cryptocurrency in the past few years or you may be familiar with “blockchain,” the record-keeping technology behind bitcoin. Intended to be a framework for cryptocurrency Bitcoin when it was first created in 2008, Blockchain technology today is fast penetrating into applications beyond the financial sector. Demand for professionals in Blockchain is rising rapidly and this is an opportunity for students interested in computer science to specialise in this field.

Begin Your Career in Blockchain with a Degree From a Top Private University in Malaysia

Details from the Michael Page Malaysia Salary Benchmark 2020 highlights that fintech is growing at an accelerated rate in Malaysia therefore demand for tech-savvy professionals with experience in e-money and blockchain technologies is strong. Demand for professionals in Blockchain is rising rapidly and this is an opportunity for students interested in computer science to specialise in this field.

Malaysia's Top Ranked Taylor's University Offers Blockchain Specialisation

Taylor's University is the only private university in Malaysia offering the Blockchain specialisation. Upon completion of this specialisation, students should be able to design, build and deploy smart contracts, distributed applications, and integrate concepts and ideas from blockchain technology in to the systems they develop.

What are the Important Factors in Choosing a Top University to Study Computer Science in Malaysia

Which are the Top Computer Science Private Universities & Courses in Malaysia

In general computer science degrees tend to focus on the mathematical and theoretical foundations of computing rather than emphasizing specific technologies. In this article, I will answer some questions that a student would have when choosing to study computer science in Malaysia.

Best Computer Science Degree Courses at Top Private Universities in Malaysia

With a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science you are qualified to design and create new software and also to modify, and test existing software for computerized applications in a broad range of business and industry. You may also be required to devise new and more efficient algorithms and techniques.

Malaysia’s Best Computer Science Degree Courses at Top Universities

Computer science requires a strong mathematical and scientific background. Depending on the universities, the courses may vary in teaching subjects. While some universities prefer teaching theoretical aspect of computer science, others focus on advanced programming.

Top 10 Diploma in Computer Science, Diploma in Software Engineering or Diploma in Information Technology (IT) Course at Top Universities in Malaysia

If you know that you want to go into IT, then students should just take the Diploma in Information Technology (IT) rather than go for a Foundation program.

Computer Science vs Software Engineering Degree Courses at Top Private Universities in Malaysia

Software Engineering (SE) and Computer Science (CS) are two different fields that are used in computing. Find out the differences so that you are able to choose the right one to study at a top private university in Malaysia.

Different Types of Computer Science, Software Engineering, ICT or Computing Jobs in Malaysia

Brief Description on the Job Functions for Computing, Computer Science, Software Engineering, & Information Communications Technology Degree Programmes

Best Colleges & Universities in Malaysia to Study Diploma in Computer Science

The Diploma in Computer Science is the first step for students after SPM or O-Levels wanting to pursue a tertiary education in computer science. A diploma is more practical and covers subjects more related to the computer science studies.

Best Diploma in Computer Science at Top Universities in Malaysia

The Diploma in Computer Science may also be known as Diploma in Information Technology (IT)Diploma in Software Engineering or Diploma in Computer Studies.

Malaysia’s Best Foundation in Information Technology (IT) / Computer Studies

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