Diploma Graduates in Malaysia can Transfer Credits into Year 2 of Related Degree

Being from Pangkor made it difficult to find information on the universities to transfer after my Diploma. EduSpiral gave a lot of information & advise that helped me to choose the right university. They even picked me up from the bus station to drop me at the hostel. Jayden Cheah, Mechatronics Engineering Graduate

Best Guide on How to Transfer Your Diploma into a Top Private University in Malaysia for Degree

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So, now you have completed your diploma and you have two choices – go find a job or continue on to get your degree. As the job market has a lot of degree graduates, it is important to remain competitive and continue on to a degree after completing your diploma. It is possible for diploma graduates to transfer their credits into another university for the relevant degree course and enter into Year 2. Read on to find out more on how to transfer your credits.

Some Diploma graduates have said that they would like to work first before continuing on to study a degree programme. A degree holder will get higher salary and better job promotions than a diploma holder. From experience, my suggestion is to continue immediately after you complete your diploma. This is because when you begin a job, it is difficult to stop. In addition, if you have stopped studies for a while, it may be difficult to find the right frame of mind and motivation to start studying again.

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How to Transfer your Diploma Credits to Receive Exemptions into a Degree at a Top Private University in Malaysia

EduSpiral helped me to transfer my business diploma into UCSI University. He had advised me to go for a university with an English-speaking environment so that I can improve myself. Kwang Wei, Business graduate from UCSI University
EduSpiral helped me to transfer my business diploma into UCSI University. He had advised me to go for a university with an English-speaking environment so that I can improve myself.
Kwang Wei, Business graduate from UCSI University

To move up in the corporate world or into management level, the basic requirement is a degree. In addition, the starting salary for a degree holder is higher and the opportunities for promotion is faster because the degree holder is equipped with problem solving, decision making and in-depth technical skills.

If you want to go for your degree, then your decision now is to either continue on at your current college, if it offers the degree, or choose another university. Most of you know that English is a very important part of the working world.

If you did not improve your English during your diploma studies, you may seriously want to consider choosing a university with an English-speaking environment so that you are forced to improve your communication skills. If you don’t do this, it would be too late to improve it while you work. Many graduates have lost out on job interviews at top multi-national companies because they cannot communicate in English.

It could be cheaper to continue on at your university but remember, what you decide now, may mean 60 years of high salary versus 60 years of low salary and slow promotions.


Exemptions into Year 2 of Related Degree at Top Universities in Malaysia

Business Computing at Asia Pacific University (APU)
Not satisfied after completing our diploma at Inti & EduSpiral helped us with the credit transfer. He arranged for us to talk to lecturers & staff at APU to guide us on which IT course to study.
Chin Mun & Li Ching, Business Computing at Asia Pacific University (APU)

Most diplomas can be transferred to another college or university into the Year 2 of the relevant programme but it depends on the exemptions.

If you have taken the Diploma in Accounting, it is highly likely that you can enter into Year 2 of the degree in Accounting or Accounting & Finance. For the Diploma in Business Administration, you can enter into Year 2 of the degree in Business Administration depending on the exemptions.

However, if you go from the Diploma in Business Administration into the Degree in Accounting, then you may not get the optimum amount of exemptions because the subjects in your diploma are not similar with the degree course of the university that you want to transfer to.

I had one student who graduated from TARC or TARUC Penang with the Diploma in International Business and wanted to continue on for the Degree in Finance at a university with an English-speaking environment because he wanted to earn a high salary during his work life.

We submitted his documents to HELP University and obtained exemptions off Year 1. He came down from Penang and I took him around the campus to tour and helped arranged to view the hostel and other accommodation.

I also helped two students who graduated with the Diploma in Interior Design from Lim Kok Wing University and they have managed to transfer into Year 2 of the BA (Hons) Interior Architecture & Design (3+0) awarded by Nottingham Trent University, UK and offered at KBU International College.

So, to transfer from the Diploma in Mechanical Engineering to the degree in Mechanical Engineering, then you will get more exemptions than transferring into the degree in Electrical or Civil engineering at UCSI University.

It would not be possible for you to transfer from the Diploma in IT into the Degree in Accounting because the subjects are not related at all. Therefore, you have to keep in mind to transfer into the degree that is similar to your diploma.

Diploma in IT or Computing students can transfer their credits into the best university for IT which is Asia Pacific University (APU) and enter into Year 2 depending on the exemptions. I had a student from TARC KL who did not complete his diploma in IT because of the complicated system at the college. I helped him to get the most exemptions possible to enter into APU so that he could complete his diploma and then continue on to degree studies.


Students who have taken the PTPN Loan during their diploma studies can continue on to apply for the PTPN Loan for their degree studies. You just start paying back for both your diploma and degree after you graduate. It would cost roughly about RM30,000-RM50,000 in tuition fees for the final 2 years depending on which course. You can apply for the PTPN Loan for the degree studies

Transfer Process for the Diploma to be exempted into the Degree Course in Malaysia

I was having problems in transferring to some universities but EduSpiral helped me to get the most exemptions transferring into Asia Pacific University smoothly. Lester Sia, TARC KL student
I was having problems in transferring to some universities but EduSpiral helped me to get the most exemptions transferring into Asia Pacific University smoothly.
Lester Sia, TARC KL student

As I represent reputable institutions with a wide range of degrees, please contact me to find out how you can transfer to an institution that best fit your needs. It will take some time for the exemptions to be done, so you should apply early. If you are applying to enter into design or architecture degree courses, then you will need to submit a portfolio as well.

In order to process your transfer smoothly, you will need to send me the following:

  1. Transcripts of all the subjects taken
  2. Copy of SPM or UEC certificate
  3. Course outline for all the subjects taken – you can request this from your course coordinator. A course outline is a brief description of each subject taken at your current college or university. The outline is needed for the university that you intend to go to, to compare the subjects that you have taken at your current university with theirs to see if they are similar. If similar, then, you are given the exemption, if not, then you will need to retake that subject. For example, if you have taken Basic Accounting, then you will be exempted from Fundamentals in Accounting at the university that you want to go to because the subjects are similar. However, if you had taken Computer Skills and that subject is not offered in the degree at the university that you want to go to, then this subject is not exempted.
  4. Photocopy of diploma certificate, if ready, if not, then request your university for the Letter of Completion
  5. Photocopy of IC – both sides

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12 thoughts on “Diploma Graduates in Malaysia can Transfer Credits into Year 2 of Related Degree

  1. Hello, a little bit unrelated question but hope still can get answer here. I have similar case but instead of Diploma it’s Foundation. I have Foundation in Science from IMU. Can I switch uni and use it to apply to Computer Science courses in APU?

    1. It depends on the evaluation for entry. You have to submit the documents for assessment.

  2. I’m currently doing my diploma in accounting course at TARC and for my degree I’d like to take something that’s not so complicated as accounting as I’m already finding it difficult to complete my course. What are my options if I choose to pursue degree with my accounting diploma other than degree in accounting.

    1. It depends on the exemptions. You should contact the TARC counselor and ask them which degree that your diploma can transfer into

  3. I finished my diploma in a public university and I want to transfer to a private university to gain more and new experience. Therefore, is it possible for student who finished their studies/diploma/etc and transfer to private university to continue degree?

  4. Is it ok to switch courses in the same institution and then transfer to other college n graduate feom other college?

  5. is that good that study diploma of mechanical engineering in HELP CAT compare to study one year foundation , n two years degree in UCSI? in order to can transfer credits into Year 2 of Related Degree overseas

    1. It depends on what you want, if you want to go for degree you might as well just go Foundation and then into the degree. If you transfer from HELP to UCSI, you may not get the maximum exemptions and may take you more than two years. If you want more details, you may email me at info@eduspiral.com.my with your full name and mobile number.

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