How to Apply for EPF Withdrawal from Account 2 for Education

EPF Withdrawal for Education

Applying for the EPF Withdrawal from Account 2 for Your Studies in Malaysia

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Quality education is the key to a stable career that will result in a comfortable life for you and your family. Students interested in this scheme will need to talk to your parents and ask them to withdraw their savings from Account 2 to help finance your education at approved institutions locally or abroad.

This scheme allows Employees Provident Fund (EPF) members to withdraw from Account II to pay the fees to undertake further studies in local or overseas institutions.

Before applying for withdrawal under this scheme, EPF members are required to check the balance in Account II and obtain a letter from EPF that specifies the amount that can be withdrawn. Members can apply by completing the KWSP 9H (AHL) form and submit together with supporting documents. In addition, students also need to have registered at the institution and obtain a Letter from the institution to EPF as documentation for the withdrawal.

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Employees Provident Fund (EPF) Withdrawal Scheme for Education

What You Can Withdraw

Total tuition fees/outstanding education loan OR Entire savings in Account 2 (whichever is lower)

What’s covered

  • Tuition fees and charges imposed by the higher learning institution
    Outstanding loan amount
  • Hostel & Accommodation Fees
  • One-way flight for first-year students studying outstation/abroad

Who Can Apply

  • Malaysians & Non-Malaysians
  • Below 55 years of age
  • Have savings in Account 2
  • Currently pursuing or completed – diploma or equivalent
    (academic/professional/skill-based/vocational study)
  • Studying at local institutions
    (full-time, part-time, distance learning and franchise programmes) OR
    Institutions abroad (full-time programmes)
  • Member/Member’s children who quit/failed/withdrawn from approved education *To pay for all overdue payment fully to higher learning institutions within 3 years starting from the termination of education; And settle remaining education loan with loan provider institutions


  • Withdrawal to pay your own tuition fees
  • Withdrawal to pay your child’s tuition fees
  • Joint withdrawal with your spouse to pay for your children’s tuition fees

When You Can Withdraw

  • Every semester or academic year
  • Within three (3) years from the course end/quit/failed date for outstanding payments to be settled with the higher learning institution

Payment Options

  • Payment to Member
    If fees have been paid to higher learning institution (with condition that the receipt does not exceed one (1) year from application date)
  • Payment to higher learning institution
    To settle outstanding tuition fees

What You Need

  • Documents
    • Form KWSP 9H (AHL) and Checklist
    • Student’s enrolment confirmation letter
    • Copy of identification documents with original for verification (Non-MyKad holders only)
    • Course recognition or accreditation letter
    • Form KWSP 3 (Pindaan) – for mail submissions/failed thumbprint verification

Additional documents required for withdrawal for Member’s or Member’s children’s education

The required supporting documents may vary for the 1st and 2nd withdrawal. So, it is crucial to compile all the required documents to ensure a smooth application process.

Member’s Children – 1st Time Withdrawal

For member’s children, applications can be done as an Individual or Joint Parent(s)

  1. Proof of Acceptance
    Course offer letter
  2. Proof of qualification to enrol in the course
    Proof of Study
    Copy of the latest examination result (second year onwards)
  3. Proof of Payment*
    Tuition fees payment receipt
    Flight ticket/original payment receipt
    *For refund application if tuition fees have already been paid to the higher learning institution
  4. Additional Documents
    Interview form
    Bank passbook/Savings account statement/Current account statement/Verification letter of account holder’s details from Bank/Account holder’s details*
    *For refund application if tuition fees have already been paid to the higher learning institution
  5. Proof of Relationship
    Child’s Identification Card
    Child’s birth certificate/marriage certificate (for stepchildren)/adoption certificate from the National Registration Department (for adopted children)
  6. Additional Documents for international studies
    Copy of page in a valid passport where student’s details appear
    If Member’s child has already gone abroad
    Page in passport which contains the date and stamp of the Immigration Department from the relevant country/payment of tuition fees/student visa/examination results OR

    • If Member’s child has not gone abroad
    • Proof of payment to the international institute of higher learning

Payment Method

Local Payments

  • Full payment in Ringgit Malaysia (RM) will be credited to your account
  • If you hold an active account with EPF panel bank and your identification number matches the bank records


  • How frequently can member’s make a withdrawal?
    Members are allowed to make a withdrawal anytime as long as there is sufficient balance in their Account 2 (subject to withdrawal terms).
  • What is the total amount allowed for withdrawal?
    The total tuition fees or the balance in your Account 2, whichever is lower.
  • Why is thumbprint verification necessary?
    Members need to be present at the EPF counter and verify their thumbprint as proof of identity as a member and applicant.
  • What happens if a member does not provide thumbprint verification?
    Members are given 14 days to verify their thumbprint, failing which the application will be rejected.
  • Does the member need to produce any document for thumbprint verification at the EPF counter?
    Original identification card (MyKad/MyPR/Police ID/Military ID) for member‘s identity verificationSupporting documents – members’ will be notified of any additional documents through i-Akaun Secured Messaging.
  • How can members check their application status and payment?
    Through i-Akaun
    Contact the EPF Contact Management Center (03-89226000)
    Visit any EPF counter
  • Where can members perform the thumbprint verification and submit the supporting documents?
    Members can perform a thumbprint verification and submit the supporting documents at any EPF offices.
  • What are the improvements to the EPF Education Withdrawal Policy that were implemented on 21 July 2017?
    The new EPF Education Withdrawal Policy that was implemented on 21 July 2017 withdrew a condition under withdrawals to reduce/settle an outstanding education loan, that states the date of the study loan agreement with the lender is subject to the date education withdrawal comes into effect. In accordance with this repeal, the date of the study loan agreement with the lender is open to all years, for all levels of study permitted, whether for the member’s or member’s children’s education, subject to the study loan balance.
  • What is the rationale for improving EPF’s Education Withdrawal Policy?
    The rationale for improving EPF’s Education Withdrawal policy is to expand Education Withdrawals and assist members with settling the balance of their previous education loans before retirement.
  • Following the improvement of this policy, has there been a change in the withdrawal conditions for the approved levels of study?
    The level of study permitted is still maintained at the diploma level (level 4 for skilled courses) and above.
  • Do these improvements apply only to members/member’s children who have a study loan with an EPF approved education loan provider?
    Yes, these improvements apply only to members/member’s children who have a study loan with an EPF approved institution. Please refer to the full list of education loan providers on the EPF website.
  • What are the forms and documents required when submitting an application at the EPF counter?
    The forms and documents that need to be submitted by members during the submission of application at the counter are as per existing conditions:

    • Member
    • Main document:
      i. Form KWSP 9H (AHL)
    • Supporting documents:
      i. Education loan balance statement latest version (V01/07/2017)
      ii. Copy of academic certificate OR Transcript of final semester examination results to proof the student has successfully completed study
      iii. Copy of the study loan agreement (applicable for loans between employer and employee)
    • Parents
      Main documents:
      i. Form KWSP 9H (AHL)
      ii. Member’s child’s identification document
    • Supporting documents:
      i. Proof of relation
      ii. Education loan balance statement latest version (V01/07/2017)
      iii. Copy of academic certificate OR Transcript of final semester examination results to proof the student has successfully completed study
      iv. Copy of the study loan agreement (applicable for loans between employer and employee)
  • How often can members make a withdrawal to reduce/settle their education loan balance?
    Members can apply for this withdrawal at any time, as long as there is a remaining balance on their study loan with the education loan provide and the member still has savings in their Account 2.
  • Can members pay the remaining education loan balance to the education loan provider on a monthly basis?
    No, a lump sum payment is made to the education loan provider for each withdrawal application.
  • How much can a member withdraw for payment?
    The amount of payment that can be withdrawn is subject to the member’s loan balance and the balance savings in their Account 2, whichever is lower.
  • Will the education loan provider have to repay any excess amount withdrawn back to the EPF in the event the member’s loan has already been settled?
    The education loan provider will need to reimburse any excess amount withdrawn to the EPF is the loan has already been settled.
  • If the member has lost their academic certificate/proof of completion of study, what other alternative supporting documents can they provide?
    If the original academic certificate is lost, members may submit a duplicate copy of the academic certificate/final semester exam transcript/ letter of confirmation from the higher learning institute to certify that the student has successfully completed their studies.
  • Can members make a withdrawal to settle their education loan balance if they are still studying at the higher learning institution?
    Yes, members will need to submit the documents listed in the document checklist, as well as their loan balance statement. Application submissions must be done over the counter only.

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