Top 10 Private Universities in Malaysia for Engineering

Best Private Universities in Malaysia for Engineering

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Students who want to study engineering in Malaysia will find that the field of engineering is growing quickly with high job demand and excellent career prospects both in Malaysia and overseas. Students who have a strong interest in math and science should consider this path of study and the many different areas that it offers.

There are numerous engineering degree programs throughout Malaysia for students to choose from. Engineering combines creativity while using science and mathematics to design and operate a variety of different structures, machines, and processes. Engineering has always been a popular area of study in Malaysia because of the job opportunities & stability as well as a good salary. It is a challenging yet rewarding subject that incorporates mathematics, sciences, and practical knowledge in order to design, build, and problem solve. A degree in engineering from a top university in Malaysia will equip graduates with a number of transferable skills for a successful future. Choosing the best university to study in Malaysia will ensure that the student will gain the necessary knowledge and skills to compete in the workforce.

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List of Ten of the Top Engineering Private Universities in Malaysia

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Chong Keat, Electrical & Electronic Engineering at Heriot-Watt University Malaysia

Although there are many engineering degree programmes at universities in Malaysia, a few stand out among the rest. There are also many top private universities in Malaysia that offer high quality engineering degrees that students should consider as they may offer a specialisation and other unique qualities on campus.

Choosing the best university for engineering in Malaysia can be confusing, therefore take the time and effort to do your research asking knowledgeable & experienced counselors for advise. Here, at EduSpiral Consultant Services, I have more than 20 years working at top private universities in Malaysia helping students to make the right choices. Do contact me if you need assistance in choosing the right university or engineering course. Below are a list of some of the best universities in Malaysia for engineering:

  1. Heriot-Watt University Malaysia
  2. Southampton University
  3. Nottingham University Malaysia
  4. Monash University Malaysia
  5. Taylor’s University
  6. Multimedia University (MMU)
  7. Asia Pacific University (APU)
  8. Universiti Teknologi Petronas (UTP)
  9. KDU Penang University College
  10. KDU University College Utropolis Glenmarie
  • List is in no particular order

Which Engineering field is the best for me to study in Malaysia?

My mom contacted EduSpiral to ask his advise with regard to my results & where to study. He met us at the university to guide us and even obtained a partial scholarship for me. Ignatius, Mechatronic Engineering at Asia Pacific University

My mom contacted EduSpiral to ask his advise with regard to my results & where to study. He met us at the university to guide us and even obtained a partial scholarship for me.
Ignatius, Mechatronic Engineering at Asia Pacific University

Engineering may not be the easiest course to study, but it continues to be in demand in Malaysia and globally. You’re also more likely to find employment quickly and work your way up the career ladder with an engineering degree from a top private university in Malaysia. The key benefits of studying engineering are both financial and prospect based. Financially, the starting salaries are among the best across all industry sectors. The demand for well-qualified, skilled graduates outstrips supply, and companies are struggling to find recruits for vacancies locally and globally. Therefore, graduates have the opportunity to work overseas.

Engineering degrees that are accredited by the Board of Engineers Malaysia (BEM) are recognised by overseas countries for work. Students should choose the best university in Malaysia to study engineering so that they can gain the necessary knowledge and skills to be successful in their career.

Choosing the right course to study in Malaysia after high school is one of the most important decisions you can make in your life. There are many types of engineering programmes that students can choose from. Students after SPM or O-Levels who are sure of choosing engineering for their degree studies may go for the Foundation in Engineering. If you are still not sure whether you want engineering or other science courses, you may choose the Foundation in Science programme at premier private universities in Malaysia. Students after the external Pre-University Programme such as A-Levels, UEC, STPM, SAM, CPU, MUFY or AUSMAT may enter directly into the Engineering Degree programme with relevant results.

Students should choose your engineering field by passion. Ask yourself, “What gets me excited? Projections may show a future demand in certain engineering fields, but do you want to work very hard for the next four years in order to get a job in an area you don’t really like?

Students should identify your true interests. Do you like tinkering with devices? Mechanical engineering or mechatronic engineering are good choices for you. Are you passionate about solving the energy crisis? Then you might consider petroleum engineering, chemical engineering, or electrical engineering. And if you spend all your spare time writing code, computer science is an appropriate career path.

Choosing to study in an engineering field that you have passion in, will make you more likely to succeed as you would be willing to put in the hard work needed to be an expert in your field.

Don’t worry I know it is very difficult for you to give the answer so I am here to help you to know your interest in a particular engineering field of study. It’s very simple just give the answer of some question and then decide yourself that which branch do you like most or which branch suited to you according to your interest. We will discuss so that you can choose the best engineering field to study according to your interest.

Study Engineering at Top Private Universities in Malaysia

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Chee Yuan, Chemical Engineering at Heriot-Watt University Malaysia

Engineers use computer technology and mathematical models to work out the solution to structural, or mechanical problems. In an engineering degree course in Malaysia, students will spend time in the laboratory or use computers to understand how to solve problems. You will also have the opportunity to apply your theory to real-life projects through case-studies and internships.

Engineering degrees are extremely varied and can focus on particular parts of the engineering industry or just a general overview of the technical processes. Whichever degree you choose to study, you will graduate with a host of transferable skills that will enable you to work in a variety of industries.

It is recommended for students to choose an engineering degree programme that is general rather than specific so that their job prospects are wider. If you choose a course such as aerospace engineering, your job scope is only limited to the aerospace industry. A degree in mechanical engineering or mechatronic engineering would provide you the opportunity to work in the aerospace industry as well as other industries.

Engineering students will gain skills such as project management, analysis and your practical experience act as great foundations for careers in other industries. It isn’t uncommon to find top quality engineers in banking, politics and financial sectors. Many graduates do not work in the field that they graduate in. This is normal.

Before starting your career in engineering it is important to know which engineering field you would like to specialise in because of the variety of sectors within the engineering industry. If you are certain of what type of engineer you wish to become, you should study a degree which focuses specifically on that field of study.

If you are not sure, that is still alright as students after SPM or O-Levels can take the Foundation course at a reputable private university for one year. During that one year, you should talk to the seniors and lecturers to figure out which engineering field best fits you.

To enter into the Foundation in Engineering or Foundation in Science, students after SPM or O-Levels will need at least 5 credits including Maths and Physics (Chemistry for Chemical Engineering) and pass in BM and Sejarah. With 3 credits in SPM including Maths and a Science subject, students can join the Diploma in Engineering course before entering into Year 2 of the Degree course.

There are a wide variety of specialisations, and the more popular engineering fields in Malaysia are listed below for you to browse through.

  1. Mechanical Engineering Courses
  2. Electrical Engineering Courses
  3. Electronic Engineering Courses
  4. Civil Engineering Courses
  5. Chemical Engineering Courses
  6. Mechatronic Engineering Courses
  7. Telecommunication Engineering Courses
  8. Petroleum Engineering Courses

Note that only 4-year engineering degree programmes can be accredited by the EAC, not 3-year degrees.

I talked to EduSpiral on WhatsApp and after obtaining all the necessary information. EduSpiral met me and my parents at Heriot-Watt University Malaysia to take us around for a tour.
Aun Jie, Chemical Engineering at Heriot-Watt University Malaysia

Therefore, when you choose the university to study at, you should look at the programme structure, facilities, lecturers’ qualifications, number of years offered at the university, and the experience of the university.

All graduate engineers must register with the BEM to practice engineering in Malaysia.Having an EAC accredited engineering degree is the prerequisite for registration. The Public Service Department (JPA) would only allow graduates from the EAC accredited programmes or those recognized by EAC to join the public service.

Only programmes accredited by the EAC would be allowed to be offered at the institutions of higher learning in Malaysia, be it at public or private institutions.

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Lyngkaran, Engineering at Taylor’s University

EduSpiral Consultant Services represents the best colleges and universities in Malaysia offering a wide range of choices for students to choose from. These colleges and universities offer value for money in the quality of education and excellent facilities that you get.

These universities and colleges are chosen by EduSpiral because they represent the best in their fields in Malaysia and affordable. EduSpiral provides in-depth information and counseling on their courses so that students are able to make the right choice.

If you are still not sure what to study, please contact us and we will send you a free EduSpiral Career Assessment Form.

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