Top 10 Private Universities in Malaysia for Engineering Degree, Foundation & Diploma

The Best Engineering Courses at Top Private Universities in Malaysia

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Demand for qualified engineers in Malaysia is increasing. In order to succeed in the engineering field, students should choose a top private university in Malaysia that has the experience and facilities to equip them. A recognised degree in engineering from a top university in Malaysia will equip graduates with a number of transferable skills for a successful future. Furthermore, students need to possess the necessary talent, knowledge and skills to meet the expectations of the employers for a successful career. Choosing to study a Foundation, Diploma or Degree course at a top 10 engineering university in Malaysia can increase your chances for a successful future.

There are many universities in Malaysia offering engineering courses and each of them making attractive-sounding promises. Students interested to have a successful career should make careful consideration of the universities. We have listed a top 10 list of reputable universities in Malaysia offering top engineering courses in various fields. If you need help in making the right choice, do fill up the contact form and our expert counsellors will get back to you.

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List of Top 10 Engineering Universities in Malaysia

I met EduSpiral and he helped me to filter all the information from the universities and choose the best university that fit me.
Vincent Hoy, Graduated from Mechatronic Engineering at Asia Pacific University

A top university in engineering would have the experience in running the course, state-of-the-art facilities, qualified & experienced lecturers, solid internship programme, top ranked, and a proven track record in producing award-winning graduates.

Other important factors that students need to take into consideration when choosing the right engineering university are accreditation by the Malaysian Qualifications Agency (MQA) and Board of Engineers Malaysia (BEM). This indicates the quality and standards achieved by the university as well as provides recognition for graduates who want to work overseas.

Top Private universities in Malaysia offer an affordable option for students who cannot get into public universities or go overseas to study. Below is a list of the Engineering Foundation, Diploma and Degree courses offered at top private universities that students can consider:

Engineering Degree & Foundation Programmes at Heriot-Watt University Malaysia

Engineering Degree & Foundation Programmes at the University of Nottingham Malaysia Campus

  • Foundation in Engineering
  • Chemical Engineering BEng/MEng (Hons)
  • Chemical Engineering with Environmental Engineering BEng/MEng (Hons)
  • Civil Engineering BEng/MEng (Hons)
  • Electrical and Electronic Engineering BEng/MEng (Hons)
  • Mechatronic Engineering BEng/MEng (Hons)
  • Mechanical Engineering BEng/MEng (Hons)

Engineering Degree & Foundation Programmes at Multimedia University (MMU)

Engineering Degree & Foundation Programmes at Asia Pacific University (APU)

Engineering Degree & Foundation Programmes at Taylor’s University

Engineering Degree, Diploma & Foundation at UOWM KDU University, Utropolis Glenmarie

Engineering Courses at UOWM KDU Penang University College

Engineering Courses at First City University College

Studying Engineering at the Best Universities in Malaysia

I was confused about what to study & didn’t want to do what my dad was working as because he was so busy. My mum asked EduSpiral to advise me. He showed my that I am different from my dad & helped me to make the right choice.
Chong Han, Foundation in Engineering at Taylor’s University

Studying engineering can be both satisfying and rewarding. Graduates are also more likely to find employment quickly and work their way up the career ladder with an engineering degree from a top private university in Malaysia.

The key benefits of studying engineering are both financial and prospect based. Financially, the starting salaries are among the best across all industry sectors. The demand for well-qualified, skilled graduates outstrips supply, and companies are struggling to find recruits for vacancies locally and globally. Therefore, graduates have the opportunity to work overseas.

In addition, Engineers use computer technology and mathematical models to work out the solution to structural, or mechanical problems. In an engineering degree course in Malaysia, students will spend time in the laboratory or use computers to understand how to solve problems. You will also have the opportunity to apply your theory to real-life projects through case-studies and internships.

It is important to note that there are many types of engineering that students can choose from. Whichever degree you choose to study, you will graduate with a host of transferable skills that will enable you to work in a variety of industries. It’s important to consider which area of engineering you will specialise in, as they can lead to very different careers. Think carefully about what area of engineering interests you most – what do you want to achieve in the long term with your engineering study?

Who should study engineering?

I didn't know what to study after A-Levels. EduSpiral helped me to understand what I am good at as well as what's in demand for the future. Renee Tan, Mechanical Engineering at Heriot-Watt University Malaysia
I didn’t know what to study after A-Levels. EduSpiral helped me to understand what I am good at as well as what’s in demand for the future.
Renee Tan, Mechanical Engineering at Heriot-Watt University Malaysia

On a personal level, you will need to be confident, motivated and flexible.

In order to study engineering in Malaysia, you’ll obviously need a strong interest in problem solving, and maths and science, just as we discussed before, but you’ll also need a strong command of the English language. You’ll be spending a lot of time in the laboratory and you’ll be using your computer and maths skills a lot, in theory and practical work. There will be a lot of problem solving, and applying this to case studies, as well as work experience and theory essays.

As a general rule you’ll need to be good in maths, physics, chemistry and biology, and if you’re heading into a more specific area you’ll need to check out the specialist subjects for that, as they vary hugely. This is why it’s very important to decide on your subject quite soon, as you may need a different A level requirement, however as a general rule, maths and sciences are your basic needs.

You can contact EduSpiral Consultant Services to get a clearer idea on your specific requirements with regards to this, and ask about language support whilst you’re on campus.

Entry Requirements into Engineering Courses in Malaysia

I loved motorsports and EduSpiral gave me great advise to help guide me to achieve my dream. Justin Moo, Mechanical Engineering graduate from Taylor's University
I loved motorsports and EduSpiral gave me great advise to help guide me to achieve my dream.
Justin Moo, Mechanical Engineering graduate from Taylor’s University

Students after SPM orIGCSE/ O-Levels with at least 3 credits including Maths & Science or pure science subject may enter an engineering diploma for 2.5 years before continuing on to Year 2 of the engineering degree. An engineering diploma is more specific to the course hence the student must be sure that he or she intends to pursue that course and not change. For example, a diploma in mechanical engineering may not enter into the civil engineering degree.

5 credits in SPM or IGCSE/O-Levels will allow the student to enter the Foundation in Science or Foundation in Engineering for 1 year. Upon completion of the Foundation, students may continue into any of the engineering fields. The Foundation would be ideal for students who are not sure of which engineering field that they would like to pursue.

Students who have completed the UEC, A-Levels, STPM, Foundation, South Australian Matriculation (SAM), AUSMAT, CIMP, or other Pre-University programme in Malaysia may enter into Year 1 of the engineering degree programme at a top private university in Malaysia as long as they meet the entry requirements of the particular university. Please note that the engineering entry requirements would vary from university to university and students should prepare themselves well after SPM or O-Levels to take the right subjects in the Pre-University programme in order not to be disappointed.

EduSpiral Consultant Services has helped hundreds of students to choose the right engineering field and enter into the university of choice. Please do contact us should you need any advise.

List of Important Criteria to Note When Choosing the Best University to Study Engineering in Malaysia

Here’s a list of common criteria in choosing a top private university or college in Malaysia to study the Engineering course

1. Recognition & Reputation of the Engineering Courses in Malaysia

I talked to EduSpiral on WhatsApp and after obtaining all the necessary information. EduSpiral met me and my parents at Heriot-Watt University Malaysia to take us around for a tour.
Aun Jie, Chemical Engineering at Heriot-Watt University Malaysia


2. Academic Quality of the Engineering Course at the University in Malaysia

My friend introduced me to EduSpiral. He gave me all the information on Facebook & then met us at the Education Fair to guide us on how to choose the right university Lyngkaran, Engineering at Taylor's University
My friend introduced me to EduSpiral. He gave me all the information on Facebook & then met us at the Education Fair to guide us on how to choose the right university
Lyngkaran, Engineering at Taylor’s University
  • Subjects offered in the Engineering course (Are they relevant, up-to-date, and help you to achieve your career goals)
  • Entry requirements for the Engineering Degree Course at the university or college in Malaysia
  • Faculty contact/classes taught by full-time qualified & experienced faculty
  • Quality of lecturers. What are their qualifications? How many years of experience in teaching?
  • Ask your friends who have studied there or currently studying there for their opinion on the teaching quality, environment and facilities.
  • Do they have enough students to start a class?
  •  How many students do they have studying that course at that college?
  •  What is the duration of the course? When are the intake dates?

3. General Facilities at the University

  • When choosing a university or college in Malaysia, it is important for students to visit the campus and see the facilities and feel the culture of the students to see if it fits you.
  • Size of the university.
  • Campus resources (labs, library or resource centre, wifi, computer access, sports facilities, etc.)

4. Facilities for Engineering at the University or College in Malaysia

It is important for the college or university to have the necessary Engineering facilities so that you can gain the necessary skills in your undergraduate education in Malaysia. The university doesn’t necessarily need to have all the facilities needed but should have the basic ones. Special Engineering labs will depend on the area of specialisation. You will need to look at the subjects offered to see which one fits your career goals and area of specialisation that you want to pursue.

5. Cost for your Engineering Course Studies in Malaysia

I wasn’t sure which university to study at and found EduSpiral online. He provided good advise & helped me with my application. I love my university life now.
Hanson, Foundation in Science (Engineering) at UCSI University
  • How much money do I have to pay for the course and cost of living? Ask your parents. Note that you will need to have enough to pay the tuition fees as well as your cost of living. (Costs for university studies in Malaysia would include tuition, hostel, food, transportation, entertainment, etc.)
  • What are the Financial assistance available at the university? (Scholarships, PTPN Loan, EPF withdrawal, etc)
  • Is the PTPTN loan available for the course at the university?
  • How much are the tuition fees? Does it include the exam and other fees?
  • How much is on-campus accommodation?
  • How much is off-campus accommodation? (Off-campus apartments, houses, condominiums) Note that it might be cheaper to find off campus accommodation on your own with friends. Is the accommodations near eateries, banks, entertainment, public transportation, safe & secure, etc.?

6. Student Environment at the University & College

My mom contacted EduSpiral to ask his advise with regard to my results & where to study. He met us at the university to guide us and even obtained a partial scholarship for me.
Ignatius, Mechatronic Engineering at Asia Pacific University
  • What is the student culture at the university? (English-speaking environment, ambitious, serious about studies, lifestyle or party university, etc) The language spoken mostly at the college by the students may also matter if you don’t know Mandarin or BM or English. If most of the students speak Mandarin at that university then it will not help you to improve your English. Having a good command of the English language helps you to get good jobs and promotions.
  • Size of the university or college in Malaysia. Some students prefer a large campus with sports facilities and other resources while other students like small colleges with family-like environment. A small college may offer individualised attention, as well as a more intimate and personalised experience. for your studies You might even want to think about how far you want to walk to get from one class to another in a large university campus. Even those little details may affect your decision.
  • Make up of the student body (diversity, international students, gender, etc.) Universities with a good proportion of international students will help you to improve your English language skills since you would need to communicate with them in English. In addition, you will learn about their culture, behaviour and discover new ideas. These skills will be useful to you when you work overseas or in a multi-national company.

7. Internships for the Engineering Course in Malaysia

  • Does the university or college have a strong internship or Co-Op programme?
  • What are the companies partnered with the university?
  • How long is the internship programme? How is it carried out?

8. Safety of the Surrounding Area of the University or College

  • Is the university or college campus a safe area? Safety within the campus and outside.
  • Have there been many snatch thefts or robberies around the university or college?

9. Students Activities Available at the University

  • What are the Extra-curricular activities available? (Student organisations, clubs, sports, etc.)
  • What are the Student Support Services available?

10. Location of the University and Transportation

  • Location of the university or college. Is it in the city, suburbs or country side? You should also consider the ambience of your surroundings when choosing a university. If you can’t live without nightlife, think city! If you’re into the great outdoors, you might want to go rural. Some students prefer a city life while other students prefer a quieter university environment away from the city. On the other hand, if you’re used to shopping malls and cinemas and choose a university in a rural area, you might get bored.
  • Transportation. Is the university accessible to you? What are the public transportation available?
  • Does the university provide a free bus shuttle to link to other transportation hubs?
  • Is the university near bus stops or LRT station or MRT station?
  • If you drive, is there enough parking spots? How much is the parking rate for daily or monthly?

Increased Demand for Engineering Professionals in Malaysia

I loved motorsports and EduSpiral gave me great advise to help guide me to achieve my dream. Justin Moo, Mechanical Engineering graduate from Taylor's University
I loved motorsports and EduSpiral gave me great advise to help guide me to achieve my dream.
Justin Moo, Mechanical Engineering graduate from Taylor’s University

There is a high demand for qualified engineers in Malaysia therefore jobs are easy to come by and salaries are high. Top Private universities in Malaysia offer an affordable option for students who cannot get into public universities or go overseas to study.

30% of the CEOs in Malaysia’s 50 largest companies posses a basic engineering degree. Engineers and technical minded individuals tend to have a certain advantage because they are very structured and solutions-based.

Malaysia needs at least 200,000 engineers by 2020 in order to attain the status of a developed nation. Currently, there are 70,000 registered professional engineers in Malaysia with the Institute of Engineers Malaysia (IEM).

Engineering is a career that can take you around the world, working on many different projects as well as being a very well paid job to get into, with different branches of speciality, according to your areas of interest. Qualified and experienced engineering graduates who can communicate well in English are able to migrate overseas to countries like Australia, UK, USA, Europe and more.

There are types of engineering fields and specialisations within those fields. Engineering is one of the highest paid careers of the modern world. The quality of the programmes of some universities are of high standards and accredited by the Board of Engineers Malaysia (BEM) which provides recognition for graduates who want to work overseas.


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