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Asia Pacific University (APU) Malaysia Launches the First Fintech Degree in Malaysia

Fintech Specialisation in the Bachelor’s in Banking and Finance Offered at Asia Pacific University (Malaysia)

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A consortium of finance and technology players have inked an agreement to launch Malaysia’s first academic qualification to include Fintech modules. SuperCharger, Asia Pacific University (APU) and the Centre for Finance Technology and Entrepreneurship (CFTE) collaborated to create multiple Fintech modules as part of the Bachelor’s Degree in Banking and Finance. The modules will be taught from the first quarter of next year. Therefore, APU will be the first university in Malaysia to offer the Bachelor in Banking & Finance with Specialism in Financial Technology (Fintech).

The syllabus will also be expanded to Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting and Information Technology, by late 2019. The Fintech modules will include subjects on data mining, predictive analytics, digital currencies, blockchain technologies, crowdfunding and alternative lending, robo-advisory, and entrepreneurial finance. APIIT Education group chief executive officer Datuk Parmjit Singh said the collaboration would ensure that APU graduates will be ready to meet the needs of a rapidly disrupted financial services industry.

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Supercharger to Launch Fintech Academy in Bukit Jalil with Asia Pacific University (APU)

During the announcement of Supercharger’s second Malaysian cohort, the organisation also announced the creation of a fintech specialisation that will be offered to students taking a Bachelor’s in Banking and Finance. The course will be run in partnership with Asia Pacific University. The module will be taught in the first quarter of 2019.

SuperCharger is a Fintech accelerator with offices in Hong Kong and Kuala Lumpur, while APU is a private university that offers degree programmes in Computing & Technology, Engineering, Business, Finance and Design.

Supercharger wants to supply the local fintech scene with a steady stream of talent that is already familiar with the latest technologies as they enter the job market, which would presumably help often agile startup-level companies to bring their business to the next level—and with a reduced onboarding process to boot.

The fintech modules that will be offered include subjects on  data mining, predictive analytics, digital currencies, blockchain technologies, crowdfunding and alternative lending, robo-advisory, and entrepreneurial finance—which were selected based on the size of their respective sectors and the influence they’ve had on the industry as observed by Supercharger.

The courses will be taught by existing faculty members of the Asia Pacific University (APU), but Supercharger will be providing online courses via CFTE and in-person workshops to get everyone up to speed about fintech.

Supercharger is actively exploring how to engage industry players in the programme moving forward.
The partnership will culminate in an APU SuperCharger FinTech Academy which will be based on APU’s new campus at Technology Park Malaysia, Bukit Jalil.

Currently, the partnership is undergoing discussions for a potential fintech specialisation for masters degrees as well. Johnny Mayo, General Manager of Supercharger in Malaysia said:

“There’s a definite talent gap in the industry. Currently, educating yourself financial technology is a personal endeavour rather than a real academic qualification.”
“It’s important that fresh graduates are equipped with the fundamentals of financial technology right from the get-go, as the financial landscape is vastly different from how it was 10 or even 5 years ago.”

With the addition of these fintech modules, Malaysia will be following in the precedent set by Singapore. The island nation has been home to a number of fintech courses, ranging from weekend courses for professionals, to graduate certification.

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